Re:Zero EX2 translation released today

Who's Ready for Wilhelm and Theresa's Volume

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>Wilhelm and Theresa's Volume
>theresa vol
no also link where

no thanks, I don't care about them



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rip discount

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>This is funny that I found a comment in facebook site
>Rem fan is calling Emilia "a useless. This is really funny
Animesuki is still quite the Emiliafag hugbox I see.

wtf is animesuki and wtf are you talking about

A place where you don't want to go for Re:Zero discussion

Did he died?


animesuki is also the home of ESLfag,

>Sup Forums
>Everything is ded
>Anywhere else
>Hitler AIDS
What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Oh right. I got my copy. Who wants?

rest in peace discount user

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Try to start a discussion here. I'm game for anything.
Anyhow, say no to amazon low res versions.!mbAF1B6a!bqLZs45I8ySnKPExN1oXuxLNlNicG_H6auZPgh2RDp4

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>bipedal lizard
not fucking again, why do the japs keep doing this?

Hrm. Going to get this copy too, to see what the difference is.
Reinhard isn't even in that picture.

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Reinhard's grandfather is hot!

>Hrm. Going to get this copy too, to see what the difference is.
Same exact image quality. So why is the file size of their epub larger? Ah well.

bipedal is better

you really want 2 bipedal lizards to fuck don't you

so now EX is over, maybe they do now the tanpenshuu tl,

That'd be nice to see.

so april fools soon, what story do we gonna get gluttony or wrath

What would a Wrath story even look like? Or a Gluttony one?

Maybe Wrath would be angry Subaru in the first loop after meeting Betelgeuse except he never gets From Zero'd. No idea about Gluttony though. Maybe a mayonnaise gag one,

I suppose that could work. I suppose Gluttony would depend on how Tappei intends to portray it. It needn't be so literal.

I hope we get a post arc 3 story though.

How many decent turning points are even left in the story?


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maybe it's before Rem gets eaten? and its about subaru joining crusch team after the whale battle,

That actually sounds like a perfect what IF. If Subaru actually got the chance to go back to save Rem.

or in arc 1 Reinhard could take Subaru to his home instead to the mansion

I suppose, but I think we want scenarios that lead to something interesting. Not Reinhard's #1 fanboy adventures.

>not fucking again, why do the japs keep doing this?
I mean, Patrasche is also a bipedal lizard.

he's more like a T-rex

Any idea where i can find a good translation of the Rem/Subaru alternate story arc where they run away together? Apparently the author of the anime liked the idea so much he made an official side story of it.
Pregnant Rem...Yus!

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so wait you mean to say that
>Kasaneru IF= greed
>Ayamatsu IF= envy
>Rem IF= Sloth
>Harem IF= Lust

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Neither, prepare for disappointment

Sounds like ESLfag to me.

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