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Why do people hate him?

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>average 12-year-old's self-insert power fantasy

They take him too seriously, and don't realize he's a tryhard dweeb

Normalfags fav anime

It's not all that great but got insanly popular.

Shitty design. If he looked older and dropped the trenchcoat he might be more believable.

I don't hate him. He is actually pretty cool in the gameverse/movie and the upcoming season. He also has some pretty good moments before that. Hating on him or SAO in general is just the cool thing to do.

>Shitty design. If he looked older and dropped the trenchcoat he might be more believable.
Nigga he's playing a fucking fantasy MMO. Criticize his character all you want but his looks?

But the normies have turned against SAO.

>thinks design is only about his MMO avatar
fuck off SAOfag.

same reason people hate Naruto I guess

>mentions trenchcoat
>not talking about his MMO avatar

Honestly I think all the characters and SAO in general is pretty good and fun but the two things that make people dislike the series are the pseudoharem and the fact that Kirito gets too OP at times.

If pretty much every single guy character other than Kirito in the series wasn't a hopeless dweeb, a rapist, or dead and everybody could just be friends rather than the secondaries becoming KiritoxAsuna orbiters it would pretty much solve this issue

But Agil isn't a hopeless dweeb or a rapist.

>played mmorpg years ago
>generic 'Kirito' nickname guaranteed to appear every game

I thought he was a really cool character during the first couple of episodes. You could see that he felt a lot of regret for lying about his level to the black cat guild and getting them all killed. After a few episode, they had to shill his relationship with asuna and that completely killed his character (it killed her character too, since they became some pathetic co dependent unit instead of independent individuals)

>Almost every guy

He's married and not part of the problem

He makes them uncomfortable.

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Would people like SAO more if Kirito was a girl?

He is in gun gale

There's still a dick swinging between those legs.

That's because they listen to reviewers for their opinions. That's the problem with normies, they might hold the right opinion at times but they'll never know why they're right to hold the opinion in the first place.


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Is this something Asuna has fantasies about?

Yes and the other girls also fantasise about having their own Kirito Harem.

He's a cool guy with a cute harem. Only jealous cucks hate him

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Speaking of cute harem, SAO is getting at least 3 more best girls as main heroines in less than two weeks, and none of them in Kitiro's harem.
While deban club is FOREVER DEBAN. ffs Kawahara we need more deban

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My wife Argo is so cute!

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Well Kirito isn't part of that right? so makes sense.

But MUH, that brown girl

Friendly reminder to ___ put dick in crazy.

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God I love sugu

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how could you hate this face?

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I wish I was him so Lisbeth would thirst uncontrollably for me

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hes a bit boring sometimes, but im cool with him. beside, he saved his girl like a real man (unlike the blacked swordsman)

I wonder, would she join Lafee Kohee if she didn't miss SAO?

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But I don’t hate him. He has all the personality of a piece of wet cardboard, I don’t get how anyone could be bother to feel one way or the other about him.

I think the big issue I had with Kirito was the fact that he was put on a pedestal.
All the girls he encounters get wet for him, he gets a skill set in an MMO that only he's allowed to use, and he never ever loses a fight or has any sort of challenge.
I hear the movie has him briefly struggle but I also feel like the damage has been done. If Alicitization or whatever it's called fixes him, I'll be pretty damn impressed.

>If Alicitization or whatever it's called fixes him, I'll be pretty damn impressed.
If you only knew...

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I wanna be Liz in this situation


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was cool back then, yeah up to episode 14 then shit hit the fan and everyone droped that serie like hot lead.

This gets me curious. What happened to him?


More likely they hate him because he isn't Naruto. A bunch of people really want him to conform to the same archetype as Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy etc. The inexperienced youth with perpetual underdog status just starting their adventures, who regularly fails or needs to be bailed out. Someone that gets smacked down by their betters any time they start to think they're strong, as the series goes out of it's way to illustrate in the grand scheme of things they're weaklings who won't be anywhere near the top until the end of the series.

Kirito being a more traditional hero who is one of the strongest guys around, and competent from the start is not something they like. Hence the screaming about Kirito being overpowered when he's the one teaching arrogant people that they're scrubs, or when he's the one pulling out the ultra powerful ability to save the day. Despite the series coming nowhere close to treating him as invincible.

Back to plebbit with you.

He dies.

SAO is unironically good.
Fuck off reddit

He gets put into a double coma. Essentially he's double crippled for 2/5 of the story.

>double coma
Wait what? Explain.

Tell me you're not actually this new

Sup Forums hated it because the second elf cour was entirly fucking garbage. Universially Sup Forums agreed the first half wasnt shit

Hey can someone post a link to the alization arc manga? I wanna read it but google is a cunt and wont let me find it.

I'm sure it's on Mangadex and Batoto

He gets assaulted and ends up braindead.
The government kidnaps his comatose body and sticks him in a cutting-edge VR machine to repair his brain through therapy.
Inside the VR world he's perfectly functional until shit happens again and he ends up braindead in VR as well.

I don't have a problem with harems, I just want him to have a personality, or at the very least not neuter the personalities of his harem.
Pic related is just as overpowered and with an even bigger harem that all wants his dick even more but he actually has a personality so I've seen few, if any people ever shit on him like Kirito gets shit on.

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user, I...


The biggest saving grace of SAO is providing us with all these cute AI waifus.

