Danberu nan kiro moteru?

A manga about lifting.
A manga about hot, sexy, teenaged gyaru, ojou, tomboy, Christmas cake, foreginer and others lifting big, heavy, hard bars. You like hot, pumping action, right?

Of course you do.

Sorry for the late and shoddy TL, but hey. Let's get this underway!

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Chapter 43 - Leg Press Machine
[Last time, on "Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?"...]
[At Silverman's Gym, the identity of the mysterious man was revealed as Ibuki, Hibiki's older brother.]

[A reunion with Naruzou's old friend, who once, "knew the way."]
[Why did Ibuki appear?]

What is the thrilling conclusion to this saga of mystery-that-begets-mysteries?
[Tachibana Satomi]
Sensei. Thanks, that's enough.

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Long time, no-see, Ibuki! Where have you been?
[Machio Naruzou]
[Sakura Ibuki]
An era has passed, my old friend of the angel's physique. "A time beyond even generations" one fathoms...
Yes, yes!
It's been since high school graduation, we all got to the "adult generation" now.
[Uehara Nana]

Sensei, enough tsukkomi.
Let's go back to training.

TL Note: tsukkomi is a style of Japanese slap-stick comedy where one plays a straight man, the other plays some wacky idiot. The general joke happens as the straight man is exasperated over the idiocy, or the wacky idiot playing the bizarre scene completely straight like normal occurrence.

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The chuuni-speak was a pain. Well, both a pain to translate, but also pretty fun to actually spin into English. Still.

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Wait a minute!!? So what if you're good friends!!??
What was the meaning of "knew the way!?"

Ahh! You know how it is. After graduating high school, students tend to drift apart. I went to the U.S. to study sports theory.
I, to elucidate "the ambiguities of wage" upon "antiquity's stage"...
Ibuki went to study "business economics" at "Kyoto University."
That doesn't mean you "knew the way!!!!" You just "knew your course majors!!!!" Any decent person knows that!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey. After graduating, you came back here?
Upon "denouement of the lyceum" I was to be "sovereign" or "magistrate of the flow" among the "seat of power"...
Now assaulting the plebians, currently a "Creator Incarnate for carnivorous conglomeration"...
After "graduation" he "got a job as director" for a "trading company" in "Tokyo." Hoping to make a buck, now he's "owner of a yakiniku restaurant."

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Sometimes, you will see the "clerics among the unchosen" such as Lady Tachibana. "My distinction of inheritance as proved by blood,"Hibiki, expresses her deepest heartfelt gratitude.
"Tachibana sensei, my sister speaks highly of you."
Thanks for interepreting, Nana. I thought I heard I weird nickname in there, but I'm just gonna ignore it.

So, what brought you in today?
If you let me know in advance, I could've freed up the schedule.

Did you forget? It was not my intention to surprise...ah, no, I love "surprises."
You're correcting yourself!!!? When you're not an established character, yet!!?

Today, I visited this place to deliver "this."
>I was ignored...

......A black envelope!?

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I stopped caring, because of infrequent chapters I think and because I lost where we are.

Is every chapter TS before the next one is translated?

Gains hime best girl.

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I am an "emissary."
I came to ask for your "answer."
Huh.......? No way, that's your reason?

Ah! Contact from the alumni for a reunion! I guess, Ibuki, you were the secretary.
Of course we'll go.
It's all over nooooothiiiiiiing!!!!!!

Sensei's tsukkomi...she really tries hard~
Let's do our best with training, too.

You know, Ibuki's got nice style.
Long and thin legs, practically the opposite of Hibiki.
>sfx: glower
I'm not some daikon.

Alright! Let's make today's training leg day!
I can't promise longer legs, though.
Your sweet innocence isn't helping this.

TL: A "daikon" is a type of radish. It's short and fat.

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>tfw i fixed my bench form thanks to this

Inconsistent releases will do that. The typesetter has a lot on his plate, and Danberu is lower on the totem pole.

English releases are up to Ch. 39.
Raws are up to Ch. 43 (which I'm just finishing now).
So, we're really only two chapters behind...but that should change soon...

The leg press is the exercise performed on a leg press machine. It's excellent for training all the muscles of the legs evenly.
>Starting Position
>Fully Seated
>Feet on the Plate (feet shoulder-width apart)
*There are several types of Leg Press machines

A familiar leg exercise,
recall learning the squat.

As with the squat, most of the same muscles are used.
>Squat ---> exercises more than just legs
But when performing squats, more muscles are used than simply the legs.

With the leg press machine, focus remains entirely on the lower body.
For people with back problems, or who want to focus on only their legs, the leg press is the safe ideal.

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I can't wait to graduate and go back to lifting, I was so close to two plates bench ;_;

(1)The leg press even lets you easily push up on your toes, working the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles (calf). But don't let your back get away from the seat!

(2)Very slowly return, keeping focus on the quadriceps femoris (thigh) and gluteus (buttocks).

WARNING! Do not keep your legs fully stretched at the end of the press.
>Absolutely do not hyper-extend your knees!!
Also, if you "bounce" using the recoil on your next push, you're halving the effect of training.

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Using Leg Presses and Squats,
let's realize the ideal lower body!

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Aim to be an antelope~!
----So, Ibuki just came to tell you about the alumni reunion?

