Overlord - Season 2

C'mon guys, it was a good episode...

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gotter lower those expectations. also the next volume is going to be out next month

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Lizardsex ruined half the series.

this. such a fucking waste. the fact ainz barely appears makes S2 forgettable

1 Volume = 1 Episode

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Only good part was the one that Narberal appeared.

What's the one thing you want to see happen in Overlord?
I want to see Ainz get lured into revealing stuff about himself and his past only to go on a tangent about the guild, talking in jovial mood about how he and 40 others went around murderhoboing gods and other deities.

Tough luck. It didn't happen in the LN. Ainz barely alludes to his time with his guildmates in volume 7 when discussing things with the invaders he's about to kill and with Leader of E-Rantel Adventure's Guild in volume 10, I think but there I don't know if he's talking about himself and his comrades or about World Seekers, another Yggdrasil Guild that focused only on World Exploration and were weak for PvP. No more than that. Sorry but canon doesn't satisfy your expectations.To avoid that kind of suffering, I read the source material to ground my self. A lesson learned after many disappointments.

it's reaching some worrysome level of QUALITY desu

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This is not how a knight fights.

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could be worse, he could be a tripfag.

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Climb, that's the one thing you should never do to another man.
Jesus christ.

I was thinking something along the lines of Ainz getting himself stuck in a meeting with all the "big shots" around by trying to sell his adventurer schtick to JUST or something.
JUST, Kingdom's fat Crown Prince(and Renner 'tagging' along), emissaries from Theocracy, Draconic and Holy Kingdom, City State Alliance ect all in a room on a negotiation table after the Holy Kingdom debacle.
And either Jircniv or Ainzach triggers Ainz to talk about his guild.
Imagine the faces on everybody when they realize the God of Death that just reincarnated himself and slew a hell spreading demon talk about how there's 40 more gods like him and they all choose him as the leader. Salesman skills make everybody believe

slightly stronger

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Bloody hell


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Only a suicidal idiot fights fair

This dork has convinced me to read the novels, please tell me she has a major part in another arc. I want to see her drench herself when Ainz shows up again

Just one more episode for this season?

>ywn have Narb see you like this
Just fucking end my suffering.

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Is that it for this season ?
Was kinda expecting more action, but it wasnt too bad...

Literally the only reason I'm still watching.

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It was so hard show Evilleye face underneath the mask when she inner monologe?
Like for fuck sake, use a little of initiative to make people buy your damn BD.

She only appears one more time in volume 13. I hope she gets sent to the happy farm and cockroach buffet, you have shit taste. Shalltear is best girl in every way.

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She's loyal to Albedo.


Was this an ironic comedy scene? Jesus Christ, that made cringe.

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EE is fucking cute. The author needs to throw us a bone.

>the opening had more Sebas and Zero fighting than the actual fight scene

Lizard arc was the best and I love it very much I'm not a furry btw scales > fur all the way.

I just want to die fucking Solution, is that too much to ask?

Shaltear has had her fair share of scenes here and there but I still want more. And from what I've read in threads here she's not really that relevant so a S3 won't solve the lack of Shaltear. Doushio.

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Succulent is a girl when (s)he wears a skirt.

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I hear she's the main girl instead of boring dumb albedo scum in the WN. Read that.

Nabe is such a dork, I want more cute traveling with her and Ainz

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Sasuga Sebas


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Imagine my cock in her throat

Based old man rogue.

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Climb learn it sparing with Gazef

Would be pretty comfy to wach.

Good taste. The VA did excellent work again.

A face like that just screams ayyyyyyy

He it has a dress it's a woman
Based Climb reminding us about gender roles

Does Phillip still want to marry her? How long until he gets brutally murdered?

