Is Darling in the FranXX a trainwreck or just an overblown flavor of the season meme anime?

Is Darling in the FranXX a trainwreck or just an overblown flavor of the season meme anime?

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I love Kokoro

It's a light 6/10 for me. Drama feels so forced.

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trainwreck to match aldnoah zero

this is worse than aldnoah zero desu

Its a good show

From the thumbnail, I thought that water can had huge balls

Both, but you sound like a faggot. Might want to get that checked.

What kind of trainwreck is hinted at for 8 episodes?

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Fun ride that most likely will end in Trainwreck
But hey you never know might end terrifically

A very standard drama-focus anime that's being forced to become a meme because of Trigger involvement.

FranXX is far too consistent to be a Sup Forums Trainwreck.

>still on rails
yeah, no

This, Sup Forums is trying to act like a bunch of crossboarders and make the show look like le epic trainwreck, when it's been pretty standard so far.

More like Sup Forums crossboarders, obvious double thread posting for low IQ OPs, and baby tier memes.

>overblown flavor of the season meme anime
Pretty much. It's a show with shit writing, stupid characters, stupid worldbuild. It lives as popular right now because of the sex robot euphemism concept and Trigger. Once the season ends and people start shit flinging at each other about whether it was good or bad, it will be forgotten and mentioned maybe once in a while.

Also, it's really bad.

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This. People are completely misusing the term trainwreck here.

It can't be worse than "autistic kid beats everyone: the anime"

It's the cuck anime of the season.

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user, pls. It's standard tactics for anime fans to declare something as a trainwreck so it gets the 'so bad that it's good' moniker instead of just being simply bad/completely average.

Sup Forums is trying to act like a bunch of crossboarders
user, most of the people posting in DitF threads obviously aren't regulars here.

FranXX isn't really a trainwreck, most of you faggots won't even be watching it if it weren't for Trigger

Calling this a trainwreck is an insult to actual trainwrecks like Code Geass and Guilty Crown.

I'm just watching because the threads are fun desu. Also I like the girls.

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It's not.

It is just rather generic for the most part, without major flaws or failures. If the plot appears to be bad, we will forget just like about other shitty shows.

It is the visuallly most patrcian work of our time.

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It's boring generic show. Only memetic because of shitposters forcing studio wars.

>the sex robot euphemism
They haven't actually done anything with that.

They haven't done anything with any of the material they've set up.

There's a lot of things that SEEM like they'd have deeper meanings and tie into some larger theme, like the sex robots or the chromosomes on their uniforms or the spider and bird metaphors, but over and over we're shown that these things are only skin deep.

There's no substance to this show at all.

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Az was at least exciting. Franxx is Captain Earth tier.

A trainwreck starts well, the first episode was already shit.

I want Futoshi to rape Mitsuru. I bet Mitsuru will like it.
>Hey Futoshi what are you doing?
>Stop it!
>Don't pull down my pants!
>Futoshi stop! Don't!
>Get that thing away from me.
>Somebody help!
>Hiro! Help me Hiro!
>No don't!
>Get off me Futoshi.
>Stop it!
>Don't be so rough!
>I hate you Futoshi...


>Is Darling in the FranXX a trainwreck or just an overblown flavor of the season meme anime?
It's AOTY.

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Guilty Crown was in fact a trainwreck. Geass seemed to be for a while yet wasn't. Franxx is undecided right now.

Mitsuru will be the kind of guy that will get addicted to the anal sex.
>What you want to say you're sorry?
>And you won't rape me anymore?
>It's not like you can rape me again anyway.
>-a few weeks past-
>Damn it.
>This just doesn't feel the same.
>I need the real thing.
>If only Hiro would...
>Chehh... I have no choice.
>Come with me.
>I want you to. You know.
>Fuck me.
>What you don't want to?
>You owe me Futoshi.
>I didn't tell anyone that you raped me.
>You should do what I say.
>-a few minutes later-
>Yes, that's it Futoshi.
>Right there. Yes. Yes.
>I really like your milk Futoshi.

My hatred for A/Z is deep. I don't think this is as bad a show yet.
Also meme value is great in Franxx

>tfw too intelligent to offer substantive criticism.

