New Utawarerumono title announced:

>Utawarerumono Zan Announced As An Action Game With Kuon, Haku, Nekone, And Ougi
>Aquaplus president Naoya Shimokawa is the producer. Tsutomu Washimi is the director.
>The game’s 3D graphics are completely new, and you will be able to play as many characters. As many playable characters as possible will appear.
>The music is being made with the concept of exhilaration. The melody uses original music, but emphasizes rhythm as to experience good feeling action. Previously, they did movie-like background music, but now they’re doing more game-like background music.
>There will be newly recorded voice-overs.
>You will be able to experience the story with the feeling of watching a television anime even if you did not play the main story.
>The goal is to create 3D character models that move with the same ambiance of the illustrations.
>Utawarerumono Zan is only a part of the project that is about to begin. He added “there’s Episode 0 that takes place before 1, and there are many episodes that have yet to be written that takes place between 1 and 2. This time we want to follow-up by digging down into the world that has the trilogy as the center.

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Fuck off to

>doesn't sound like a sequel
>fighting game so it's even less likely to be brought over
I mean more Utawarerumono is cool I guess but I'm struggling to find reasons to care.

Seems no sequel, personally I was hoping for an afterstory after 3 perhaps that may happen later.

>Doesn't like utawarerumono
Fuck off of Sup Forums

the first game was 'k
don't know how it'd work in the action mould

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Finished the 1st one last week. Now playing the 2nd one. Really enjoying it, so excited for the new games as well.

Considering that a lot of characters can literally take down thousands of enemies by themselves and them having their own different abilities it would work. I just hope it isn't musou.

I need to play the first one before jumping on the new vita games? or should I just watch the original anime?

Play the first game before playing the Vita continuations.

Ok, thanks!

Yes. I've heard the anime is fine, but didn't watch it myself. The first game is pretty short. Like around 15h maybe. While the sequels are 30h+

>action game
>scrolling text simulator

Just give us a fucking anime and eat a dick, Japan


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Fuck off

But why Haku for an action game? He's not exactly brawler material unless this is set during MoT or afterwards.

fuck off kudasai

It sounds exactly like some kind of sidestory.

Mad :^)?

That's nice, but where's DT2-2 localization announcement?

Carrier has arrived, fucker.

>Action game
Pls dont be a musou.
Oh fuck is a musou right? time to watch the thing in yt like i did with extella

Also i dont know were they could put this in the timeline though, they already say that isnt before 1 or between 1 and 2, so probably is after 3. Maybe the guy that died for being too angry didnt die and comes back? we already know that the tribes were still there anyway i would like that cous the way that the author ended that plotline was really stupid