Why is Kirei seen as evil?

Why is Kirei seen as evil?
>Believes in lord jesus christ
>Never lies, always helps those in need
>Is humane as possible
>Tries to fix himself for years even though he is fundamentally broken

Sure,he killed kids but everything he does has a actual purpose. Its not some mindless acts of violence due to moment of desire like Ilyas, irresponsibility like Kuzukis and Rins or need like Zoukens. Kirei hasnt actually done anything one might consider "evil" when you factor in the context.

Kirei is canonically the most innocent master in Fate

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Just because you're calculating doesn't mean you can't be evil. Everything he does has a purpose yes, but it's ultimately done to benefit himself. On a fundamental level, being good is about being selfless, regardless of benefit or detriment. Also, context doesn't matter when it comes to judging good or evil. Just because something is more evil or less evil doesn't take away from the fact that it's still evil at the end of the day

>Sure,he killed kids but everything he does has a actual purpose.
You are an actual sociopath.

There isnt a single character in Fate who didnt kill kids.

>>Believes in lord jesus christ
I thought you were going to tell us why he wasn't evil.


*kiss feet*

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Mostly due to Kotomine's intrinsic lack of morality due to being a sociopath. Had he not been raised by the Church he would've been far, far more likely to carry out even deeper evils. Of course in the Nasuverse most notable characters are sociopaths--Magus have no concept of right nor wrong, only MUH PURSOOT OF THE ROOT or in the post-F/GO world the MUH GRAIL MUH GRAIL MUH GRAIL MUH GRAIL MUH GRAIL (ALSO, TAMAMOMO'S FLUFFY TAIL)

One could easily presume that Shirou originally did not have such a powerful moral compass but his childhood trauma coupled with the immense respect of his adoptive father installed in him the compulsion to become a Hero of Justice. But that was a weird bent Shirou took, and it enraptured Kotomine Kirei who spent his life searching inside himself for Goodness yet could never find the Ahura Mazda.

Taiga dindu nuffin

>Cake on loli violence in the Dojo
>3rd degree burns too

I'm asking this again.
I'm making a fanfic about fate. A different holy grail war. The summoned servants will be steve irwin, anonymous, hitler, ronald, shaggy, and archer. I don't know who's going to be saber yet. The MC will be some guy wanting to be a villain.
What I want to ask here is that how to start the holy grail war? One of them need to be an actual clock tower wizard right? And next thing who should I pick to be saber? Better if it's female.


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Make a gimmick saber "the three musketeers" its 3 servants as saber and they are all women


Kirei was a bro in HF, exept for that part about bringing Angry Manjew to the world

There was a barbie movie like that


I would read this

Will someone write a fanfic about EMIYA's descent into Hero of Justice I want to see that conjured up so bad, even if it isn't canon

Evil is that which attacks humanity and takes pleasure in doing so. Evil is anything that threatens us. Regardless of how he might justify it, how sound his logic is or what guilt he feels, he enjoys destroying humans.

what's even the point? Just Emiya shooting niggers left and right, and HF makes it clear that he drops into that state almost instantly. Even Rambo movies have more emotion.
If you want mindless killing play Doom or something.

Just at least elaborate on his holy shroud, we know he got it from the glasses girl from tsukihime(sue me) but what the job entailed and how they came into contact and interacted.

My point is that Fate without emotion is empty. You're going to see Kiritsugu talking to a seller, not our beloved Emiya chatting with curry girl and her quipping. That's why it's a bad end in FSN: it's not worth describing.

Really, I enjoyed the bad ends because they give another side to the story, I really would enjoy Emiyas descent into seigi no mikata even if we know the general gist of it.

>lose emotion
>google evil dudes
>swordspam dudes
>rinse and repeat
>body starts to break down
>big massacre or whatever, fries his circuits
>help from church thanks to Ciel
>back to googling evil dudes
I can do this with any event, of course, but this time it's literal because he's not going to speak throughout all of this. Hope you enjoy it.

If we stop memeing for just one second, we can say Kirei really is or at least was one of the most "Good" characters in Fate.
He spent a lifetime fighting against his nature and trying to do the right thing. And even after giving that up, he still doesn't devolve into mindless violence, but instead seeks a way to know for certain if it truly is "Wrong" to be what he is.

Merlin put his dick into something of parallel universe starting it.

It's even more surprising he doesn't die and comes back to fight and save the world from a tundra.