ITT: characters that singlehandedly ruined a 10/10 anime

ITT: characters that singlehandedly ruined a 10/10 anime

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You’re both fucking wrong

t. Nagato

Black belt in dick sucking

>10/10 anime

Ginko a shit

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>ITT: 10/10 characters that anime singlehandedly ruined


ITT opposite day.

Pic unrelated, THK. Go back to sperging even though you were BTFO in

>the most popular girls in their respective series
>ruined their series

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But Ginkofags got BTFO in that thread.

My bad, I meant this.

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>things that never happened but THK wish it did


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Still sore because of what happened in that thread, I see. Stay mad and wrong, you obsessed hater.

you do agree with them?

that 7 single-handedly ruined an epic get

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>absolute 10/10 girl who carries her series along with Maou
Opposite day is real.

Utaha was the only good girl in that shitfest, fuck off

>interrupts the Loli-king every time the mood is about right for things to get interesting
Ginko is the biggest lolikingblocker ever. I'm glad she didn't get an apology

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Who is this sexy fella

>10/10 anime
Come on user that shit is nowhere near 10/10. Red the best.

>I'm glad she didn't get an apology
That felt good.


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>he wants to watch a show entirely consistent of tripfags

That's Jim Carrey

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Its true

It was more of a commentary on how everything we like is ruined by virtute of ourselves being shit, like the ginkohater OP who made discussing that show unbearable this season.

Post the webm of her in her swimsuit on the beach

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Is this a best girl thread?

Maybe you should fuck off and stop discussing it then. Nobody wants to see retarded ginkofags or your bitch anyway.

I love you too.

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take it back

As did your lack thereof.

This dumb little shit

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so mad

This whiny cunt fuck

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What you all smoking because you all crazy

>this shit

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Geez I guess that Megumifag was right, Utahafags are as delirious as Utaha herself.

Serious post.

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I'll let you think which one I mean.

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but thats best girl

Agree, the dog should die.

Satania is belong a dog.

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>ITT: characters that singlehandedly ruined a 10/10 anime
This annoying piece of shit right here.

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Bitch, fuck you. She's the only reason anything happened in that damn show.

If she didn't exist we wouldn't have this drama filled shit.

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S1 = comfy af
S2 = annoying drama

happening = not comfy!

weak bait, eririfag

Nice try, Utahafag.


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>S2: Oh, we're actually characters, with personalities, dreams and emotions.

Wouldn't that be Eriri? But then again, if Eriri didn't exist I would doubt he would've actually gotten with Megumi given she's 1/4 the reason he wanted to make a VN.

>unpopular opinion
For good reasons. Your opinion is shit.

Yeah, Eriri is literally the source of all the shitty drama in the series.



Then bird from Tamako Market.

I too hate Kyousuke. Should take away his man card.
WEW. Imagine being this dense.
Her and eriri. Tried and true characters made annoying.

the only reason i didn't even give it a chance halfway through the first episode.

The only one I agree with in this fucked up thread.

nearly dropped the show when these two started shit

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>A possible 10/10

Every self-insert MC.

kyou > kyou

But it clearly is not a 10/10, for that to happen the white-haired slut shouldn't have appeared in it.

Ginko is a 10/10. Your bait is weak.

Crazy dyke ruining my comfy Ramen anime.

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>170454109 (You)

It's time to remind him .


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Why the fuck you won't stop? Please, LRD or THK or whoever you are, have some respect for me, you hurt me every time you say my waifu is a shit. Please, I beg you, stop or I'm gonna cry and report you to the mods because you're breaking the rules too.

Ryuuou was 5/10 at best with lolis being the main redeeming quality.
As for Ginko, she's honestly not that bad and this is coming from a lolicon.




He's right though.

the classic needless character

No he isn't.

She was the best Stasi character, and the only one amongst them that hated Elise. Fuck off.

General consensus agreed, don't bother us about it.

Ginko is trash

General consensus between you and your phone