What's her character archetype?

What's her character archetype?

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Hayami Saori.


Malignant cunt

Delicate beauty

Best girl.

jamals fuck toy

Sup Forums‘s queen

gentle femdom

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That's Belldandy newfag, the Sup Forums queen of NTR.


Fat Intolerant


She's not the only one

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Type 2 enneagram.

Should be obvious, she said it herself
>I’m not the nice person everyone thinks I am


So kinda like her?

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The baddest bitch in the game.

Best girl

Impregnation Instructor

Posting this until my man get justice.

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Heroine of your usual NTR/mind-breaking hentai.

Best girl has good taste, why would anyone want that fat loser?

Two faced whore

Haven’t watched that yet, but this archetype is kinda common, I remember this chick something similar(pic). Also Yui from OreGairu is says the same thing

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I love her eyes.
I love her hair.

Good taste.

Lying bitch

Yeah, that's definitely a thing, now that I think about it. We just need a catchy name for it.



Wife material

Normal person


Too much overlap with tsunderes.

Virgin Killer



>Remember she has hairstyle of the death when she rides the frankxx
Dead cunt

Girl who wants to prove to everyone that she can be bad and is not nice at all.
Not a particularly new trope


>flighty bitch leaves her fat partner for angsty dick right after promising to stay with her partner
>now fat partner has to pair up with lesbian and neither of them will ever be happy
If this were a better show I'm sure this would have lasting consequences but it's Darling in the Franxx where everything's made up and the relationships don't matter.


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Clumsy onee-sama.


In the long run Ikuno will be the much better partner for fatty. She actually has a spine and won't just constantly enable him through convenient lies.

She’s patient and clever. She knows that not having a partner is death but still wants a better partner. Her execution of the switch was frankly flawless.

She’s not nice so much as she avoids unnecessary conflict. I wouldn’t call her a bad person, just neutrally self-interested.

Honestly, at first I thought she was pitying the guy, but then she said that it wasn't it, but then again, she's a lier now, so who knows.

You're under the foolish opinion that Ikuno gives a fuck about him, at best she might act if he starts to fail as a pilot but as long as he allows her to avoid getting retired she won't meddle.


Weak willed motherly type.

She clearly has a crush on him.

You broke my heart Kokoro-chan, now im going to break you

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Not sure how you came to that conclusion. The only thing she'll give a fuck about is that he doesn't get her killed on a mission, which means she won't just be a yes-woman who never tells him when he fucks up in some way.
She told Mitsuru to get his shit together too and I doubt she cared very much about him.

INFP probably.

You're retarded.

>implying they aren't going to remain in the background doing and saying nothing of importance
Like I said, this isn't a show that builds on events with things like consequences and lasting changes. They wasted time with the surface-level drama of the event and now they'll move on.

She's been passive all this time and the only occasion she spoke up was because she mistook Mitsuru for a faggot lusting for Hiro's ass, and tried to "push" him to act resulting in getting screamed at for being a dumb dyke.

>Like I said, this isn't a show that builds on events with things like consequences and lasting changes. They wasted time with the surface-level drama of the event and now they'll move on.

How is 2ch responding?

>this isn't a show that builds on events with things like consequences and lasting changes.
Is that why this exact development has been predicted multiple episodes ago already? Because there's no foreshadowing and no continuous development?

skank ho

It would be extra humiliating if Kokoro beats him up in a fight, I hope trigger goes for it.

More or less the same minus the shitposting.

She'll already break herself when it's revealed that they are infertile.
That's drama too spicy for them to pass up on it.

>minus the shitposting.
So they didn't discuss it at all?


Feels good to know that my shitposting warped reality and became real. Nice.

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Truly. I didn'r give a fuck about this show up until ep 11, not it actually has 2 good and realistic non one dimensional characters.

They are weak and small. Fatoshi would win with one body slam.

Oh no no no

You're missing the point.

Nothing beyond the surface level drama of it will happen. This show just isn't that deep despite its pretense. They're not commenting on anything with this nor is it really going to matter in terms of the overall plot. It's just simple drama for simple drama's sake.

Does anyone even gives a damn about the main story, the setting and the killing farming gear ?
Anybody ? Hello ???

>the main story
what main story
>the setting
so utterly diluted it could qualify as homeopathic medicine

>passive female character dumps fat cuck for edgy gaylord
>this makes it interesting
You could just watch soap opera, like my mom

Is this your first NTR episode? You can expect it to take a couple of weeks because you can talk about the show somewhat normally again. Unless another show drops an even bigger one and everyone migrates there.

Not really, no.

Angel of beauty, kindness, and fertility

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There is no
> main story
> setting
it's angsty teenage drama.

Girls don't have testicles though.

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Realistic one.
People obviously dont turn to animu for these you can just go outside if you want one so no wonder she's hardly liked aside of as high octane shitposting fuel.

here here!

can my dick get anymore erect?


Well, you could also have the revenge fantasy of all of them being fertile but not Mitsuru thanks to that shot he took as a child I guess.

Imagine being this bitter.

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Except for the part where Yui is pure and not a slut like Kokoro.

That would be too much. Being sterile is not something to play with. In the end of the day FranXX is a kids show

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If you kick a girl in the cunny, she will be on the ground crying.

Do you think it doesn't hurt to be kicked in the cunt?
That's a weak spot for everyone, regardless of their sex.

>that would be too much
Wouldn't be any worse than what the adults are going through.

Boring shoujo female lead.
This episode is so fucking boring. None of the spot light characters are fun to watch. Fat is fat. Kokoro is weak-willed. Milkman cried his eyes out for his mancrush attention mid-battle. It's filler, no more and no less.
I hope the plot returned to Hiro/02 next ep.

No, because the main story sucks absolute balls. It's generic as fuck, it's predictable as fuck, it considers itself way too smart for what it is, and it only clashes with the actual good writing or takes up time that could be spent on it.

>Fatoshi get's ntr'd once again
>has no one to ride with
>he wasn't taken to the battle
>steals training bot and rushes to PROTEC MUH KOKORO
>dies like a retard
>girls spend that evening laughing at him and ridiculing how much of a creepy faggot he was

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>all fertile but mitsuru
Fund it.

She's more interesting than any other character(besides milky). The are all cardboard boring and one dimensional.
02 - i'm an alien, an outcast, i'll never be accepted into society and i might regress back into alien form.
goro - i'm so nice, so mature, so supportive and understanding(for real!) and i love my childhood friend. More development?
hiro - guy is just weird, brainwashed probably. Can't find a source for his motivation, it's not just typical shounen mamoru as he sees his existence in piloting mechs.
Ichigo -- i'm a childhood friend, i'm a responsible good girl and have a childhood crush.
Brat - cult of personality.
Miku - nothing interesting yet, hopefully we'll get something on her later.
Ikuno - lesbian and probably something more, we'll see.

Compared to them all, kokoro has at least some depth and inner conflicts which she tries to overcome.