Has there ever been a good live action adaption of an anime?

Has there ever been a good live action adaption of an anime?


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edge of tomorrow is better than the manga and probably the only adaptation that is actually good. not a surprise though. anything cruise stares in is at least average.

Nodame Cantabile
Hana Yori Dango
Shojo romance in general seems to adapt pretty well.

>lol all mecha series are Eva
I fucking hate normalfags

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>john oogboogas fast robots (shitting on deltoro's vision)
>as good as NGE
West needs to start hating anime again. Normalfags ruin everything

PR:U looks like shit

Now I know how transformer fans feel about bayformers, but with less nostalgia


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More like the Darling in the FranXX film nobody wanted

Comparison to an anime doesn't make your link and picture appropriate to Sup Forums. Fuck off.

A shoehorned 'multicultural xD' jewish movie that wanted to cash in on the Pacific Rim popularity before it died down is the movie all fans wanted?


the fuck

>FranXX film nobody wanted
>implying people want the FranXX anime
I don't mind it but it's not great. The non-stop shit posting and white knight threads annoy the living fuck out of me.

The first half of the live action Cromartie movie was fantastic.


This, fucking shit for brains would say gundam is the same too because robots


>edge of tomorrow
This wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. In 2D, a female action hero is great because the viewer gets both fighting and tits/ass all in one package. In 3D, especially Hollywood, all of the sex appeal evaporates and it just becomes dystopian/feminist propaganda about muh strong wimmynz n sheit.

Pacific Rim
This was so awful and incoherent. I think every anime "homage" has to, by definition, make actual anime and manga fans cringe while watching it. There's this weird thing that Hollywood movies do these days of slipping in Japanese dialogue here and there, and no subtitling it because they know that 0.01% of the people watching will understand and they think pandering to this small minority will result in a disproportionate number of positive reviews online.

first pacific rim was great
second was pure dogshit

>Loved the first one
>Now this shit

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There's already a live action of NGE


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despite being a manlet, his enthusiasm is actually helps.

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The first one was kino, but this one seems utterly shit if they need so desperately gain the approval of weebs

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Is this any good? Roger give it 2 out of 4 stars...

explain the new Mummy film then

It's pretty average compared to alot of the trash hollyjew puts out

Sure the film wasn't good. But Tom Cruise was good in it.

I think this weirdo means EoE, which fans literally wanted, and obviously came out many many years ago.

>I think this weirdo means EoE
still doesn't make sense

No. It has to be the rebuilds.
After seeing all the previews I can't even fathom to think it was going for EoE if that's the case.

The first Pacific Rim was actually okay. It tried being something different while paying homage to all its influences from mecha. Uprising is fucking trash though in the typical Hollywood fashion.

>that one fucking scene where the girl's family dies at the beginning

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Murricans can't get foreign films because for them movies is about entertainment (le fun meme). It's really great

>yfw they'll make the third one

>have a smaller budget than the first film
>most of them gone into making shill article

It's odd because a good amount of movies during awards are still movies that are pretty great.

Reminder that chinks ruined PacRim.

that's literally every country. unless theres a magical country where they only enjoy high art and no one likes entertainment

>implying 2 isn't bombing

>generic murrican "and then the hero saved the world in one fight" is better than anything
Consider suicide

the first pacrim was fine. It was a super generic story, with a ton of character put into the design philosophy and movement of the jaegers. The weight and movement was by and large, conveyed brilliantly with a few dumb laugh moments

Uprising looks like fucking transformers

I didn't mind boyega in the force awakens but its fucking grating to me that millionaire limousine/champagne liberals get to lecture to me about stereotypes I learned living in south central LA during the race riot era. Some fucking Yuro cunt can take his ignorant opinion of American race relations and shove it up his god damn urethra. I don't lecture bogans about abbos or canuckistans about their first nations.

the second left off on "this time we take the fight to them" and they have a shitton of chinese funding. people should see the movie (for free preferably) just to count the number of times they pandered to the chinks

>edge of tomorrow is better than the manga
>changed the main characters
>replaced cool battle-armor in favor shitty exosuits so they always show Cruises ugly face
>retarded happy Hollywood ending pulled out of their ass
Nah, but it got pretty close and we ended up with a decent adaptation, more then we can say for everything else recently.

its not my fault that all other adaption are absolutely horrible.

They literally tricked del Toro to leave the PR production committee so that they could quickly hire another guy to write the script (when del Toro already had one done) and a new director (despite del Toro already doing some early shootings for PR2). They want to make this into the new Transformers.

Claiming that it's better than original novel or manga makes you a retard though.

