What am I in for?

what am I in for?

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A clusterfuck.

A complete and fulfilling story that works as a screenplay. Any other opinion is a meme.

A coming of age anime movie about love, life and motorcycle racing in mid 80s Atlanta.

Along the way Ken "Kaneda" Jones and Trey "Tetsuo" Summers meet a whole host of crazy but loveable bikers and weirdos.
It's the defining movie of 1988.

Are you talking the movie or the manga?

A movie called Akira.

Neon genesis evanmotorbike

The apex of animation

And Otomo wanking off to large-scale destruction as usual

A heavily neutered and compressed story with good animation.

This hit the nail right on the head. Beautiful animation but it's overly compressed.

Watch the movie then read the manga, which is my personal favorite manga of all.

Lots of bells and wailing.

This. Great animation, influential anime, all of that, but in the end you will be like "WTF did just happen"?

Drug trip with bare bones story only when compared to the manga, if you haven't read the manga then you're fine but read it after watching then watch the movie again but this time actually on drugs, then go watch some Akira x Death Grips AMVs.

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Poorly developed characters with chronic same-face, forced animation, forgettable plot, and a knockoff shounen "morally grey" protagonist. Oh, and elitists that insist that you need to read the manga even if you hated the film.

About 3 frames worth of anime tiddies, think of how fucking hard it was too properly freeze-frame them on a shitty VHS copy and appreciate how good you kids have it these days.

Decent movie.

Don't read the manga. The only good thing about Akira is its animation. The manga itself is rather mediocre.

>forced animation
What does this mean, again?

It's not sameface user, they are asian

The manga is league's better than the movie though and is basically a completely different thing.

When key frames and scenes are added in for the sake of more frames. See Slow Start from this season as an example.
If I had to rely solely on voice acting to know which character is who then the faces and character designs are bad.
I don't care that people really like the manga, but telling everyone to read it regardless comes off as elitist. No one ever tells people to read the Ghost in the Shell manga and it's very different from what I understand.

Telling people they should read the better version of a story isn't elitist. Especially when there's such a large gap in quality imo.