Darling In The FranXX

Now that we all have agreed Mitsuru and Kokoro did nothing wrong. What are your expectations for the last episode of the first cour? Will 02 and Hiro continue the hype?

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>Will 02 and Hiro continue the hype?
Hope not, they are boring as hell.


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I need new MitsuKoko art, we're just posting the same 20-30 pics now.

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next episode will be a clip show


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1337-squad WHEN

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Be patient milkbro. Remember the show isn't that popular so it doesn't create many art. I think MitsuKoko is the ship with the most fanart tho

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Leave NTR to us

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Why would you post such a slut in this thread? Get out


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I'm waiting for Ikuno to dyke rape Ichigo.

Wtf man

Kiddos learning what is going to stop them from becoming adults
Franxx plan of dethroning PAPA, so he can finally tap that Nana butt without breaking the law
Kokoro sucking out gay of mitsuru bones and getting preggo
002 going bananas and Hiro growing dick and kissing her

Boysband and steal yo girl vibes.

More domKoro fanarts
they are important

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What will their sex be like?

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>More domKoro fanarts
This is what I want the most.
Also, does anybody have the Nurse Kokoro pic handy?

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Their fanart keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Why are they so boring? Compared to Ichigo, Goro, Hiro and 02, Mitsuru and Kokoro just seemed so boring. Like straight out of some generic romance/shoujo story.
I don't want that shit. I want greater than life characters, those that break out the norms and ACTUALLY move the plot. Not some filler about a fatfuck being humilliated

Vanilla but apparently Kokoro likes it rough

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It might just be something to get female watchers on board.
>ew I don't want to be stuck with some fat creep
>ohmigod he's so cute and mysterious and I want to ease his pain!
>Mitsukoro forever

>I want greater than life characters, those that break out the norms and ACTUALLY move the plot.
Then why are you watching this garbage? It's shown none of that so far.

IchiGoro is fucking boring, what are you talking about.

This is Chadtoshi and his new girlfriend whatsherface

Say something nice about them

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>those that break out the norms
That's what they are

t. btfo ichigo fag

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If only there was some other trigger show about relationships with actual characters we gave a shit about

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Because some of the characters showed traits of that. Hiro did, Goro did, 02 as well. Luke Skywalker started of as a whiny kid but grew up to be one of my fav of all times(TLJ aside)

This, Goro seems like he came straight from a shoujo manga and Ichigo is the childhood friend loser that appears in every shounen romance ever.

DomMilkman that turns into domKokoro

Why I don't know but i know how Futoshi was feeling when someone ignored his feelings
Shit! aI know why because I am fat too.
why no one liks us FUTOSHIIII?????????

I’m not a female but this applies to me. What does that mean?

Not in-universe. Kokoro basically the female shoujo leads who wanted to cure/take care of the emotionally damage edgy boy. Mitsuru is basically the side character of a shoujo manga or the extra hero of some BL games. None of their actions in the last ep would affect the world or the grand plot in general, unless Kokoro suddenly got pregnant and being purged.
Why care about the B-movie tier romance when the world is fucked and mecha dinosaurs running amok?


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What if Kokoro getting pregnant is part of Dr. Franxx's plan?

i have no hope for this shit fest of an anime

You're a sensible person.

I'm not even sure what norm does the hot chick ditching the fatass for the handsome guy break

Its time to meet your maker Kokoro-chan...

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Blond = anti-Hiro (fluffy, cruel)
Green = anti-Goro (short, troublemaker)
Blue = anti-Mitsuru (opposite bang, coolheaded)
Purple = anti-Zorome (tall, easy going)
Red = anti-Futoshi (sporty, aggresive)

>Say something nice about them
Yeah, sure.

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You are faggot

kys friendless thot

At the beginning It's Kokoro chasing Milkman, she is the dominating one, she is the one who undresses first and whispers sweet words to his ears.
After a while, when Mitsuru is no longer flustered, his smug and assholish side of character is back, so he can tease Kokoro about her slutiness, make her do embarassing things in bed.
She loves it

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>She loves it
And so does my dick.

