Did this moment surpass all of Z's fights?

Did this moment surpass all of Z's fights?

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not even close

Nah, definitely the best finish to a DB arc though

Saiyan saga
King piccolo
Jackie Chun
all had better conclusions

I only agree with the Jackie Chun one


No but thanks for the freeze frame now I know what happened to Freezers fucking tail

>Not even golden
its shit

golden looks like shit tho

It's definitely one of the hypest moments in all of DB.

No but it was the best Super Arc ending.
It's better then the buu saga ending atleast

So did Freezer let his tail fall off to use as a decoy, similar to what lizards or geckos do?

He lost Golden earlier

Yes, Autotomy is a Frieza Race evolutionary adaptation.

>king piccolo
>he actually liked ultra shitty water and the boring as fuck fight

I've only seen clips because I don't give a shit, but they all looked awful. And I thought I had low standards.

The fight was so-so but Goku punching through piccolo was the tightest shit.

Yes, it's easily one of the best Dragon Ball scenes, and probably the best Dragon Ball animated scene.

Oh so this is when his tail go cut off.
I was looking at the end and wondering where his tail went.

Why are their ears so alike?


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No, Jiren sucked all the charisma out of every scene he was in.

Bad and slow choregraphy. 6/10 at best

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Golden looks awful. I wish it at least had the same color placement as his true form.

Dragon Ball had a few really great fights.

Gokugang Vs Nappa/Vegeta
Gokugang Vs Frieza
Goku/Piccolo Vs Raditz
Goku Vs Piccolo
Goku Vs Tien

I wasn't all that pleased with ToP, but this fight made me very happy

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It was close tho

holy shit, i hadn't even notice that freeza's tail got sliced off by jiren

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All of Super was kino as fuck.