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Didshe enjoy it?

Is Griffith the best written rapist?


reminder it can't be rape when she enjoyed it

not even in his own series

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It's not rape if you rape a brown elf so it should also not be rape if you rape a brown woman.

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but OP, grffith no dick

The knife ears make all the difference i'm afraid.

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I do remember

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imagine being casca here haha

i'm not gay

When that thing gets erect it must be a monster

Guts was 6'3 here

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Reminder that this was when Guts was mentioned

But she enjoy it. What is your point?

let me tell you about showers vs growers

Oh true, I forgot about that...

No the most recent chapters have it in the deepest part of her nightmare world.

Reminder that those are not tears of happiness


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Then what does those tears means if not happiness?

So, it's Guts a grower and Griffith a shower?

>Guys she enjoyed it believe me

>he's not willing to give up everything and sacrifice your own asshole to old men for the sake of your dream
what are you, a faggot

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