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Mitsuru will always look for excuses to meet up with Futoshi.
>I need to talk with Futoshi a bit
>Futoshi said he was going to share his milk with me
>Can I request a change?
>I want to try a stamen to stamen connection.
>I want to try it out as a backup plan when we've lost a pistil.

It's Kiznaiver with robots.

It's kiznaiver with a mecha backdrop.
The biggest difference is that franxx pretends to be something different than your average teenage drama.
I don't hate it or anything, but it's waaaay overrated

>I don't know how to watch shows!
>Wh-where are the morals?
The show has explicitly, repeatedly told you what it is about since the first scene of the first episode.

Literally everything in this show has been building up on those themes.

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I think it's more comparable to FLCL. Someone pointed that out in another thread, and I thought it was apt, pink-haired Jezebel and all.
It has teenage drama, but that's not the most important part of it. 02 and Hiro showing each other how to survive in the world, and exploring that world from the perspective of second-class citizens who were educated as if they weren't expected to make it to adulthood, are the best parts about it.

>I'm easily fooled by purple prose
cool story, bro

Don't use terms like that, if you don't know what they mean.


Best show of the last couple of years

I don’t like Trigger

Don’t use words you don’t know

It's a very solid 4/10.

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would've been 10/10 if it got rid of all the useless side characters and non existent plot

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Since the show is clearly building up to some kind of event where the main characters having all this relationship drama previously will become important as a distinguishing factor for them (the show even tells you as much as of the last episode, where the P13 group is now doing significantly better than standard groups), it's too early to call the drama pointless. I just hope nobody is dumb enough to seriously think it's trying to be EVA or TTGL.

Too much NTR for me to enjoy this trashheap. Everyone wants to fuck someone else and it's getting really annoying since it's getting in the way of things that actually matter.

I'm thinking we'll go completely off the rails in the second cour. If this first half is character development with hints of worldbuilding, I hope they'll go all in on worldbuilding in the next half.

The characters are pretty dull anyway. Hopefully we'll get more plot focus soon.

This guy gets it

I'm just hoping for the plot to beging

That's VEG, though

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>no substantial world lore
>not much plot progression since ep6
>no extra fan service
>not cool, serious, edgy, grimdark
>no witty details, no hints that are not obvious (except for ep5)
>everything is quite predicatable so far due to the way they show us character and the world
However, it is an anime original, it is consistent, no plot holes, characters are nice, refreshing mecha concept, promising lore and plot so far.
It is 6/10 atm, but the main appeal is that it can turn out very nice. For now - there is no depth to the show.

Compared to VEG it is more interesting and actually has better drama &relationships so far... although the characters are quite understanding and some rawer feelings like hate, grieve and such are lacking. However, unlike Violet, it is better.
Fate/Extra Last Encore basically flopped early and may regain positions only with an ending. Killing Bites is trashy and Citrus is yuri. No wonder that DitF won this season easily.

None of those even look good.
You can't just take a bunch of random webm and say it looks visualy impressive.

There's no plot holes because there's barely any plot yet, the mecha concept is OK but not refreshing at all. VEG is episodic so it's hard to gauge it but Violet's character arc is much more interesting to me and way more complex than what we've seen from any character in Franxx so far, but that can change, though I doubt it, the characters have already been established, I don't think there's going to be any major developments with them aside from the internal conflicts they currently have. I have no idea why you even bring up Fate and Killing Bites.

dude, it's an interpersonal drama. It's building up to itself, nothing more. You're just going to be disappointed if you expect something else.

I think they look pretty good to be honest

It is one of the worse VEG episode.

Overblown by far. It's biggest sin is having such an expansive cast and doing nothing with them. The whole NTR thing would've carried more weight to it if Kokoro and Fatoshi were developed in any way other than I'M MOTHERLY and I LIKE FOOD. Then there's all the misused letterboxing for all the 'profound' moments just hitting you over the head with this piss poor writing.

Brainlets shouldnt be allowed to post

I would say you have shit opinions.

I don't think it was supposed to carry weight, it wasn't supposed to be dramatic. It wasn't portayed as an important event at all really, apart from Futoshi's sad cries.
And the useage of letterboxing have nothing to do with the writing.

Why did you, then?

>It's biggest sin is having such an expansive cast and doing nothing with them.

