You can only have two

You can only have two

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Spook and cosplayer

Ghost and aylmao princess

kuro only

Cosplay and Earth Titties.

They all have the same fucking hair antennae.

It's a symbol for their shared bestgirlness.

Harumi and Clan

Dragon, and Earth. Every other answer is wrong.

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Comes with the territory of originally being a single entity.

i'll have uh.... row one and row two

He knows. Shut it down.

I only want one and it's Yurika.

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Ghost iff she came back to life and became impregnable
Space Princess

The only right choice is Harumi.


Fuck you the only acceptable choice when it comes to Rokujoumas is all of them.

Ghost and Ruth. It's almost like twins since they got the same hair and face. Only differences are below the neck.

All I need is Kiriha.

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Aren’t they all literally the same girl?


all of them because it's a harem

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I love mommy earth

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No, I want all of them. All Rokujoumas are best girl.

Ruth and Yurika

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Gun to my head, it's be both mahou shoujo invaders.

Just Yurika please, every girl is best but she is more best than the rest.

Top Right. The rest look like they have Autism

Yurika and the Magical Girl.

Top right and top middle

>anime ends right before the plot starts popping off

Why hasn't this gotten a S2? I've only read the first few volumes after the end of the anime but man things get pretty wild

I only want the ghost.

Best girl.

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Too old.

Too thick.

Kiriha was the only reason I watched this.

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It's so fucking disappointing how bad this gets as the LN goes on. It was enjoyable for the character interactions and then they introduce so many girls that all it's all just:
>I really like MC
>Wow me too
>Isn't it great that we all like MC

Can I have two Yurika

There is only one

Cosplayer and Mole.

seriously, any anime-only fags are missing out.

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Best girl never wins.

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and Ruth

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Goddess of Dawn and one of her hot moms.