I hope we get more ryona like this. Not that she deserves it or even did anything wrong, but innocent angels being punished with hardcore misogyny gets my dick hard.

They are cute. Keep in mind that most of us Mitsurufags are actually girls like

What if Futoshi has an mini over in his bed and he's baking bread there?

Honestly thought this exact thing when that scene happened.

Of course

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I think Kokoro has a hidden playful side that she'll start showing by occasionally teasing Mitsuru in various ways, which will make him flustered and embarrassed until one day he snaps and pins her down, but it's all part of her keikaku anyway

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Mitsuru being disappointed with himself despite trying his best, considering himself a failiure, also having this smug personality and superiority mask, despite being weak is great characterisation. His flaws make him more human, and thirsty Kokoro who want to fix him and in the same time wants to have babies is patrician tier couple.

This is pretty fresh kind of ship to be honest.

Also Milkopsting for the last couple of weeks was omoshiroi, it's satisfying to know we were on to something. And as much as I like Futoshi, butthurt fatfags drowning/a/ in their wraith was quite a sight

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If Kokoro's proven to be the dominant one like I hope then it's something new, if Mitsuru is the boring ikemen dominant one then you're right.

>Kokoro will never whisper sweet nothings in your ear
What’s the point of living when you’re dead inside?

This face is just the best

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The fuck are you on about? They're literally the most interesting part of the show.

Gotcha my dude

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Doujin with futoshi stealing kokoro back and mindbreaking her when

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Nobody can masturbate this much, right Sup Forums?

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I'm a drawfag.
I'm away from my desk for tonight but if you have a request I may be nice and and do it tomorrow.

Fatoshi is going to die and everyone is going to blame Ikuno

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So 02 rapes Mitsuru and he starts spending time in the flower garden and interacting with Kokoro. Then 02 wants to go to the beach, so the parasites go to the beach, which is inarguably when Futoshi lost. This shit is 02's fault.

>Fatoshi dies without a redemption arc

Fuck no

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desperate Domkoko!
flustered Mitsuru!

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Kokoro teasing Milkman please and thank you

Only after he gains even more weight, balds, and turns into a generic hentai sexmonster.

02 has been nothing but a positive influence so far.

Anything like that

Please anything cute.

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>gomen ne, Futoshi-kun

actually people have died that way

Holy shit.

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Do you think Fatoshi will successfully metaphorically fuck gayness out of Ikuno with his giant stamen numbers?

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I thank you, fellow Milkmonger.

Ikuno is to be a part of Goro's harem.

But no one wants Goro.

You mean to be first in his harem?

Milkman is just a gay version of Andrew. Prove me wrong.

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>Humming baby songs and dancing happily with her baby doll after breaking Futoshi's heart and successfully connecting with Mitsuru.
Holy shit, I don't know if this is incredibly cute, creepy or evil.

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Ikuno will be blamed for their low sync numbers. Milkman will tell them to get their shit together and everyone will agree with him. It will drive Ikuno nuts

No, they're the Forever Alone team.

No wonder he is best boy.

unless he becomes /fit/ as fuck with a physique that would make Zyzz proud, I doubt it


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Just you wait.

>t. Goro

All three, that's why it's great.

d. All of the Above

Kokoro is cute.

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girls willing to become a woman, its extremely appealing when girls are being natural

Something with the robutts please.

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Mitsuru and Kokoro are the cutest

she has sewing kit
She can sew any outfit she wants

you think Milkman would be into cow cosplay?

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All the above

I'm not girl, but that's exactly my reaction


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Mitsuru didn't do anything wrong except for not helping his comrade to get through feelings he is well aware of himself.

Fat guy is right to be mad because there was no reason for him not to believe Kokoro's words. She never took his feelings seriously but still answered to them kindly, thus only deepening his delusions when she dumped him in the worst way possible.

She did absolutely everything wrong.