If Asuka had a high fever, would you help to nurse her back to health?

If Asuka had a high fever, would you help to nurse her back to health?

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Of course.
Also, Asuka is a big baby and probably loves that kind of stuff. Why do you think she imagined herself with injuries at the end of EoE? She wants to be taken care of.


i'd make her some soup and then check up on her now and then while shes resting. like you would a normal person

i-i mean i'd rape her footpusy and ejaculate over her sweaty body

Not just by anyone, she wants to be taken care of either Kaji or Shinji.

Being alone with Asuka at the end of the world would be great. No tsundere facade or worries of being judged by other people, she'd gladly strip down and ask you treat her like a dog, all for love and affection.

Not if you were the last man on earth fucknut, as long as there's another human being to be judged by and interact with she'll be a massive tsundere

Hell has a greater chance of freezing over than Asuka giving up her stubborn personality.

I'll make her the chicken soup with special ingredients.

I'd do anything to help her get better and depend on me so I could shatter her heart by going out with best girl afterward instead

>so I could shatter her heart by going out with best girl afterward instead

How is it possible to go out with Asuka twice?

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Someone explain to me something,
Do the EVa units launch from the upper end of the Geofront or the Pyramid end of Geofront since that's technically NERV operations?
If the later, then where do they actually launch from if there are no visible tracks going straight up?

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They go diagonal along the way up.

Okay but from what location? upper or lower?
It would make sense if it was upper, but you look at Geofront in a cross section the only way to the surface is the trams, and there's no visible vertical shafts

The shafts are probably at the outer walls or at the top, who knows.


But that would take a bit long wouldn't it? and nerv central is located at the center of Geofront and away from walls, so the idea that the EVA units launch vertically to go... somewhere, doesn't work.

We honestly never see exactly what orientation the evas are in when they launch. It might be that they launch horizontally, then turn vertical once they reach the wall of the geofront.

But they launch vertically from the start, which still begs the question of where do they go?

Why does everyone love Asuka when she has such shit taste in men?

Man the rebuilds look so much more polished compared them with the 1997 version. I love the art from the old version but the quality has definitely gone up.

>But they launch vertically from the start,
No dude, that is what I'm saying. We don't know that they launch vertically from the start.

because she is best girl no matter what

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I would do anything for her.

>he doesn't like the look of hard work and effort and underpaid and over-exerted artists.
I honestly can't say I agree. there's a quality put out by the original that has a charm and beauty for its time, and I believe that's more admirable than the digital medium that Rebuilds were made in.
However, FLCL was also made in digital and it's basically the EVA art style take to the next level.

God fucking damn I miss old gainax so much.

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nice tiddies

She's also sexy as fuck.

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Seeing that image brought me to climax instantly.

Wow nice 1 frame comparison. I also didn't say the old one's looked bad. I said I liked the art in both. It's pretty obvious Rebuilds look more polished overall. Good luck refuting that one.

I would put up with every single one of her personality flaws daily if she looked like this

Get off Sup Forums, matsubara

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It looks like she gave herself a breast enhancement while "imagining herself in her own heart."

Or maybe it wasn't even intentional. For an ego monster like Asuka, maybe she just thinks her breasts are larger than they are.

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Huh, where is this from?
I never noticed those tits.

>if she looked like this
user you baka! you're supposed to like a girl for her personality, not (only) for the looks

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That's from the final scene of EoE.

You mean the second strangling scene? Wasn't she clothed?

Those are also laying perfectly flat, though they're still smaller than the previous image

She is clothed. That's her plugsuit, user.

So you only like her for her thirstiness + anger + red hair?

The old one has meme lines on the face and the new one doesn't. New one looks far better as a result. You're just a Picasso guy, I get it.

Huh. The plugsuit doesn't show the nipples though.

It does now!

I still can't believe that to this day nobody has scanned this.

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It's just the shape of the nips, user.
Come on now.

probably because that dyke is on the front of it.

I just want this.

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I like her for her clash of personality with Shinji. Part of that personality being anger and her herself being an 'exotic foreign redhead' is just a plus

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what is this from even

Asuka has the best butt in Eva.

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That's from the same doujin as and the artist name is in the picture

Debatable, Rei also has a great one.

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It's not NTR is it?


Alright cool. You never know these days.

hug her Sup Forums

do it

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Its a shame Shinji never stands up against her, it would their moments together more intense.

He actually is anomalously assertive around Asuka.

I would, but she isn't real.

i would give her a fecal transplant of my own stock so she can get better

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He does in episodes 10-12 mostly.
Though that's usually when they are dealing with angel stuff. He'll argue with her all the time.
But on personal strikes against the ego, or when he's in one of his moods, there's not much he'll do.

Asuka was big before that though

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>only 9 pages
>only one of them
but why


But my computer screen is in the way ;_;

By being on all fours, she receives gravity assistance. Doesn't count.

Not really. Shinji isn't submissive, he's Japanese. She tests him constantly, which is about as close as those two can get to other people.

That and the series is generally inconsistent on the subject. That said, she's not small in the Shinji Ikari Raising Project, and her mother has the biggest bust line.

I know it doesn't count, but I'm going to pretend it does anyway.

You have to account for inflation idiots 15 mil is like 15,000 in 1995

Of course she is. You just mean to say she isn't 3D.

The penciled one looks like fucking FLCL. Fuck this and fuck rebuilds.

I'll never understand why in the Rebuilds they suddenly made Rei the bigger stacked one.
Asuka's always had the best tits.


They wanted to focus on Asuka's butt for the Rebuilds.

Are you fucking retarded?

Which ones? He makes her meals no questions asked and he never calls her out on her pouty behavior later on.

To make sure the viewer understands Shikinami is inferior to Soryu

It doesn't really matter, Rei and Asuka are both a B cup at best in their plugsuits. Mari and Misato are both bigger.

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>counting mari in any way, shape, or form

Not correct in either NGE ()
nor in rebuild

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he means on the image.

user, you shouldn't discriminate against hot teen boobs.

this makes me sad

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i'm discriminating against her not being important and for even existing.

Asuka is too cute and it just isn't acceptable. She will corrupt our youth.

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>you will never mating press her womb into dust

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Asuka is shit. Hikari best girl

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And fucking this

That's not really consistent.

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Which book is that from?

I have that scene animated (using the storyboards) on my PC at home. If this thread is still up when i get out of work, I'll post it.

>Shinji Ikari Raising Project
I can't pretend when it's so obviously non canon that this is a running joke.

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>tfw the ayanami I like is in the harem manga
feels kinda bad. wish she were that cute in NGE

Reminder fucking a pussy with a fever is fucking amazing.

>If Asuka had a high fever, would you help to nurse her back to health?
I would gently hold her hand

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Someone mentioned all the chapters were on 'AB' in a previous thread, but failed to mention what that actually is. Any ideas?