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don't post about your shitty game faggots


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I warned you fuckers several threads ago and you were like "hurr no it's not the game the game is fine, it's just the shitposters".

Fucking dumb retards.

He should have never survived. He is not important, he wasn't before and he is not now simply because he won the monkey rock lottery.

Have you praised the deus ex exitium today?

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Good times!

The juxtaposition is that Eren's the real death bringer, while Armin is the lucifer.

>not bringer of death
are you retarded? of course you're an armongfat

>sells her body to old men for info
>flashes her panties in front of old men
>strips a young boy in public
>gets creamed
What a slut

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LH will be canon and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Lucifer means bringer of light in Latin, you stupid bitch.

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>look it up
>it's true
Why is Satan called the bringer of light then?

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Arround Blacks...

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>Flock's face when Nukemin happened

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>To fight for Paradis today!

Because he was the one that said 'Don't bow down to this god guy just because he tells you too.' He brought illumination in a intellectual sense. Freedom of the mind.

Because he brings true enlightenment

Satan and Lucifer aren't the same
I suggest you do your own research now

>Conflating names with specifics
As long as we know what he meant that hardly matters

Because some retard named St. Jerome translated "lucem ferre" as an actual name and not as a portmanteau of bringer of light, which turned into "Lucifer".

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Disregard these two, they're retarded and don't know what they're talking about. Probably also Satanists. Here's the source that explains it better:

Lucifer was a good guy at first
he just kept the name after his fall

>free will is bad
Enjoy living under the Demiurge's control

They are, you idiot. Lucifer is Satan's angel name before he fell.

You are literally retarded. That was never Satan's name in Christianity. He never had a name outside of Satan.

Satan was an angel till he told God to fuck off

Armin is literal shit.

It's not his "angel name", you fucking inbred dipshit. His name was always Satan, NEVER Lucifer. Read the fucking source and kill yourself for spreading misinformation.

>derailing the thread
Everyone recenter on snk. Canon pairings for example

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>Christian tradition came to use the Latin word for "morning star", lucifer, as the proper name ("Lucifer") of the Devil as he was before his fall.[27] As a result, "Lucifer has become a byword for Satan / the Devil in the church and in popular literature",[4] as in Dante Alighieri's Inferno, Joost van den Vondel's Lucifer, and John Milton's Paradise Lost
And I'm raised by christians myself, idiotic Armongfag.

Satan's name was never Lucifer. The term came from a part of the bible that wasn't even about a fucking fallen angel, it was about a Babylonian king, and "lucem ferre" was used as an adjective, not an actual name. The only real Lucifer is Jesus, according to Christcucks. Why the absolute fuck would the original bible, written in Hebrew, even have Latin names? (Hint: Because it fucking doesn't.)

Now back on topic.

Yeah, "came to use". It wasn't his original name, you retard. It's merely a byword, but it is not his original name--that's just Satan. Kill yourself, non-Arminfag.

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I want Armin to pound me!

Shut up Eren.

Why was last thread deleted?

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Neither was satan, but here's a brainlet using it.

Anons are afraid of talking about snk games in snk threads because it breaks their big wank circle

>calling me a brainlet when I just schooled your ass
I meant Satan is the original term used to refer to him, thus a "name", you stupid fucking niggerfaggot.

Janitor doesn't like LH.

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>not even 40 replies in
>topic already led astray

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The mods do not like when anons post about the game

Because it's not technically anime/manga?

>Implying Sup Forums is actually for anime/manga
Sup Forums is Sup Forums lite. Sup Forumsite if you will.

Well then I'll make a thread on Sup Forums for the game for everyone.

>I meant Satan is the original term used to refer to him
Wrong. Satan is the hebrew term to reffer to any human adversary, actual fallen angel is called ha-satan. But it's actually only a verb meaning "to oppose". Meanwhile Lucifer is a whidely known name to be atributed to The Devil like Satan for centuries.

That's what I meant, dumb fuck.

Nope, not at all.

Except it was and basically what I said anyway so kill yourself.

All people with taste don't.

nope retard, satan is the hebrew word for "enemy" and is used several times in various parts of the old testament, like the philistines, etc.

Wow no fucking shit retard, when I said name I didn't mean his fucking birth name I meant the term used to describe him, like a logo.

Nope, you said it was the original term, and you have been proven wrong.

>His name was always Satan, NEVER Lucifer.
those are your words, how are we supposed to interpret them? if you are not clear enough its not our fault

Yes, fucking stupid cunt, THE TERM. TERM!!!!! Kill yourself.

>The original Hebrew term satan is a generic noun meaning "accuser" or "adversary", which is used throughout the Hebrew Bible to refer to ordinary human adversaries, as well as a specific supernatural entity. The word is derived from a verb meaning primarily "to obstruct, oppose". When it is used without the definite article (simply satan), the word can refer to any accuser, but when it is used with the definite article (ha-satan), it usually refers specifically to the heavenly accuser.

>I didn't mean his fucking birth name
Click on that big red X on the right for a few months, it's less pathetic.

Sup Forums - theologic/a/l debate



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>it's a arminfag episode


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>it's a "blame everything on arminfags and take zero responsibility for your involvement in this cancer while continuing to actively contribute to it" episode


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based homobros saving this thread



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Bert looks like he is living the dream in this pic.

Life is good in Paradis

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he has his eyes on the prize




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I really hope the manga gets another timeskip so Ellen becomes a reality in the form of Gabi.

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Fuck me that's disturbing as balls

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>tfw you're years past the deadline of your covert operation but you don't want to go back


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>the face of a man who went to hell and back

>When you spaghetti so hard that all you can do is contort your face into a constipated rictus of fear and sorrow with barely contained sweating

riends for life

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[Citation needed]

Probably the best use of that word

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What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you found out you're Berthold.

Shut up.

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Immediately fuck my loving girlfriend Annie.


Punt armin towards the sea

nice trump hairdo, asshole

S to spit on grave

Fuck Annie.

Imagine about Annie

How will Annie's death be confirmed?
Casually mentioned by a character?
Have a different female titan show up?
Flashback showing how it happened?

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She's now Armin girlfriend

Can he ever not look like a gimp during important scenes?

Sweat a bunch

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Those are some nice McBeasties

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What if Armin is a colossal female titan? The attack titan's jaws aren't strong enough to break the crystal, but surely the colossal titan's would be.

The panel on the right he's fine but the one on the left is godawful. I hope that before Isayama starts his next manga, he spends several hours a day practicing drawing.

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Armin will be the female titan eventually, as prophecised in the second opening.

Except for the "el" at the end.

I want to squeeze the milk from Annie's titties!

>Eren is cornered by recovered WarHammer, Jaw, and Cart
>Scouts are out of supplies, they can't help him
>Zeke thought to be dead
>Suddenly explosions are seen in the distance
>Pure titans have been made by Zeke at the hospital
>Eren begins screaming
>Pure titans began rushing over to the battlefield
>mfw Eren ate Annie and was waiting to use her power

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