Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

If you're a sexy cutie, instead of going for a big useless dumbass boy, go for another sexy cutie.

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Megu is cute.

Megu getting raped by Polar Bears

I just don't get it, guys. The first two episodes had such creative direction, and the opening had me anticipating a journey with a rewarding destination. I like adventure, I like planning and preparing, so I was fully on board until they got on the ship (pun intended). When Hinata lost her boarding pass or whatever, it started to dawn on me that drama was going to be the bread and butter of this anime, but I figured it'd be alright, there'a almost always a payoff for drama and crisis. But nope, there is no payoff as the drama continues right up to the third to last episode. Every episode the girls just trip over episodic character drama, that always ends with everyone crying. The group does grow closer, but a big crisis is only the most obvious way to show that. Shirase is a good to great character, but the way she handles finding closure in her mother's death is overshadowed by the drama of the week. I think they try to show some subtle change in Shirase over the journey, for those paying attention. But, something that would be powerful in any other series is just another check on the list. Kimari says she loves Antarctica, but we hardly even see it. They finally make it, but it doesn't even feel like it. 'It's the journey' but when did it happen?

This final episode was fine, I guess and we return to the kind of character interaction that hooked me in the beginning. But I'm still waiting for the snow shenanigans promised in the opening. Overall, disappointed.

Around lesbos, install asbestos.

What are you guys watching next season? It seems so barren compared to this one, but I'm hoping there will be a couple sleeper hits.

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Nice blog, retard. The show was great and from the first episode there was a clear emphasis on the characters.

Like Antarctica

I think that's a pasta?

Thats a spaghetti user.

That's linguine user.

Shitpost OP.

Aurora australis?

You should've realized "here there be dramas" the moment Shirase said she was going to Antartica to look for her mom. Any amount of active brain cells in your head would have told you, they aren't going to find her fucking mom. Dumbass.

Did we deserve a show THIS good to come fuck out of nowhere and immediately BTFO VEG?

>ITT: villians that got away with everything

>new thread
>already mentioning VEG
Are Yorifags this insecure?

No, I'm just stating facts.

This anime had a great start but the end was a bit meh

Most things this season BTFO Toilet Evergarbage, SoraYori went much further beyond that.

I can't even remember the last show I watched in which all 4 main girls are best girl.

When are we getting the Bocchi anime?

Niggas, why are you still falling for the falseflagging?

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>all these fucking brainlet's mad at the final scene
I thought it was sweet.

She can't keep getting away with it!

Probably not till Fall/Next Winter

t. Yuzubreaker/fag.

Can someone with a bit of knowledge about japanese tell me what the differences between the two words for "mother" are? I know as much that one is "okasa" and the other one is something else, but what's the difference?

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>I can't even remember the last show I watched in which all 4 main girls are worst girl.
Fixed that for you. There isn't a single good girl in this show. Even Yuru Camp had Rin and Nadeshiko, but in this one the entire cast is trash.

It's just funposting

Mother is more respectful.

Rin and Nadeshiko are the worst parts of Yuru Camp

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Don't reply to obvious bait


WHOA that was hard, quick, let's call the N1-level proficiency JPLT anons from /jp/ to double check this out!

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You are wrong

This pic needs an update. Who was the original creator? Step up, son.

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Post that on MAL, retard

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Its just the usual humility and respectfulness that makes up so much of the Japanese language. Haha would be the humble way to refer to your mother while speaking to someone outside your family. Okaa-san is the respectful form you'd use towards your own mother or when speaking to your family. Superior Japanese manners folded over 1000 times.

>Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
>ranked #133
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>ranked #229
I already knew MAL was trash, but this is on another level.

Thanks user.

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you're not actually implying eva is better are you?

>One final betrayal
That bitch

How new?

>Yorifags actually think their seasonal trash is better than a timeless masterpiece

You're not actually implying anything is better than Eva are you?

>timeless masterpiece

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>babby's first waifubait anime
>a timeless masterpiece
It's as much of a masterpiece as SAO

Official pairings:
Hinata x Shirase
Yuzuki x Kimari
Megu x Crippling loneliness x Hate

You do realize that EVA is still being talked about two decades later, right? When your show will accomplish that kind of success, you can start bragging, plebs.

Doraemon > eva

>this assmad

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You'll still be talking about it

My wife preparing breakfast for me.

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>50 replies in and retards are already arguing about MAL rating
Better than Sup Forums my ass. This board is a fucking joke.

I teared up again Shirase's farewell speech
and again after she got her mom's final email

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Trying to fit in, I see. Sorry, but Evangelion is Sup Forums's favorite show, even that tripfaggot who loves this seasonal trash would agree.

and the mistress

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They are actually arguing about Eva.

>your show
jesus christ go back to Sup Forums already fucking newfag, no wonder you worship trash like eva


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Hi, Sup Forums. It'd be nice if you went back, thanks bye

Yeah nice try user, here's the ACTUAL pairings:

Yuzu x YuzuBREAKER (she gave him her number inside the CD folger)
Hinata x enjo kosai (she has no friends to snitch on her and she's a poorfag who needs money to finance her future trips)
Shirase x Gin (who uses her as replacement for Takako) x Pengi (they live happily in a FFM relationship)
Kimari x literally the first boy who asks (she has learned the importance in life of taking the first step)

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It's literally just one shitposter

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I love my wife

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This was definitely AOTS. Head and shoulders above the rest. Most emotionally satisfying last few eps I've seen in a long time.

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see and stop trying so hard to appear like an oldfag.

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How much do you love your wife?

I too, love your wife inside the bedsheets. We have much in common, user.

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>people causing drama
Stop dramaposting and post some yorimois!

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What does 10000 year old ice taste like?

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It's obviously AOTS. Question is whether it'll be AOTY

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Shirase's mom.

It's impossible for this show to get a proper discussion, because its fanbase consists of teenagers, a tripfag and YouTubers.

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>Megu x Crippling loneliness x Hate
So, Best Girl x Literally Me?

Definitely AOTS. I wasn't expecting much from the start, but damn did it surprise me in the best of ways and deliver in spades
It was head and shoulders above everything else this season without a doubt.

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>Megu x Crippling loneliness x Hate
Wrong, you silly bastard. She's moving on. You should too.

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It's definitely a contender. I actually shed a few tears of joy after finishing the last episode.

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Stop the Meg bullying.

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the Hinata episode with her pass was painful to watch, they manage to top it with the girls not somehow getting absolutely BTFO by those giant fucking waves battering the ship which goes to show that whoever worked on that episode doesn't have a clue about how any of that works, you can say "MUH CARTOON" but if you go through with the effort to make the ship look very true to life (which is great) and then just make a complete fucking arse of it then you can piss off.

Depends. What's Summer looking like?

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After last episode, I thought we'd just get a by-the-book epilogue, but Gin finally bonding with Shirase (and returning the laptop) and the segment of when they get to Japan are wonderful.

Even in the last episode, when there was no longer a story to tell, Madhouse fucking delivered.

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Why do you think she moved to the Arctic?
She's plotting something

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