Buyfag thread

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check out this guide i found

Read the guide:

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You fuckets better buy this porkchop!

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Please read the guide!

>skin-colored brows

No pictures of what's hiding in there yet?


We could've had a new thread with a cutie like pic related, and instead retard OP used a picture of some indistinguishable creature.

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I'd rather look at an unpainted prototype of anything than those nasty maggot ears

I member this one, maggot ears ver.

>Wanting halfbreeds in the OP


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>maggot ears

Hey new one is not that maggoty. The old one had all the hairs nicely round but now it's acute.

Her hairs are a cute indeed.

Where is the scale version?
Who the f wants figmas...

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You're acute user ~

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Is that a FAMAS?

what actually is that
i never really took notice of the guns my girlfriends hold

I'd buy her if they localized DT2

I don't even like the first but I'm still getting this.


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Will I get to eat alphabet noodle soup if I order this?

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is it 1/6 at least


I hate the new prices.

Someone bitching about the OP pic is consistent though. You're getting porkchop next thread, cunt.

>Mandarake is down

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>have only one Detolf
>Fit 11 figures there
>Now have 8 figures in boxes that no longer fit in
>most of them are lewd

>Hurrrrrr you're getting pork chop
What a fucking manbaby. Read the ridiculous shit you're writing you fucking little baby. Go kill yourself and die.

You going to cry about it, tittyboy?

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>indistinguishable creature
>those ears
Was that supposed to be ironic?

I want to breed that cow

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One week

Is the artist ban?

I thought it was just me at first. I'm concerned.

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i always giggle when this happens

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Are the ears made of insects?

yes, fly larvae to be precise

Has a figgie ever released before it's estimated date?


are those used goods lot auctions on yahoo that start at 1 yen safe to bid on? the seller has 200+ positive feedbacks.

>Receive notification that my CC was charged
>Open it
Elf butt is shipping!

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Okay, thank you.


How's that dick feeling user?

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So, MFC pointed out something interesting here...

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pretty soft after seeing that picture

There are bare breasts in these images.

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You tell me, gurl.

i fucking hate it when they dont advertise this shit it ALWAYS drives up the aftermarket price REEEE


Sure, they won't give you a computer virus.

Why is that a bad thing when you're poised to preorder?


Is AR-15 going to get a figure?

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Not really.

because if you dickbuy and pass on it bc its not cast off then find out after release its got nice titties its too late !

it's happened to me once out of 200+ figgies

Yeah, it's fine to try bidding. 1-yen starting bids on lots aren't uncommon.

>full length barrel with extra long suppressor
>PDW style stock
I don't get it. I also don't get why there is a AR-15 girl when there is already is M16, M4 SOPMOD, etc. Aren't they all the same rifle?

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Springfield and WA2000 are next with a bunch of chibi M4 variants.

Finished my first model kit yesterday. Was a fucking pain and is full of uncut plastic attachments but I'm still loving it.

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Welp now it's worth the price tag

Remove the nubs

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Yeah. For another day though. These fingertips need to recover.

Post figures that you pre-ordered cheap and are now selling for a fuck ton.

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These get restocked? An user mentioned picking one up recently in a recent thread

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Learn to file or cut better, them be some really bad gaps. For your sake I hope that isn't glued together yet.

Whats this

Nothing was glued together. I'm going to clean it up another day. I'm hoping it's not too difficult as it's built now. Only had some shitty razor blade when I built it so I left off trimming.

a dakimakura cover

Technically a subtle distinction between the three. Some like the classic platform, some like the full auto workhorse and some like the refined update.

The stock is pretty dumb though.

Would amiami or BiJ hold a package without shipping for one or two months before shipping it (after you paid normally of course)?
I have a shitton of stuff for december, and it's a horrible time of the year to import anything.

>he bought that widow

No idea why they would. Storage space isn't free.

I made a better one.

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FYI: 15% off at Ebay.

So does it have nice titties or NOT?

No unless you like welds

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BiJ used to hold for several months, but people took advantage of it so they only hold for 1 month now.

Even kanye would be upset.

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never forget

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Do you guys use proxies to buy artbooks? Buying "used" lewd artbooks is a horrible idea, right?
It's a real shame that Amazon doesn't ship 18+ stuff.

Someone please answer me, I'm stupid: if I order something from Melonbooks, is it a download or do they physically send me the manga?


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Yeah, that’s how I get my artbooks. Read the guide.

They would phisically send you the manga if you in Japan.
If you're outisde Japan, you will need a proxy.

i want her

So, there's no option for a digital download?

That sells for a ton? Neat. I don't think I've ever checked the aftermarket price for a figure I own.

Does Pochaco have the biggest ass?
What figure has a bigger butt than hers?

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Is it worth buying things on Ebay? I thought it was mostly filled with bootlegs.

Just preordered her.

Another fig of a character I know nothing about from a series I know nothing about. Hasn't led me astray yet.

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If you're unsure, best to stick to amiami.