What went right?

What went right?

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No Android 17

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The soundtrack

Tobi. No manga ever can make a masked antagonist for so long and troll everyone so much.

Tobi's identity speculation was absolutely hype. People had millions of theories about him, changing as time went. Kishimoto should be proud he made the most memorable masked villain for our generation.

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And to think I denied Tobito to the end.

thats why its a shitshow

Zabuza, Chunin Exams, Orochimaru, Kimimaro, Naruto vs Sasuke part 1, Shikamaru, Akatsuki, Jiraiya, Pain, Itachi, Tobi, Madara, and Naruto vs Sasuke part 2

Here I go with my ninja clan
Ninja clan, here stand.
Naruto! I'm on my way
Naruto! I'll be okay
Get to ready to fight all set
Got my best friend by my side
Sasuke, is really cool
Sakura... the beautiful!

Sales-wise? Sasuke. Shueisha forcing Kishi to add a rival character for Naruto was a stroke for genius, again from a commercial point-of-view. Even Kishi fell madly in love with Sasuke so he's probably grateful with Shueisha for forcing him to create Sasuke-kun

everything that wasnt that garbage last arc
what a piece of shit that was

>The soundtrack
>The openings
>The endings
>The fights
>Cool abilites
>Interesting plot (Initially)
>Interesting, large cast of supporting characters (In part 1)
>Subtly homoerotic

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the original series was competent and didnt suffer with problems like power creeps, kishitmoto running out of ideas, etc, etc that shitpuden did

The Land of Waves arc, then it goes downhill.



The Uchiha Massacre. Shame about Mikoto though.

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He killed Izuna which caused Madara to go insane. If he had not got involved nothing would have happened.

How silly would I feel watching this as an adult man?

The Uchiha were a powerkeg waiting to explode due to the insanity the families blood carried.

This but unironically

watch the first few episodes

believe it
beliiiieeeeve it