Isekai almost all have magic and gods in their lore/systems/setups, that are often used for battles and fights.

What are the isekai that would beat us from the real world in case of a war?

And on the other hand, what are the isekai we would beat?

pic somehow related

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Sonic X is best Isekai

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Keep it up.

Reunion and confession when? Harold has to take responsibilty

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My nigga.
Avery best girl

Isekai with omorashi when?

>What are the isekai that would beat us from the real world in case of a war?

>And on the other hand, what are the isekai we would beat?
>magic can't beat nuclear warfare

Maybe not any isekai kingdom or hero that could defeat us, but the world itself might kill us. A constant surge of randomly spawning monsters would kill more of our people than any fantasy army could,

Why do they keep giving loli harems to protagonists who (claim they) don't like lolis?

>not nuking god

>This posting speed
What the fuck, are isekai threads alive again?!

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Most isekai natives, even the ones with level system, probably couldn't just ignore rifle bullets. High level ones running at mach 2 probably could tho and I think trying to hit a human target running at super sonic speeds with nuke would be quite difficult.
So in the end it would be question if the handful of supermans they have could take out political and military leadership before they get hit by something big enough to kill them.

It was dead for like 10 hours. Is it mainly euros then?

>builds reputation on the back of billions of corpses
Mao confirmed as a Isekai Protag

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Maybe it's just another excuse for nothing to ever happen.

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>Dragon's Bloodline

MC turned into a berserk dragon and nuked Japan/Korea/China and a good chunk of Russia and South East Asia

Elder Dragon God basically destroyed our universe

>Isekai Smartphone

Why all chinese novels are so fucking bad?
Is it something about the culture? Or good novels just don't get popular with chinks, so nobody translate them?

I'm pretty open for new stuff, but at this point i just instantly close novel page when i see CN tag.
So tired of endless spam of chinese shit on NU.

That Putin is pretty /fit/

>joke manmode putin gets Isekai´ed
didnt even knew i needed this

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We're getting atlas and fohl, motoyasu gettting broken and then ren getting his ass kicked in vol 11. The wrath dragon and itsuki in vol 12.

>What are the isekai that would beat us from the real world in case of a war?
Dad sword has 80+ gods, nuke swords, superhumans and unkillable monsters.
Yasei no last boss seriespower level is ridiculous in later parts.
I hear slime, kumo, tsuki ga also have high power levels too.
Chink isekais

>what are the isekai we would beat?
Low fantasy series like villainess girl reincarnations or country managements ones

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Is Atlas as thristy as before? It will be amusing to see all the shenanigans just to get in Naofuni's bed.

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No, it's only early afternoon here in the states.

Probably this.

Pretty sure she does. Rifana would probably be thirstier. But we have to wait until someone translates to be sure.

Used to read this hot garbage a long time ago.

Is that the other slave from the Spear hero series?

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All right I need source on this.

>Singlehandedly rez the isekai threads by attempting to cause people to yell at each other about slavery

Wait until you learn that Russians write many isekai stories about Stalin traveling to another worlds.

I'm not even surprised. Slavs write a lot of isekai anyway.

Shield Hero probably beats us as well.
What with the multiversal gods and god killers floating about.

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What does he do? Gommunism and vodka?

Holy shit the art is amazing.

>gender-swapped loli stalin transported to the other world raped by goblins

Yeah, Raphtalia's other childhood friend, the one that died in that basement due to cold. In a previous loop where all heroes cooperated from the start, motoyasu had forgotten raphtalia was a thing and it was too late to save her. He was made to promise he would save her the next loop and investigated where she would end up next time. I assume he went to do that immediately or the day after looping and rescued both children. The author apparently made her out to be really fucking OP, but this is all i heard from spoilers.

fucking japan is full of pedos

introducing the home foods of his country and crop starvation

But why don't they ever depict the protagonist being one?


>chinks bring crop rotation
>germans bring a world war
>slav bring vodka and depression
What do amerimutts bring if they got isekaied?

what the fuck

That's different. Wonder if Motoyatsu will also get Atlas and Fohl early for NAofumi.

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they dont have the balls, just like irl

>germans bring a world war
We would also bring ARBEIT, Sauerkraut and maybe Döner(Kebab)

niggers, I mean "dark humans"

He did i think but naofumi put some distance between them because motoyasu told him he used to sleep with fohl sometimes. He didn't want to turn gay.