That's the worst thing I've read today, OP. And I am talking about the title only, I can't even imagine what kind of dumpster fire awaits me behind this link

>the only movie that could have a good "stronk female protagonist" that was already developed in the first one
>they kill her off like shit just to please the chink overlords because "haha fuck nips"
>shittest excuse ever to have kid pilots and homogenize jaegers designs instead of letting each nation make their own
fuck this guys

yeah youre right, i should have said that its vastly superior. better doenst really cut it.

Why would you ever want live-action? Nowadays, live action relies on 3DCG which is inherently inferior to 2D. So basically getting a live action adaptation means seeing the same story dumbed down in an inferior medium by generally less talented people. I'd rather have an anime sequel with a higher budget and a theatrical release. I'm proud of the fact that I haven't seen any of them.

I never got why people want live actions either, you can't duplicate cartoony expressions irl, nips trying to exaggerate them look cringe at best and hollywood ones suck
and on anything with super powers, specially higher speed movement, the effect sucks, humans keeping their mouths open for long screams look bad and everything is still way too slow


It has barely anything to do with the manga...I wonder why did they even buy the rights.

>all of the sex appeal evaporates
Great scot! You are right. I now want Blockbusters with real fan service!

Reminder that John Oogabooyega is a racist who said he refuses to support LOTR or any series that has only whites in it and whites are boring

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>is a racist
>[x] is the real racist! rhetoric
>giving more power to the racism meme
Just call it like it is user. You're among friends.

This is like people comparing every story driven game to Citizen Kane.

The first one might have been total shlock, but it was good shlock
It managed to celebrate the vision that both east and west have of mecha, and each Jaeger had their own special flavor
Uprising managed to throw it all away

Though it’s not as mainstream, Our Little Sister (Umimachi Diary) is flawless, building on the source pretty well.

>film (that) fans have wanted
le redpill me on this statement

American critics relate to the audience. That's an unique phenomenon exclusive to USA. Critics around the world tend to judge movies on artistic values, even if they're wrong.

To be fair, modern critics are all sell-out so there isn't a big gap anymore. Either you give a positive review to the MCU or latest sponsors's pet project or else you're fired

Where's the "And that's a good thing"?

>Pacific Rim Uprising is the Neon Genesis Evangelion film fans have wanted, and that's a good thing
i could imagine that due to the state of "journalism" in the current year

>i could imagine that due to the state of "journalism" in the current year

All medieval fantasy must have token blacks in it, but its fine to have an all black cast in Black Panther.

Its because of pricks like that, The Witcher will be screwed.

Imagine if someone make a Sengoku era movie and filled it with many Yasuke instead.

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I wouldn't watch it even if there supposedly was one.

it had everything to do with the manga (book). They only westernized the story and gave it a dumb Hollywood happy ending.

>kills off japanese people and the final act has tokyo getting wrecked by a cheap Godzilla wannabe

Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon has many white actors as background because historically Nobunaga was a westaboo and the movie has a subtext about the relationship between the west and Japan

What? They killed not!Rei? Boyega stole himself a secondhand Jaeger?

i think the fist pacific rim was really an over the top mech anime in 3d, it had those sort of ridiculous action scenes you would expect from an anime, i heard the new one sucks and threw away a lot of that action that made the first one great.


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so did the first one. that didnt stop then

>good live action

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Boyega is the runaway son of the last movie's black commander guy.

Mako gets killed off in the first major fight and she wasn't even piloting a jeager.

>runaway son of the last movie's black commander guy.
So did he get a "get into jaeger, son" speech?

Or an analogue, since commander guy didn't live to see the win in the first movie?

It is kinda racist that Pentecost was a deadbeat dad after all.

>the final act has tokyo getting wrecked
Nips like this too for some reason

Jeager Drones = Mass produced EVAs

this is enraging

I embrace death.

And Jet Alone

jet alone was garbage tho.

Old boy did it right.
The detector has to condense 80+ chapters in to 2 hours.
Na fuck that keep the premises and rewrite almost every event so its a good movie not a shit adaptation.
FMA live was utter shit because you can't do a story that takes 10 hours tell and cut it down to 2.

it was okay, not better than the manga in any form

so you are saying gundam is MOE?

It's always been my head canon that Asuka identifies as a 28 year old, jibber-jabbering gorilla.

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>caring about the lame manga
>implying the book isn't way better

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>that one fucking scene where the girl's family dies at the beginning
It's hilarious comparing the tension and awe of Onibaba's scene in the original to this "alright, we need a tragic backstory. A kaiju stepped on her family lol"

Gintama was amazingly good, if only they had the budget for good, or at least acceptable special effects it would have been a 10/10.

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As someone that loved to death the first movie, will I like this one?



I love that series.

It's clickbait. Getting angry is exactly what the author wants.