Imagine the pain you will feel

Adapted by kyoani or wit if the previous is too imposible, with complete freedom of how many arcs they want to cover, even one volume is good enough for a whole season if done correctly

>dopple climb

I wonder what she's thinking about?
inb4: sex, dicks, rock'n'roll

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>Adapted by kyoani
You should consider not posting in future. I'd ask you to consider suicide but I think that's too optimistic

This season has been pretty disappointing. I guess I'll just read the LNs then. See you anons in a few days.

Albeit i only said kyoani because i'm kinda curious of how they would handle a series like overlord, they would probably give it a completely different atmosphere

This season being lukewarm is the best thing. It forced me to read the LNs out of desperation too and I don't regret it

For convenience's sake


ee a shit


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He's dead meat as soon as his use is over.

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stay mad bug fucker

>LN adaptations are basically advertisements for the LN
>season is so bad it makes people read the LNs
>this was Madhouses plan all along
I've been played

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What volume is this in the LN? I have absolutely zero understanding on what the fuck is even going on in season 2.

Kyoani is incapable of animating anything that isn't the same generic human face

Better animation but a what cost?

It's honestly masterful. It's good enough to watch but not enough to satisfy. It's the media equivalent of blue balls so you got straight to the LN like a good boy begging for more decent Overlord like you used to get.

5 and 6, it's the biggest arc yet and it's split into two volumes. Though most of 5 is Climb and Sebas being whiteknights.

Season 2 is volumes 4-6.
4 is lizard-men, 5 is up to the destruction of the brothel, 6 for the rest

The old lady Gazeff talks about is Rigrit?

Two volumes. Lizardsex and Sebas-supreme gentleman
I just read Lizardsex and it was better than the anime

user, it's time to read the LNs.

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Not really. Is not like they would get any money from the books. They wouldn't receive a single cent.
Plus most fans are still reading the illegal version. So i doubt this is their plan.

While volume 5 is one of the worstt volumes overall, Sebas being pissed off and slaughtering people is great.
Scratch that, Sebas is great

Most western fans, keep in mind that this is for the Japs

>Bubbling Teakettle
who is this?

depending on the popularity, and effort, some publisher help bill the project cause is huge marketign for the LN

How the hell can't you understand such a simple story? They even tone down the complicated plot from the books. How old are you?

It's shit on its own, but absolutely necessary for volume 6 which I consider top 3 easily.

Her creator.
Can someone further along in the LNs tell me what those times sound off?

When will they ever learn?

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it feels like half of the cour was exposition and world building episodes

>ring that levels you up 5 levels
>dragon just gives it away to puny humans because he has even better shit
It's over nazarickfags, you can start packing up now.

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I'd rank my top 3 as 9>11>6 personally.

I kek'd at this part

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maybe if you haven't read the light novel

That's why i want to see them force themselves to handle characters with very different appearances.
Of course it would be more sensible to let wit handle it than kyoani.

will there be an ep13?

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This. Humie supremecy forever. Theocracy has it right, monsters and demis are too strong and too evil. Purge the Demons Nazarick war now!

the manga is even better


her creator was an hentai game voice actress and those numbers can be read with word play for sexual connotations, and since it was given to ainz....

Wasn't Brain the most infamous criminal in the kingdom before he got Shalltear'd? Why didn't they imprison and execute him?

Dragon didn't exactly gave it to any humans. He gave it to the most powerful human magicians but she gave it away to others when she retired. That old woman was a hero rank that saved the world. She at least deserve a few epic items

Alarm for
o na ni
(time to) masturbate

i ku i ku
iku iku
cumming cumming

No, he wasn't. Most people have no idea what the fuck he was doing sincet he finals of the tournament years ago.

Leave Aura's Sex Ed. classes to me.

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he was the unknown leader of the criminals, maybe he just didn't say a shit

Like a damn fiddle

"Momonga onii-chan i ku i ku desuyo"

And as a reminder, Bukubukuchagama is an eroge VA so it's pretty lewd when she says it.

>tfw they included Part 7 intermission, but not part 6's

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