Definition of sexy right here

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Last theme reprise on the second to last episode

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I'd fuck her.

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I want her to suck my cock with that face


I don't get this creepy face after talking about climb meme. Someone please explain to a low iq what the fuck is going on with this bitch?

> Someone please explain to a low iq what the fuck is going on with this bitch?
Anime fucked up her character.

that her real self, the "golden princess" is a persona she holds in public

shes an edgy weeb

She is just classic yandere princes, whats hard about it? you fucking brainlet

Ok well am I wrong in thinking the very premise of this gimick is fucking retarded? Is there more depth to whatever the fuck is going on with her that hasn't been fully explained or something? Why is she letting the other totaled see her like that why is she chasing after climb like he's the holy grail?

Why the fuck are all the characters so Op in this show? It makes things not fun

Why is she acting so wary of Momon?

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What the fuck are you reading if that's classic to you?

she' wants momon dick

Because Maruyama apparently can't write a fight scene with balanced combatants to save his fucking life.

The writing in this episode was fucking trash.

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Because she knows what momon can do and has done and doesnt know if momon is an ally since remember the opening line he said.
he would kill her in literally one swing.

Agree. It was fun in the first season but it gets old by the time the second one starts. At the very least they should have some real stakes involved in this whole story. God, I'm feeling like it's gonna get only worse. I'll probably drop it after the Nazarik party wipe if I won't have to wait too long.

she needs em cause she wants to be queen (later on no longer needs em when she becomes a double agent for Nazarik, Climb part Princess is a genius, Demiurge/ Albedo IQ tier, she was sooo smart since little age people something didnt understood her ideas "the top is a lonely place" she was so smart on her own league that she became unable to relate or care for other and in returns other could not understand her either, over the year this simply twisted her into a sociopath.
she once found Climb and befriended him, the guy was so innocent pure and naive that he hanged on her every word of her like if were religion, and he being the 1st person that bonded with her, she grew attached to him but cause she was already broken, she seems climb like a pet more than a human friend

Same, she's hot
I liked her voice

EvilEye is cute.

I liked it a lot better when her gender was ambiguous. She seemed less human, and more interesting.

Now she's just yet another girl lusting after the skele D.

>skele D

>Now she's just yet another girl lusting after the skele D.
Apart from Albedo and Chair, who else?

I like her exactly because of her crush on Momon. Reading her inner thoughts in this scene and how she starts asking other people for love advice genuinely made me happy. And unlike Albedo, who is scripted into loving Ainz, and Shalltear who just wants to fuck him, it feels genuine, like a 12 y.o. sperging about her prince charming. Add to that the fact that she's a 200 y.o. master wizard, past hero dressing and behaving like a chuuni and you have a serious case of gap.
Didn't like how they handled her scenes in this episode, it felt sudden and dumb, but the VA was very cute at least.

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Is that her orgasm face?

I watched this at 1 AM and creeped out for real

>watching Pleiades ending for the 100th time
>this time, instead of CZ turning at the end, Nabe did
>jump from my chair
>"wtf, Im sure CZ was the one doing that"
>check how many views the video has
>over 100k
>check how old the video is
>over 6 months
>"am I going insane? did I imagine CZ doing that all this time?"
>search Pure Pure Pleiades on YouTube
>theres 2 almost identical videos

Fucking YouTube playing pranks on me

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>he doesn't know what a yandere is

go fucking watch mirai nikki you fucking newfag

you ok?

I know, and what they showed is not what the Princess is like.
It's like every fucking Yandere has to act like fucking Yuno. There can't be different kinds, noooo

Shes not an Yandere you fucking retards.
Shes a psychopath and a sadist.

Would you be ok after watching this?

Speaking of PPP is there a new episode this week?

Its already on YouTube but it doesnt have subtitles.

yep i'm ok

My life is ruined.

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Best pleiades?

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Wrong character my friend

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Get some help buddy you are not acting normal

That's wrong though. Climb is probably the only person she thinks of as human.

she thinks momon wants to give lakyus calcium

no, entoma is cute

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what the fuck

My wife Nabe is so cute

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I'm guessing this is the last episode of season 2.

So what happened to the giant talking hamster.

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Lizard vacation.

He will be used as a offering for a ritual to heal Entoma.

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I know this is bait but just in case you're an anime only tard - the author has pretty much said that Nazarick will never get a proper enemy in this book series. It's possible for a future book series, but not this one.

