Is it any good? It aired on Adult Swim so it must've been fairly popular, but the only thing I can remember about it are the blue rose episode and that the MC's sister got pregnant after /ss/ing a kid to death.

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The series stopped being good for me once certain details came out.

All I remember was SS rape.

I remember the /ss/ making me so fucking mad I think I broke something.

Only blood the last vampire is good. Plus is not good.


Diva has to be one of the biggest sluts in anime history

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You're not the only one to feel that way, apparently a lot of people started to hate her after she raped that kid.

It wasn't good. Not nearly as bad as Trinity Blood, but still pretty shit.

Honestly, they managed to do more in a tech demo "movie" than they did in the entire run of this boring-ass show.

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It was rape that killed him because Saya already had to save him from dying another time by turning him into her eternal slave. Diva freed him from an eternity of servitude and suffering playing fake family with his sister while being a soulless automaton for her every whim.

Diva put him in that situation by killing him the first time.

Why didn't they give her proper clothes in the end?

I liked this show. God tier OP and EDs, it was a fun ride for me.

If Kai didn't call the elevator George could've made it out of the basement alive.
They never revisited the piano girl and the rest of the batbabys.
I'm still mad over the sheer amount of asspulling that took place in the last few episodes.

Maybe she just wanted the only thing she had left related to everyone else. I would have liked some additional content past the end with her though. There was opportunity for more since Nathan was still alive, and I doubt research would have stopped even if Diva was dead.

Also what the fuck happened to the guy that shot David? He ran away and then was never brought up again.

I think this came out alright

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Blood: The Last Vampire is good
Blood+ is average - I really enjoyed it but I can see people being bored
Blood C+ or whatever is shit

Was it ever explained why Diva was so much stronger than Saya?

I don't think there was one, but being crazy probably helped. Saya acted too human compared to Diva.

It's been years since I've seen it but I thought it was because Diva drank lots of blood while Saya didn't, or Saya drank the bare minimum.

Because Saya didn't drink blood as much or as often as she should've.

State of mind might've made sense, since Saya in 'Nam flashback mode was definitely stronger than normal Saya. But if that's the thing then her family and technically Haji would've actually been holding her back
Why wouldn't Red Shield have been giving her more blood then? If they could afford a yacht they should be able to afford some tomato juice boxes for their #1 girl

They also probably wouldn't want to risk her becoming another Diva in the process. If they could have successfully found a way to keep her awake more of the time, she would be more effective also.

Her personal choice. After Riku died a second time she accepted she needed to feed.

What details was that?

That both Saya and Haji were holding back for the entire series. Many characters, including Riku, died because those two had their heads up their asses.


I don't recall her undergoing any kind of visible power up after coming back She was more fearless and focused but she didn't display any of the super speed, strength, or near immunity to pain Diva showed. And I don't recall her drinking more either.

She started drinking Haji's blood, which is better than human blood.

Technically, you could just settle at blaming Saya for letting Diva out of the tower. If Diva was able to massacre everyone at the mansion why couldn't she break out of the tower on her own.

women can't be sluts, only men can
The anime was shit cause Saya was shit. Diva was 8/10 with 11/10 potential that unfortunately was never actually realized in the show. She was the most sympathetic character as well.

It was okay. Is there a word for self-loathing moe?

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Isn't this a shoujo? Anything in this show that would be interesting for a red blooded male?

I always thought it was like a dog that got trained to sit if its leash was tied to something