Honestly...like a circus act for a joke.
...Ah, by the way,

Well, there was something to tell you.
In fact.....

TL: Antelopes are known in Japan for having long, thin legs.

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I prefer lunges and no machines squats, these machine are major knee killers, no thank you

What the heck was that!?
>sfx: doya "Why"

!? Whaaaa!?


Did the background machos all just collapse from fatigue!!??
>Only Machos~~...



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Silverman's Gym's rival gym trainers!!?
A serious development, but it sure doesn't look like a serious development!!!!!

Fufufu...is this the quality of training we of the macho underworld find at Silverman's Gym?
[Omori Ageru, Bronze Power Gym]
(Kanji "Praise Fist 拳下屡 Often" short hikkok"omori" "will give" "to give up weight")
Wait a second, what's this "macho underworld"!!? And now we're introducing more people!!??

"Live to be macho, bulk discreetly." "The flesh of one hundred thousand strokes."
[Nikuga Sukitarou, White Muscle Gym]
("Meat" "I love you")
HEY!!! Don't ignore me!!! Everything you're saying is complete nonsense!!!!!!!!

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[Bulk Mukio, Gold Force Gym]
("Phase" Haku "Inorganic Man" Mukiotoko "Phantom Inorganic Man")
Sorry!!! It's worse when you don't say anything! Please, explain what's going on!!!!

>Sfx: haa haa haa
......they are Japan's leading experts on gym training.

Soon, a revolution is coming in our muscular world...

Called, the "Muscle King Decision Battle."
>Muscle King Decision Battle
The first tournament to decide the strongest macho in this country will start!!!!!!!!!!!

This is all too much,
I don't get it at all!!!

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So, I mean...these people here are in this muscle king decision battle...!?

That's right...

This tournament will be sponsored by me, "Sakura Yakiniku."
>sfx: Ka-ching!!!
And the winning prize is 10 million Yen.
(TL: $100k)

I'm joining the girl's division!!!!!
>sfx: whoa
[Filled with greed, Satomi abdandoned her tsukkomi. Next time, the Muscle King Decision Battle.]

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Search for Jason

I don't even want to look at this!!!!!
Oh, found him.

(Upside down red font = "Top Left Corner")

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Chapter 43 - END
I'm gonna tidy it up a bit, send it to TS and whatnot.

This manga is filled with legit great tips.

But really, the leg press machine generally lets you position your feet higher or lower and adjust other settings that you don't need to be bearing all the weight on your knees. It's kind of the point of the machine. Also, you don't need to fully "stand" at the finished position; you can simply push as far as comfortable and then ease back to the starting position. Machines are simply designed to be a fixed-movement device.

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......and while I continue to edit this chapter, and take any inputs you all have...

...how about we enjoy the loving presentation our RAW provider has given us and take a peek at NEXT WEEK'S CHAPTER, here for our pleasure 7 days early!!

Chapter 44 - Leg Stretches

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Machio wins, did we need a full chapter to know? Sandrovich knows we don't.

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What we all REALLY care about: the women's division!

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a greedy cute

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AND WHAT'S THIS!? Someone Tachibana knows!??, No....not Tachibana

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It's someone "Yuria Riko" knows...

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Sensei looks a little upset there...

Chapter 44 - END

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So, an early Tuesday thread to get out the late TL and as a prelude to the Thursday thread where Ch 44 should be done, too. I'll post 'em both then, too.

It's good to see that Sandrovich is having fun with his series.

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>I thought I heard I weird nickname in there, but I'm just gonna ignore it.
Was it
>"clerics among the unchosen"
? What did he mean?


He needs a Waldo/Wally hat.

I was kinda hoping for a beanie, yeah. Striped red and white.

Something along the lines of
>cleric = teacher
>unchosen = unmarried
He's being clear about calling her a single educator/advisor, but unclear if that's a good of bad thing (likely bad, considering he's saying "un" chosen).

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how strong is Hibiki I've not really read kengan but I flicked through a chapter the other day and found a guy destroy a punch bag but much less impressively than she did

She's stronger than can even be recorded. She's the real "Fang of Metsudo"

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fang of what?


you're saying that this manga is basically the rise of Hibiki? who'll eventually win the tournament and carry the title?

Too bad girls cant be kengan matches warriors.

But she can ask kure sensei to train her as an assasin.

She's the winner, but even she doesn't realize it, yet...

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I'm actually almost done with the next chapter, too!

I know!!

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>"Fang of Metsudo"
>yfw Hibiki enrolls in a Kengan training facility

She just wanted to lose weight and pick up a cute boyfriend, but comes out the other side worth TRILLIONS of yen and rocked the underworld!

Machojou wanted a muscular man
Boxing-chan wants an action man
Cosplay Cake wants ANY man
Zina wants her beloved President (and who wouldn't?)

...but they all are the REAL stars of the Kengan tournament!
They don't seem as upbeat about it???

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>Hibiki accidentally fucks up everything.

She never means to...

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I meant:
>Accidentally fucks up everything for someone else (like the Kengan Association) without even noticing.
Maybe like a butterfly effect?

She is like a gentle cherry blossom petal, who's sublime effects have tremendous impact on the world around her...

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>*Stands in burning ruins*

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Just waiting for Karla to show up.

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almost missed it

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Don't click this, it will never get bigger

Like your penis

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It got a little bigger

but not by much

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