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Because it was a very badly written character. If you had good teachers in English classes (most dont since rural, middle America schools would rather believe in God over Science) you would recognize the bad writing it. My contemporary have already listed the faults and will continue to do so in the thread.

Clearly you didn't have good teachers in English class then.

my wife Shino is so cute!

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My wife Strea is very cute

her sister that you posted is also cute

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Well fuck.

12 year old hipsters and feminazis invaded Sup Forumss.
I'm forever 27 though.
Leddit has more SAO fanbois than /apol/ though. They even have a /sinonass/ subleddit

Suguha > oreimo >shit > (you)

>Best Thighs
>Best Chest
Tie between Strea and Leafa/Sugu
>Best Ass
>Best Sex
>Best Personality

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It was boring. So very boring. I never understood the hype.

Mary Sue character.

>Best miracle
>Best A.I
>Best girl
Kureha's sister

I don't watch it but let me guess
-Bland as fuck design
-Equally bland characterization of the isekai MC
-Just a boring overpowered MC
Did I get it right?

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If there is not a Sugu's sugus subreddit then I am not interested.

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Terribly inaccurate.

Original blackswordsman desu.
>Bland buzzwords
Also wrong
>boring OP
You're just jelly manlet. I bet you hate one punch man too.

Ironically, Kirito has chosen a girl that would be the most adverse to a harem ending in the LNs anyways, the gameverse is completely different.

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It wasn't "chosen" as much as "forced by plot". Only Liz got anywhere with him in SAO and survived, she's still in the running.


A lot of people hate him because he doesn't have much of a character outside of your typical self-insert fantasy character tropes. Honestly, SAO's strong point is every character except for Kirito (and by extension, Asuna). The only time Kirito actually developes into his own character is during Alicization and that's arc has some of the dumbest shit in the series. The reviving of Kirito through the memories of his 3 main girls was stupid and the whole "everyone in the underworld believing in him causes him to get hyperpowered to save the day" was so fucking cliché it hurt.

The problem is that most Kiritofags won't accept any critisisms of him and will spout their "u jealous" buzzwords and will cite every minor instance of suffering he's felt, despite how underplayed they are.

Sugu is for......?

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Her neck is going to be sore when she wakes up.

It's not hate, it's just mild indifference.

It wasn't the three girls that brought him back. Sure they were there, but it was the memories of his dead best bro that flipped the switch.

>not chosen
Well... I guess. Her only true competition in Aincrad would have been Sachi if I had to be honest. Especially if they're already like that in the Progressive.

You're jealous. Factchecked.

I thought it was the memory of his spiritual brother Eugeo that caused him to finally stop trying to self destruct?

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Still fucking stupid, imo.

Uh oh! You sure did fucking own me, bro. Link your tumblr so I can reblog your sick own.

what pisses me off the most is that in the end all the side girls will be reduced to nothing but permanent beta orbiters around the main pairing with a BFFs ending to put the final nail in the coffin

Gameverse a superior continuity.

There's your problem.

Oh no I wasn't denying that it was cliche or dumb I do think it was pretty stupid but I guess it makes sense in the universe given the incarnate system and gives us a sense of the near limitless potential of it.

That being said, I hope Unital Ring gives us the limits to the Incarnate System like say Vabel becomes the final boss but they can't save her through the power of love or something.


Alright how does one get the True End for FB? I've started playing today.

what does this mean? Do you know the creator?

I personally don't like haremshit no matter how good the story is. It's just not realistic.

I really hope UR will be good. Alicization was a step in the right direction, but there was still so much stupid bullshit in it for me to actually find it enjoyable.
Not going to lie, this was a big reason I didn't care much for SAO either. I hope each harem member realizes on their own that they've been friendzoned and moves on with their lives. I don't mind that they stay friends with Kirito, but it honestly pains me to see that they'll never truely be the #1 girl of the man they love.

Get your useless best friend, Zeliska, ArFA-sys and Bazalt Joe's affinity rank to 4 and 75%

Get Kirito, Asuna, Silica, Leafa, Lisbeth, Sinon, Klein, Agil, Premiere, Philia, Strea, Argo, Rain and Yuuki to rank 2 Affinity.

Clear Kirito Mode

Do Agil, Asuna and Lisbeth's sidequests

I see this get thrown about everywhere and it kind of pisses me off.

If I wanted realism I would spend time in real life, the fact that the story is unrealistic and improbable makes easier for entertainment which is what a story is supposed to do. A story that fails to capture one's entertainment is a failure which is why I don't get the allure of "oh it's so realistic" and "it's true to life" comments.

Forgot to mention Itsuki, he also needs Affinity rank 4 and 75%

Woah, that's quite a bit to do then. I'll get to grinding the affinity overtime if I keep switching.

The problem is that it's less about it not being "realistic". You can have a series with completely unrealistic mechanics that's just as "realistic" as a TV drama. How is that? Because the characters are real and act like real people with real motivations. The problem being is that a harem is objectively "unrealistic" characterization in a modern setting. In SAOs case specifically, it requires a whole lot of suspicion of disbelief to expect these relatively attractive girls to keep lusting after this one vague bogen especially considering he already has a girlfriend.

In short:
Unrealistic setting/mechanics with realistic characters is better than a realistic setting and mechanics with unrealistic characters.