>gets laid
How did he do it?

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He's strongfat

By being 2D.

Didn't help him

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>bro personality
>funny (if you have a certain type of humor)

Super Hacking
Hack SERN.
Hack time.
Hack the world.

He is himself and doesn't hide his powerlevel.

its called fiction, user

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he has a personality

His wife and a certain someone else in 0 are sick fucks who like fat people

He wasn't an Otaku

Ever watched 600lb Life? Many people there have lovers.

he is tall
that's all
women don't like short men
if your height starts with 5 you might as well off yourself right now


Good thing only American body heights do start with 5.

if you are under 190cm you are also whortless in the eyes of women

Oh shit how do I grow 4cm?

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wish fulfillment for the incels watching this garbage show

But thats only in alternate timeline after he meets his wife.

Ask the penis inspector, I had to do a NDA. Sorry, can‘t help you any further!

By staying clear of Sup Forums and only browsing reddit

But he browses @chan.

Not in the dub

Did he have sex with his future daughter?