One Piece

Why do people think he's dead? Dude had some of the best CoA we've seen, no ordinary explosion is gonna take him out.

It's very likely that he'll eat the Axolotl fruit left on Punk Hazard.

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but he would still be buried alive underneath a factory AND a mountain, he's dead

Vergo > Doffy, to be honest

What would 900 be about?

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Before being crushed alive by the factory and teh mountain in which said lab was based, he was also exposed to a poisonous gas

How stupid is it that there's a fruit based on a FUCKING AQUATIC LIZARD? What the actual fuck good would it do him? Or anybody for that matter? I can't believe how fucking retarded this theory you've come up with, and why it's pissing me off so much.


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>tfw Sup Forums tries to get SaNafriend's attention

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Delete this right fucking now.

Reverie starts at the end of chapter 900. After that Wano starts and then about 10 chapters into Wano, the gang shows up battered and bruised. We're not going to find out what happened to Big Mom & the cake until the end of Wano.


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Ye, unike Monet he at least tried to be relevant.

Go D. Enel returns from the moon and kills large mom

Your picture

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Tashigi is my wife!

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Vergo being dead is fine, but Monet being dead can't be true in the mind of an autist because they want to fuck her.

What is objectively the best arc?

How can Luffy's wife be so cute? Its kinda unfair for the other girls, they cant even hope to compete

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Sabaody. Either time is fine.

Are you a ZoTa fan?

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yes, Wano soon!

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good thing luffy has no interest in looks

>side character you actually like is getting pulled into shipperfaggotry now
Man what the fuck sort of hell is Reverie going to be, assuming all the princesses will be there? I thought this stuff would start to dissipate after leaving the WCI arc behind

>AND a mountain

>I thought this stuff would start to dissipate after leaving the WCI arc behind
Why would you ever think that? We're heading into the first gathering of Luffys harem.

Tell me it's not true, bros...

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I agree. He has no competition.

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I could get used to it but still kind of a waste.

I'm beginning to really like this meme

I'm so sorry user...


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Any Charlottefags here,i want to kick your asses?

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I hope this mini-arc or however it'll be handled sells Boa to me. Her backstory is nice but as a character she falls flat for me. Nothing to do with shippers or whatever, I mean in general. Dunno what everyone else seems to like about her.

Katakuri is coming to Reverie? Nice.

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Hancock won't be in Reverie.

So we likely have 1-2 more chapters for gaints' covers, then a break, then 6-7 chapters on Oorlumbus with a break and likely a color page somewhere along the line. So about 8 chapters/10 weeks until fan requests starts. It will be 20-25 chapters (25-31 weeks). Only then the proper Donquixote Family cover story may starts, assuming it even will. Seeing Vergo and Monet have no reason to come back earlier, we still have about a year of waiting before the reveal.

Back the fuck off???!!!

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>" getting pulled into shipperfaggotry now"
I've been posting this shipp in the threads for almost month user, where have you been? And yeah, the reverie will be amazing for the shipp

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I confess I can't help but think all Kaidoufags are twelve year old.

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Why wouldn't she? Am I missing something here?

We'll get a Luffy cover story instead during the reverie.

he's a big guy

Why would she? Her country isn't part of the WG, it can only exist in peace due to her Shichibukai status.

Only 50 kings of the 170 WG countries participate in the Reverie.

What a twist. Could be fun, and could even start a trend of cover stories getting animated again.

Assuming Reverie is after WCI, lasts 10 chapters and WCI doesn't drag for more than 20 more, unlikely, as Oda has recently spent lot of time on fan requests (~20 chapters last three times).

If we ever get a One Piece Kai I could see that being likely, instead of fillers.

I dunno why I assumed she would show up then to be honest. I'm fine with this though.

It'd be amazing if in the epilogue of one piece there are nine chapters where we get to see what the now disbanded Straw Hat Pirate crew are doing now, and on the cover pages we get "The Adventures of A Certain Pirate King", where Luffy's back is almost always facing the viewer as he travels from one exotic island to another

Not the same guy but the Shichibukai could be summoned since the existance of the system itself could end with this reverie

>now disbanded Straw Hat Pirate crew
You're crazy if you think they won't end the series together, even if we get a timeskip epilogue.

