Bikini Warriors

>Two new more episodes coming
>More Hyper Sexy episodes

Why aren't you hyped?

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Do we still like the shortstack mage the most?

I love underboob

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I don't know man, Paladin makes a compelling case.

She's the best.

Fighter was always my favourite, but she only got the weird scenes

The Paladin is my favorite.

paladin likes paizuri

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Personally I don't mind the mage, but for fucks sake, give the others a spot. Like the Paladin.
Fighter is also good too.

Well you can't go wrong with paizuri.

I like the fighter.

Really, all the girls has something to really like.


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I'm looking forward to it.

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except the horrible brown one, what a mistake

Dark Elf,Paladin and Warrior are the best.

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I'll never understand why Oda has such an adoring base. That generic 80s female fantasy warrior from QBR was also when it became clear that QB was past its peak.

Black Mage a cute. Cute!

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>covering the belly


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I literally thought the brown girl was a thicc gondola in the thumbnail.

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I'm looking forward to the Queen's Blade reboot more.
Based on the story summaries it should be great, at least if you like /ss/ and yuri

The art looks too plastic, and they've lost the THICC. It sucks, because I should be hyped as fuck about an animated Elina-centric reboot. It's complete monkey's paw material.

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