Is this anime any good? I'm debating on whether or not to watch it

Is this anime any good? I'm debating on whether or not to watch it.

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Read the novel instead

Watch it and find out.

it's ok, solid 7/10

Figure it out for yourself you double nigger. Why even make a thread about a decision? Are you retarded?

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You could have just consulted MAL, ANN, Anidb and whatever else to get the consensus on whether it's good or not. All anyone on Sup Forums is likely to tell you it's shit/trash/garbage, no matter what it is.

Has anyone seen my dubs? I seem to have lost them.

Yeah, it's pretty good. Every time there's a thread it gets like 300 posts with people disagreeing with each other about its various moral dilemmas. It succeeds at making you think, at the very least.

I didn't like it. No idea why the hype exists

It's excellent, but it's a lot of build up and while that build up is interesting you have to wait until the pay off which is big.

I liked what i saw but didnt really understand shit

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But the show explains everything to you over and over, what's not to understand?

It has the best plebfilter that ever grazed this earth

it's not good or bad it's just different
It can't seem to decide which episode of the twilight zone it wants to be.

Digibro dropped it at episode 4 so it's shit.

It's an unexpected masterpiece, and the feels stay with you long after it's over. Hopefully you will also learn a thing or two about human nature from it as well

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It's a top 5 for this random user


What are you waiting, this series is a fucking master piece.

>Some dude was stupid enough to drop it before it got good. You should too!

Anime Of The Decade.
Also, 3deep5u, so don't watch it, pleb.

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SSY was indeed a great show, juzobro
Squealer did nothing wrong

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Is it deeper than Lain?

He is in fact the anime character of the year.

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Lain isn't deep, just pretentious

Lain was not deep.

Did someone say Juzo?

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It's a Juuzou thread now.

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It's ok and it has top tier ED song.

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Yes. It's in my top 3 favorite shows. It's seriously great so just get off this thread and watch it.