Is Luffy carrying her like that in the manga?in the anime he did at least.
Is she the only one?
I don't ship Luffy, just curious since I don't pay attention to that ship

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On that note, where the hell is Robin going to do at the end of this shit won't actually end in our lifetimes by the way the story after they've found One Piece? Everyone else has family and/or at least one friend waiting for them. Robin actually has no one.

They'd have no reason to actually show up though. Hancock almost didn't even go to the war despite the Government threatening to revoke her status.

>could even start a trend of cover stories getting animated again
No way. They didn't do it after the SH separation covers (which they animated and extended), they didn't animate Jinbe's which they knew was going to tie into the plot and when they needed Wapol they just presented it as it was in the manga, not bothering to properly animate it. It's never happening.

>2+ years of this brat
Kill me

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Why gotta hit hit me with the truth user? I wanted you to lie sweetly to me.

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Found an archeological research institute.

So Sanji's skills surpass even the head chef of a Yonkou's crew.

So just how good was Zeff? Will we ever learn more about his adventures in the Grand Line? I bet he was a really big fucking deal.

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Sure user, where d'you live and how would you like it done?

Rebuilding Ohara most likely (in spirit at least). She's a scholar, once fre research becomes legal, she's gonna become one of the most important historians/archeologists in the world.

Eh... umm... at least Santa Claus is real, right?

It's too late.

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Since it's a big chapter, are spoilers expected sooner than usual?

>big chapter
user... prepare to be disappointed

Hm true, thats one of the reasons why i want the shichibukai system to end, to stop giving so much power to cunts like Boa and the, now former shichibukai, Doflamingo

I dont know actually,i dont even remenber when it happened in the anime too

I liked Kinemon.

Don't get your hopes up for 900 everyone. Most 00 chapters are nothing special.

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really? I thought most 00 chapters reveal something important

If Big Meme eats the cake I'll be satisfied. I've enjoyed most of this arc but it's dragging now and these characters are overstaying their welcome in my opinion.

Literally only 400 didn't have a huge moment.

Tashigi looks like she's into Smoker but Smoker seems like he's into Hina and the feeling is mutual

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>we could have the excellent adventures of smoker and hina
>instead we're stuck with tashit
i'll always be mad

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Tashigi is trying really hard user
Also to be fair Smoker is a complete joke himself now thanks to power creep

>Cutted in several pieces, in a hazardous environment, then exposed to a huge explosion.
If he's alive, then Pedro is, too. Also, Monet.

There's huge and there's HUGE. If it's "one-in-five chapters" huge then it's hardly anything to be hyped about. And that's what everything but 100, 500 and 800 were.

i genuinely think that hina could have pushed smoker even further than where he's right and vice versa. now, smoker's character growth has been static for almost the entire past decade and the same goes for tashigi

i'm happy, at the very least, for hina and i hope that she's gonna stay with the nefertary family for the entirety of the reverie

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>If he's alive, then Pedro is, too. Also, Monet.
Yes and yes. I think you're finally getting how things work in OP. Severity of wounds and inescapable situations are non-factors in somebody's survival.

Despite losing badly he didn't manage to look badass. If he hadn't been owned by Doflamingo at the end of the arc I could see him being redeemed.

I don't think wee'll see the Marines in any meaningful sense until the arc that introduces Green Bull.

Arcs are too damn long I don't even recall it being shown she's with them

he shows up

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I dont get buggyfags.

if you were wondering, chapter 823

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Do you think Buggy just has a weird nose as a quirk, or is he part of a different race

The fuck did you just say about his nose!?

its the symbol of his godly status

Why does he call himself Buggy D. Clown, and has a circus as a crew, when nobody can't say anything about his nose?

Poor Hina. She couldn't make it to Vice Admiral.

She's better off that way. Based Drake was a Rear Admiral while jobbers like Smoker are VA.

I'd completely forgotten about this

Hina has always been one rank below Smoker. I think they're going to maintain the rank differences for all known Marine characters with the exclusion of Coby and Helmelpo who'll surpass others but even they will maintain the same difference in rank between them

>better than smoker
I hope that you are joking because drake is as much as of a jobber as fucking Apoo while Smoker still a decent vice admiral

Probably because when he's dressed as a clown, nobody says anything avout his nose.

better that way honestly, onigumo and momonga are the only vice-admirals worth a damn in my opinion
to be fair, i happen to really like hina

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>onigumo and momonga are the only vice-admirals worth a damn in my opinion
oh and tsuru too, obviously

Shanks pls

Say it isn't so.
Drake retrieval arc when?