How do you feel about Yamcha

How do you feel about Yamcha

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His hairstyle apparently looks great on female Saiyans

I thought he was the coolest looking character when I was a kid just stating DBZ. I thought it was depressing how easily he got offed by a Saibamen, then was hoping he would return powerful and strong.

And well, the rest is history and him falling down as a joke character as Android sage kicks in. I think the fact the he and rest of the cast other than Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan (Until Buu) fall in to irrelevant powers shows how much Toriyama sucks at writing. But then again if all character had decent power levels DBZ would probably even go at a slower pace like Bleach.

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He deserved SO MUCH better. Same for most of the cast of the original DB, I firmly believe Z, and anything after Z was a huge mistake, or could've been handled way better.

>Stable career as a world-famous baseball player
>Beat a god of destruction in a game of baseball
>Able to mooch off of his friend's wife's father's daughter's money when needed

He has everything he could ever want

he's also the 2nd strongest human, don't forget.

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I was implying I miss when he and most of the DB cast were relevant and did things, rather than focusing on the poor man's kinnikuman style fights we get now, that also involve beams I guess. But I guess you're right from a narrative standpoint he did get a pretty good lot in life.

If you had watched the whole series up to that point you would have already known by then that he was a jobber and joke.

You say that like it means shit anymore, ever since they jumped the shark with the alien shit, being human means fuck all in this show.

Indifference; his isekai-counterpart, on the other hand...

>being human means fuck all in this show.
Unless they learn Mafuba.

Go back and re-read the manga. Yamcha never did anything useful.

Yamcha was never relevant. He was never even a Vegeta level jobber since that was Krillin's role.

I mean, when he was first introduced he had a kind of antagonistic role to him that made him interesting.

He likes dirt.

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Complete bitch, totally worthless gets taken down instantly without a fight most of the time. At least Krillin can buy time for the other Z fighters.


yamcha did well in the tenkaichi budokais

I dressed as him for Halloween with my friends when I was 17. Not sure why I didn't pick Goku or Vegeta but it is what it is. I think his scar is cool.

We had 4 people: Tien, saiyaman, Gohan, me

He is not succesful as a fighter but he is at everything else.

>He banged bulma in her prime.

>His friends are the most powerful beings

>profesional baseball player, so probably famous

>His companion can transform into hot women for him

>probably not poor because of baseball and conections with bulma

>He isn't expected to risk his life since everyone thinks he is weak AF

>Introduced as the only character to give Goku pause in the first place.
>Has one tournament fight where he doesn't job

>Does nothing else for the next 300 episodes apart from literally getting saiyan cucked

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Android 17 used to be human(and is a human creation) and Gohan has human blood.

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Nothing, Yamcha was the original jobber of the series, eventually other characters (Vegeta, Caulifla / Kefla) replaced him.

He's never been a serious character.

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