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You came to the wrong continent, motherfucker.

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t-these are just footprints in the snow, right?

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I don't like pengins.

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Why do penguins stink?


Now that the dust is beginning to settle, was this a good show?


Do you really give a shit about someone elses opinion? You watched it, judge for yourself.


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So we all agree this is AOTS then? Ok good.

By Ishizuka.

Also OST is out.

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c u t e

May I see it?

Fuck you

Doujins when.

How can I achieve this level of happiness?

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how horrifying

Would you help her Sup Forums?

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me on the left

im more curious about how they stink

do they smell like fish and birdpoop all at once or someting

Go to your local zoo to find out for yourself.

Pretty sure no zoo in my country has any penguins.

She needs an intervention.

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Yes. AOTS.

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What’s your country?

Seymour, the house is on fire!

Antarctic 19 in Pinstripes is a reference to Japanese baseball athlete Fujinami Shintaro. His number is 19 in Hanshin. He is known for his wild pitching and his tendency to hit the batter when he's pitching.


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I was gonna saw good for you for knowing that, but I guess being connected to the right people on twitter and being able to translate moon is still cool. Thanks for the info user.

Sweden. Looking it up there seems to only be one place that has penguins, but it's still like 5 hour car drive from where I live.

What a treat. I hope another show jumps out of nowhere and surprises me this year but I'd be okay If none did, this was good enough.

Would anyone want a light hearted SOL season 2 of the girls when they were able to meet up and travel again?

Mariana trench and ISS spin-off when?

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>everyone's eyes are the same color blue

What the fuck is this shit?

It seems there are penguins at Boras Djurpark and Kolmarden zoo.

No mother, it's just the southern lights.

Smile Status: PROTECTED!

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Blue eyes?

I don't know why, but I think I feel kind of let down by that ending and final episode.

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So, when it Yuzus drama OVA coming out?

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It was a nice quiet dignified farewell. Im far happier we got this than some big dramatic goodbye.

Photos taken seconds before disaster

Is that penguin in the corner checking that ass?

duh their eyes reflect the snow

The note was too high in the previous episode. It would have been hard to do something like that again.

hadn't noticed Shirase pengin-gazing behind cover
such a qt

this show was shit

How did you expect it to end? Other than everyone saying goodbye and heading home there wasn't anything else left to do.

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I don't think my problem is with that but more in the small details or executiong. For example Sakura Quest from a couple of seasons ago was a show that I enjoyed but I wasn't nearly as invested in those characters as I am in the Yoris but the scene of pink Aoi leaving on the Train was fantastic and I guess I was expecting something similar with these girls leaving Antacrtica. Instead their farewell just felt flat.
Although it might be I guess.

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Too much spice melange.

Why is she so perfect?

>Sakura Quest
my afroamerican brother of magnificent taste

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It's my AOTS and a strong candidate for AOTY.

Anything more would have been over doing it. The characters have all grown and all that was left was to say our final farewells and wrap things up then go home. It wasn't mean to be the emotional climax, just the resolution.

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I dont want this shit to be finished. I want to be withm them forever.

No, it was an awful melodrama full of bad writing and exaggerated emotional moments.

I know that which is why I used Sakura Quest as an example because it is exactly the same there.

Last episode was brutal, this one was the regular Sora Yori's episode.

It was fantastic

I know it's only March and we have the whole rest of the year but this show set the bar really goddamn high.

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You see Shirase, to know the pengi, you must become the pengi

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They really put a lot of work into these Shirase smiles this episode.

First you get the yen
Then you get the Antarctica
Then you get the pengi

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She really does look like her mum in that shot.

No, I went in expecting some high tier storytelling, and all I got was an insanely garbage pacing and shit tier levels of forced drama.

A 6/10 anime at best.

It was effort well spent

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That is her mom.

It did and according to what I've seen for Spring and Summer, I don't think that's gonna change. Fall is my only hope for another fantastic show.

>A 6/10 anime at best
That's way too kind to this anime.

Then you leave the yen in Antarctica.

>No, I went in expecting some high tier storytelling
>In anime
Seriously, why the common sperg has access to the internet? There should be some law against it, we can't let this people think they are the same as us.

That IS her mom.

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Think of how far we have come anons.

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Shirase meets her fans from Sup Forums!

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Season 2 - 'Megu's adventures to the Arctic' when?

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Megu cut and dyed her hair?


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And then Megu got eaten by a polar bear

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It's just the lighting.

>Never found her mom
>Didn't even find her frozen corpse
Shit, glad I speed watched this.

I'd join her

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Why're VEGfags like this? I like VEG but the amount of shitposters it spawned is ridiculous.

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How would you rate this, anons?

I give it a nice out of sick.

When the Finland tourist authority ponies up the cash.

penguins > gopniks

is good

These fuckers can actually hunt people for food.

You do realize that anime with good storytelling exist, right? If you watch anime expecting nothing of value and with no critical judgement, you're an ironic weeb.

AOTY material.

Megu was the Lovecraftian horror all along.