So not only is there no balanced fight in the books currently, there won't be one until the end of the series.


There's close to 5000 distinct published litrpg LNs at this point. No one is forcing you to read this one - same goes for the anime.

Aw fuck, sorry I misquoted.
I meant to quote Just look at how tiny she looks besides Ainz

I know yanderes are crazy but at least they would never ntr you

I have no problems with Nazarick being incredibly overpowered. In fact, my favorite moments of the series are those where Sebas or Ainz styles on people.

But whenever we see a fight between two combatants that are close in skill level, like we did this episode with Brain and the monk, the fight is about as cliche as possible, and sucks shit.

>So not only is there no balanced fight in the books currently
Was the Brain v. monk fight not in the books? The series isn't really about balanced fights, but that's not an excuse for them to be as bad as they are.

What the actual fuck.

There's 1 more but I can't for the life of me imagine how they plan to fit the rest of the story into it unless it's 40 minutes long.

i just want another moment as great as the shalltear fight

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They don't show it properly in the anime, but Zero can smash Brain into pieces with a single move. It just so happens that Sebas came just in time to save him.

Why is she so cute lads?

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Balanced fights almost never happen with a system this diverse, it's all about the match ups and situations.

Serves you right for watching a Trigger anime.

that was underwhelming

what happens in the ln?

Realistically speaking, which one of these three would make the best wife for Ainz?

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Albedo currently, Adult Aura later.

>being an anime only fag

you deserve it

Tight fit.
It's going full Rocky Balboa.

Aura. Albedo is too mentally unstable and Shalltear is Shalltear.

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>Auro is more like Ainz's niece
>Shalltear is undead so no kids
>Albedo way too crazy for the deadboner,but so is everyone in Nazarick
Probably Albedo,if only because she will murder anyone who tries smth on her BoneSperm.

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Over one-hundred years of experience would teach an adventurer not to be too trusting.

Hey man, fuck you. I just don't like the writing style, or lack thereof, that the translated LNs have.

And I'm too retarded to learn Japanese and read it natively.

t.self claimed retard

Everybody is retarded in some aspect.

Mine is languages.

>shalltear undead so no kids

ainz is undead

Yeah the VA did a fantastic job. I can't help but feel she should get more roles. I'd like to hear her voice an unlucky girl, a fairy, an alien, a witch, a hero, a ping-pong player, a pig, an idol, or a camper. Heck, I'd even watch a shounen where she plays the lead!

PA will pretend to be his child

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He is his child. Best and only son.

PA will impregnate Albedo as Ainz.

>she voices Yuru Camp's MC
Well, didn't really pique my interest before, but I know what I will be watching tonight.

there's a good chance she'll get with best boy

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How do you feel about this bug?

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She jealous of Lakyus' endowments.

I have a 30% off coupon for Home Depot and I feel like buying some Raid.

The same thing happens in the LN, did you think it suddenly went anime original?

Dumb and ugly.

>Apart from Albedo and Chair, who else?
Everyone else.

I feel like the anime fucked up what her normal voice should sound like. Needed to be monstrous screeching/clicking.

Also it doesn't make sense that she has a preference for eating children, spiders turn their food into a nutrient slurpee so everything should be "tender".

Sexually confused.

Solution was so mad because she couldn't wash Ain's naked body that she stole and hid Miyoshi. Also Aura seems to be developing something for him that goes beyond the usual loyalty.

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Yeah, but spiders have to produce venom which is exhaustive as hell and takes a comparatively long time to do so. If less venom is enough to liquefy something because it's already fairly tender and not some scrunchy old piece of leather, that's very fucking good, economically speaking.
Not sure if this applies to fantasy spider she-man though.

Hard not to with such a magnificent leader. Mare is also crushing on him hard. I don't think there's a single being in Nazarick that wouldn't fuck him in a heartbeat.

>EE is voiced by Nadeshiko
This gave me a good laff

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>Mare is also crushing on him hard
Funny since Mare got further with Ainz than any of the girls ever did.

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i mean what happens in the ln immediately after the point the anime ended

>the author has pretty much said that Nazarick will never get a proper enemy in this book series.
Whelp. Guess I will be dropping this series after next episode then. Shalltear vs Ainz was by far the best part of the series and there's only so many times you can have an OP MC beat everyone effortlessly before the joke gets old.

This part is much better than anything else before it in the novels. It's the anime not making it justice.