Rare Lolis Thread

Post them. No lewds, only cute.

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Ku is shit and her deck is stealing support from way better Hero World decks.

>caring about mechanics
This is a thread solely dedicated to cute girls.

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user you better stop

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nice timing

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It's been a while since I've seen such nice combos on this site.

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Mods? You know what to do.

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Fuck off you pedophilic cunts.

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Ty mods~

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wonderful thread full of hopes and dreams

Sorry, I deleted it because I realised it looked like ass without visible arms

Shit thread that is about to be deleted you mean


Good thread, unironically.

Why would mods delete my thread and not just the rule-violating posts?

low res images are way worse than cp

Cause lolicon is agaist the rules and me and the mods don't like it?

>>Cause lolicon is agaist the rules
Where are you seeing that?

woah thats a long legged loli

Dunno, all those threads getting deleted maybe?

Cite the specific rule, if you would

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I don't want to spoonfeed you. If the mods delete these threads is for a reason.

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>posting smol girls is against the rules

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Nah, mods are infamously inconsistent on 4chen. They constantly delete threads that break no rules.

sauce me up

Excuses excuses

what is this from?

>asking for sauce



Hey, split user!
Can you make oppai loli one?

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He suddenly die of cancer. Sorry

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Mods must be eating a sandwich or something


Talk about missing the point.

Well, can't blame them. Sandwiches can be delicious.

Who doesn't want loli sandwitch??!!

The point of loli is young and innocent mind. Not the body.

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Probably. It'd explain why they haven't zapped your ban evader ass for the 15th time in the last two days.