Darling in the FranXX

It's not even possible for any character to be as shit as he is. Literally the character that exists for cheap yuri drama in a world where robots were built to be piloted by a male and a female. There is nothing left to her character at all since she made her move and got rejected hard.

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Stay het.

Last episode was also considered her episode
Good thing she wont get any focus

Ikuno is only good for being a glasses bookworm girl. I literally don't care about anything else.

I like glasses and freckles and I hope something nice happens to her now that her gay thing didn't work out.

She actually kind of grown on me. She was the person whose luck is shitty and keep getting in the shit situation but still do her duties without complaining but didn't act like a doormat either.

Don't worry, Futoshi will pilot her hard and she'll bloom

I'm want to nut all over her face.

I want to marry and have many children with her

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She'll be a perfect partner for Futoshi. She has perseverance to match his, but won't be silently despising him like Kokoro and will call him out on his shit.

She could become relevant in an interesting way.

Miku's not actually doing anything in the show, but Ikuno's already proven to understand the other characters emotionally. She's also completely emotionally walled off. I feel like we haven't really seen her.

where did you hear this?

>People hate characters who get development.
>People hate characters who don't get development.

Nowhere, he is lying. Zorome and Futoshi VAs said that there's a drama between four, not that it was their episode.
It was clearly MitsuKokoro episode, because they had a clear resolution. Everything that happened to Futoshi and Ikuno in this episode is a setup for their future development. None of their conflicts got resolved


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I wish it's not from hentaihaven or from pornhub


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So you're saying he'll fuck the gay out of her.

Both of them will shine together.

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Those parted purple bangs really does it for me.


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Imagine being a lesbian trapped in the position of a parasite.

How unbearably shit all of it would be.

Have some sympathy.

She is here to prove that homosexuality is a disease.

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I have shocking news for you: every single character in this show is a walking clichè that only exists for cheap drama.

>So you're saying he'll fuck the gay out of her.

Ikuno was never really gay. She's frigid and kinda afraid of boys. But Futoshi will carefully defrost her and let her blossom. VoilĂ , a genuine heterosexual sex bomb. She can't be a dyke with a body like this.

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