Overblown. It's mired itself in buildup for too long with no payoff. We're at about the point we should have been at episode 6 or something.

For all the overblown action motifs its actually pretty restrained and focused on character development.

For now I think it's great, but they need to ramp things up soon or it's just gonna seem sort of pointless.

I don't know man, they seemed to try really hard to make it dramatic. The petty promise fatoshi made 5 fucking minutes before kokoro requested another teammate seemed to be an after though from the writers, like they needed that catalyst to create the conflict for that episode. Reminds me a lot of Kiznaiver.

The show is fun but the best part of it is that it has gathered most of the best posters of Sup Forums, at least I can recognize a lot of them along with some great drawfriends. Even the annoying tripfags of old, darker days seem to have remembered to have some shame and stick to giving anonymous opinions.

I mean, that is the main focus, but there's also some kind of wider conflict going on outside the intergroup dynamics that has yet to be addressed. It's not like they're going to tell the audience "Don't worry about why the klaxosaurs exist, or why Japan looks like a barren wasteland, or why society ended up in controlled colonies with individuality being stamped out, or why they're relying on child soldiers to protect themselves". I would be very surprised if they aren't going to tackle this in the second half of the series.

But it was never dramatic. The episode had a comedic tone throughout. Especially with how Futoshi was acting.

Also the haters seem to be contained to the samefagging indonesian insane goblin and the high brow Sup Forums autist that is probably the same guy that hates BR.

I doubt it, characters have overacted like that through the show, I doubt all the drama in this anime is supposed to be comedic

The only case was Futoshi and Kokoro.
>Ichigo wants Hiro but he clearly doesnt see her the way she sees him and never has.
>Goro loves Ichigo but she doesnt know how to feel about it to confirm any strong feelings for him yet
>Ikuno wants Ichigo to some extent, but that's just not happening.
>02 is 02.

if every character in this anime died a gruesome death I wouldn't give a shit as long as the mecha are still cute

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I don't know why I was expecting a more complex internal conflict with Mitsuru, it turned out to be another 'broken promise' trope. The character conflicts so far have been very mediocre.

I'm not saying the entire show haven't had drama. It has had a lot of it, like epiosde 2 and 5. But this episode wasn't dramatic outside of Kokoro and Mitsuru's conversation when the Franxx turned off.

So when should we expect Miku, Satan, fatty, and mommy to get development? The gays and Gobro too to a lesser extent. We're 11 episodes in and they have almost none.

What did you expect from a show that pilots cute robots with a girl's Ass.

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A/Z had some promising elements, this is SChwares Marken-tier.

>02 steals ichigos husbando
>hiro steals goros waifu
>hiro steals ikunos waifu
>02 steals milkmans husbando
>milkman tries to steal 02
>milkman steals kokoro
>ikuno has to watch while milkman rides other girls
>hiro steals first place from zorome
Can't wait for the blond guy to show up again and steal someone aswell.


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Genista has been soiled, get that out of my face.

Trainwreck. Wait til Promare for a decent mecha.

>20+ years later
>Eva is still the best character drama disguised as a mecha

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But NTR/cucks are bad!!


genista a shit robot with shit pilots, let me show you a REAL Franxx

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>I have watched four mecha shows in my life

>THIS trigger show will be the one they don't fuck up
>Its a disaster
>THIS trigger show will be the one they don't fuck up
>Its a disaster
>THIS trigger show will be the one they don't fuck up
>Its a disaster
>THIS trigger show will be the one they don't fuck up
>Its a disaster
>THIS trigger show will be the one they don't fuck up! I mean it this time people!
>Its a disaster

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>Implying it isn't

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If eva is about mecha then Library wars is about books

>02 steals hiro
Hiro didnt belong to anyone beforehand
>Hiro steals Ichigo
Ichigo couldnt even get Hiro to see her as anything more than a sibling and his boss whie Goro never let his feelings for her be known till recently
>02 cucked Mitsuru
His promise was already forgotten by Hiro well before 02 got involved
>Ikuno and Mitsuru
lol she was strictly professional with him
>hiro steals 1st place from zorome
MC's privilege.

>>Eva is still the best character drama disguised as a mecha
can you not read

Honesty, it feels like neither, at least right now. It could definitely turn into a trainwreck.

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