What went wrong?

My travels are varied, but man's inhumanity to man is universal.

Fuck sheep.

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I blame the lack of film grain

Fuck off retard.

The modern Kino audience, everyone.

Go suck Nakamura's rotten dick somewhere else.

2017 Kino was fine if you watched it with realistic expectations.

My favorite episode was the one with Photo.

I enjoyed both 2003 and 2017.

2003 had atmosphere while 2017 had improvement.


My travels are varied, but man's inhumanity to man is universal.

My travels are varied and thus so are the type of people, philosophies, and environments I encounter as man is just as complex as the world we inhabit if not more so.

Why does everyone miss the point of the sheep episode anyway? are oldfags really all brainlets?

Did it even have an audience? I certainly didn't watch it (and won't do that in the future), because i consider Kino no Tabi a complete piece of work. You can always add more stories, yes. But you don't need to.
The consumers of modern garbage didn't watch it because it's not isekai and there is no self-insert faggot in the lead role.
And, as far as i can guess by reading threads like yours, the fans of the original TV series have tried to watch this shit, saw it for what it is and fled with fear and disdain in their hearts.

Didn't watch the last episode, and I'm kind of happy that I didn't. Kino is still the greatest tomboy of all time, to the point that most people think she's a boy if she doesn't tell them otherwise. Also, the Colt Navy is pure sex, and you can't convince me otherwise.

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new kino is the perfect example of money paw, we pray to get more kino, and our dream became a nightmare

Wales happened?

>My travels are varied
So fucking varied, in fact, that the second episode is a fucking redo of an original series episode. Bravo!

>Did it even have an audience?

>that the second episode is a fucking redo of an original series episode. Bravo!
Even that proves my point. The original series stretched the story to two eps with artificial drama and tension meanwhile 2017 focused on the ideology that was at the core of a might makes right country rather than "whoa dude the evil guys are evil and that's bad.". Both were executed great but they were done so differently that calling 2017 a redo is brainlet tier.

Oh god you sound like that autist back in the VEG thread. Kill yourself.

Everything, almost pucked watching this "remake".

2003-fags are elitists and 2017-fags are brainlets
Who would've thought

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i blame the director. poorly chose which stories to use. that ending was weak

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>all those plebs who can't stomach Kino without scan lines
Wake me up when it's not cool to hate it anymore.

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feminizing Kino was a mistake.
>b-buh muh LN art
the LN art was also a mistake.

The stories they adapted were the mistake

For the LN fags, how was the adaptation of the stories in the 2017 remake? Were they faithfully adapted? I'm curious, especially with Episode 7 ("Country with History")

It was pretty accurate if we're just talking plot. The problem is that the LN itself isn't really that great. All the best features of the original series: the tone, the meditative mood, the presentation, all the introspective quiet moments were added almost from scratch for the 2003 adaptation. Just compare re-adapted episodes for the obvious differences

best theme coming through


The 2017 series is a reboot. It had nothing to do with the original series. They're separate things.

Please post more girlkino. The ribbon melts my heart.

> were added almost from scratch for the 2003 adaptation
But they weren't, disregarding anime-original Coliseum parts, it's just the way how you're reading them and the fact that 2003 version had almost no action-packed episodes: Coliseum, Tale of feeding off others and Peaceful land, kinda. Compare this with "meditative" 2017 parts: Kind country and small stories like Ti's day, which really were peaceful and so much better than action ones. There's also Country of liars, i guess, but I hated that story, so can't judge it properly

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at least sigsawa fans have p90 operator to look forward to next season


>gets a sticky
>it's shit
Such is life friends.

>next season

there's going to be a season three?

god if only
don't think it sold well tho