Aikatsu and Pripara thread

How was today's episode?

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It was cashkoma

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This is Kokoro's cousin, Ariko. Her show is being prematurely ended because some of her show's production staff are the least competent people ever. Her life was in their hands and they had butterfingers. Say something nice to her to cheer her up.

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So ainon serious question here.
Rollers reason for aikatsuing is yume. Yumes drive inspires her. Her encouragement drives her. For someone who relates to rollee but doesn't have the support or someone close that's inspirational, where does that person find that same kind of push?

I want to fuck Lala.

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I loved her anime.

shit was cashkoma

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Pripara is kill

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I want to die.

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Fuck Hibiki

Bye bye.

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>4 Nons
What do I do?

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I want to watch AiFure. I don't care about the final Stars episode anymore.

Mion was ahead of times, by which I mean that sadly she'll never get to be in a Switch game to capitalize on her catchphrase. Until they reveal her for Smash at E3.

I know I would.

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I would do it gladly.

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Hibiki is only to give love

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>tfw no proper Pretty Rhythm and Pripara crossover
Imagine Hibiki and June team up.

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Is this a gud aikatsu fanseries plot?
So i have this Idea on making an aikatsu universe where the people iniside is aikatsu guardian or messenger or watcher of the aikatsu system basically like an aikatsu goddess but lower everyone in ther is either an idol a composer o cheograoher a lyricist a model designer or a mechanic mostly the idol is young girl and boys till adult man and woman
Each idol has a brand of their own or a theme if the brand is approved by the council the idols is mostly messenger spreading the aikarsu miracle to the original world a.k.a earth by performing they have power most of them 95% of the idol has magic to make effect for the performance but only one and it has the theme of their birth stone/gem when an idol os born they get their own unique gem that represent their theme and saves the data and record of their performance and other needed data to help for example you have a snowflake gem that means your theme is snow and your maguc or special effect that you can control and release is snow and so is your aura when your stone is lost or destroyed you cant be an idol anymore but in most unique cases they can while 5% of thr idol do not have power or have more than 1 whic is extremly rare

The universe is diveded to 5 area section or like contries the best idol of each section will become one of the council who watch over the system and guard and rule it and basically like the rules or president or we can call it council or the 5 Idol queens each council rule each section they are the top idol while the goddess or queen of the universe has never been seen (ayana will be the goddess òwó but seriously she will be the goddess) basically the idol in this universe is basically june and rinne a messenger and the universe is like june and rinne origin place
In this universe a conflict must be solve with a performance show down
And there is 5 rule on this world
And there is 5 race in this world

i didnt make this someone on aikatsu discord did

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I want to fuck.


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>smug drill-hair loli Hibiki idol adventures never


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>We'll never ever get All Stars Prism Edition

I enjoyed Stars, but it's done now and I didn't like Yume beating Hime. I'm not super excited for the episode this week.

>no sheep
>no nurses

These are your next gen, say something nice about them.

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>we will never get the All Star Selection game adaptation

They're all too short

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Gonna fuck tonight.
Who cares.

I want to fuck all of them.

>[SMC-Subs] Kiratto PriChan PV (1080p) [0790C7DC].mkv
>PriPara is dead, long live PriChan.

Nice hats. Did Azuki get a role yet? I don't want her to be sad.

I'm sorry not everyone is an autistic lanklet like Kirari.

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Nice outfits I guess.

Not yet ;_;

Why are you looking up the youtube channels of little girls, user?

Will AiFure and Prichan become a start dash sensation?

>All three comments are them
>33 views, probably a fair few from us just now

I want to have sex with a cute idol seiyuu!

Just settle down for a cosplayer after a comiket.


Little girls yt channels for PP/Aikatsu stuff is super cute.

Is this the latest /ai/ sings?

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I want to have sex with Yuki Wakai specifically.

>Aikatsu, PP and Nico
It's like they really come here.

The Mirei sounded pretty good.

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>aikatsu's target audience could be lurking here right now

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The fact that PP is over is just starting to sink in.
I want to die now.

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>tfw right after watching the last IT episode I was mostly okay and excited
>now after ~14 hours I started wanting to cry

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I'm glad I'm used to lose things I hold dear, I don't even feel bad about PP ending.

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Nah, I'm pretty excited about Pri-chan and I already survived the death of a ton of things I loved, like PR.

Which prichan would you fuck?

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New ranking system is split into classes.
This only has debut, bronze, and silver listed.
kami channel mezase

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As a little girl, I enjoy pink MC's better anyway.

Missing the gold, diamond and ruby

>red (Anna) is best girl

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How Ajimi and Hibiki are childhood friends when they are 6 years apart?

Firstly, they're not friends.
Secondly, Ajimi moves through time according to her own will.

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Finally the rank system makes sense.

Those are drop points for S2.

I want to fuck Rola's armpits.

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Literally your last chance this week.

Right, they're more than friends. They're married

>wanting rank system to make sense instead of wacky titles like in pripara

Maybe I should die.

Yes, it's better this way.

Glad that you understand.

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New anime next week right?

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