For a time looper, Motoyasu forgets a lot of things often.

Haha oh wow. Talk about forgetting context. Guess Spear hero series might be a 100% complete style of story.

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Motoyasu is a fucking retard though.

>X world would beat Y world
Eh, I mean, if we pit all of their biggest powerhouses against us, sure, but realistically we might end up fighting a country or alliance of them.

Let's just take Death Mage as an example.
That world has several gods, and entities with WMD status, able to wipe out cities if they were allowed to let loose.
But I'd say that if it was a nation vs nation situation, Earth's armies would probably win against the armies of any of Lambda's world… At least if we decided that using bio/chemical weapons was ok, and weren't afraid to drop a few nukes.

Most of the big power houses in a lot of fantasy worlds don't seem to be strongly associated with the nations of their world, and would probably only get involved in a war if they felt like it.

Anyone who's not Naofumi is fucking retarded

guns and burgers

Don't you be dissing my fishing loli you double reincarnator

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Broken morals

Democracy and freedom

Any setting where the gods don`t intervene, Magic is fucking irrelevant thanks to range of modern firearms and introduction of breech loaded artillery around 1870`s.
Also we have bioweapons that are capable of killing humans according to their genetic inheritance and ethnic type, how long do you think it would take for us to create even better variants of that capable of killing whatever monsters the other worlds have to throw at us?

chaotic Freedom

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I expect things to change even more in the LN version, since there's a lot of original content in the shieldbro LN. Mainly the calmira and the spirit turtle arcs.

He's just focused on firo.

Is Motoyasu strong enough to counter an all killing technique?

And a average D&D wizard erases your whole army from across the planet, fuck your HFY shit.

>fundamentalist christian gets isekai'd
>constantly gets his mind blown by magic
>god actually exists
>existential crisis when it's not his god

No. He's stupidly over-leveled but not naofumi-tier broken.

Isn't that Youjo Senki except he immediately denounces the god for not being the benevolent creator?

the guy in youjo senki was always an athiest.


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Burgers and burgers.

Average D&D wizard dies from first contact with common flue due to his high reliance on healing magic.

He believes in an ideal God though, which is why he freely denounces the being that has control of life, death, and time even if being agreeable with the supernatural being could benefit him and nothing will punish him(I mean there's no god to enforce that right?)

The average D&D wizard is basically a god and dies only to DM fiat.

It's not about atheism, it's about not reducing what he thinks God should be like to the bumbling idiot in front of him.

only high level magic counters high level magic

So he was in denial?

Flugels can take a nuke to the face

Wouldn't you just refer to GATE, even though it's not an isekai?

You could say that, God being a idiot is something the man just can't reconcile with his expectations.

Is there ever a case in which low level magic counters high level magic?

Looking for a manga in which a girl gets isekaied but can walk on both her original world and the isekai world by saying Oni-chan(first few chapters only). She also made a baron's daughter dress like saber from fate stay night in later chapters. I completely forgot the name of it, but it was a fun ride. Help me out brothers.

well you can counterspell with dispel magic


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Thats guys mother is really shitty, Imagine he would still have the mind of child. More shitty moms in isekai?

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But it is isekai.

Thanks user, will bookmark it. They are a few others but that's for a different time.

IIRC she plays the villain to get him to go out an do shit. She loves him the most between both kids and wished he could take over.

China has Wuxia Japan has fanatasy-novels with copy-paste worlds

Thats right but he is being ignored by the most of them, if we would be a normal (weak) child he would be fucked in the head, even his sister would hate him then. She even says she failed as parent/mother. He is lucky that he is mentally over 30 years old and shit like that wont hurt him much

>hmm, this marriage certificate seems fake
>*cooks a snake*

What isekai uses D&D rules?

Goblin Slayer is not isekai.

The TRPG Wizard one

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>Jewloli knows crop rotation

Is that one of her cheat skills?

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China mostly has xianxia these days.

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It's just one of her onii-sama's teaching user.

It's entirely possible that the nobles are too retarded to understand crop rotation and keep ordering peasants to plant wheat because it's used to pay taxes/easy to sell but I don't think author thought that much about it

>[Bara intensifies]
Would read it, anyway.

>Protagonists (usually) attempt to cultivate to immortality, seeking eternal life and the pinnacle of strength
more motivation than your average Isekai-protagonist