Violet Evergarden

The only acceptable Violet Doujin
>Loli Violet and Gilbert in town
>Gilbert tells Violet to never hurt anyone (outside of battle)
>asks Violet to go into down for whatever reason
>Violet gets kidnapped by unseen people
>wakes up in a nicely lit room with lots of stuffed animals, pillows, cushions
>Sees kidnappers they are Milfs & Daddys
>She gets surrounded and Head Patted and spoiled
>All while the kidnappers Say "awww shes so cute"
>After a couple hours of Pampering she is brought to another room.
>Same time as a autismo shota boy(think like reg spergyness) is brought in
>Kidnappers coax the 2 into stuff for their amusement.
this or just faceless old ugly guys teach violet what love means

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>The only acceptable Violet Doujin
Violet gives me a brutal handjob

>faceless old guys

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When does the chocolate milk come into play?

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Gilbert or Leon only. Accept no substitutes

I don't get it, are you implying only people with autism likes chocolate milk?

I can confirm I like my choccy milk

You definitely have some kind of autism if you drink chocolate milk as an adult

It's finally out.

You Americans are fucking weird, I like milk and I like chocolate. Why am I not allowed to mix the two?

It must be sad living a boring life in fear of your own retarded belifs

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Because you are a disgusting chink that need to hang.

during the pampering

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OP is an autistic faggot who should kill himself

Anti Violet cringe thread.


>Kidnappers coax the 2 into stuff for their amusement
Quite literally my fetish.


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I'm Russian and l like chocolate milk, but I'm not autistic, i just don't have any memory, i mean it's almost nonexistent.

My favourite part of Violet Evergarden was not watching it.

then your really missing out

I'm really not.