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Another day And thread closer to Monet's return! This thread is dedicated to the anticipation of that glorious day, when best girl is back in the series to remind everyone:
she threw the note,
she moved her heart
the bunnies followed the Sunny
And she's gonna be nakama. Guaranteed.

Also chapter 900's dropping soon. You can talk about that too. And other One Piece stuff.

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How does logia intangibility work? Lets say I ate the Mera Mera no mi and turned into fire, could I just turn into a giant fire or would I be restricted to a humanoid shape?

It depends on the skill of the user, but it seems most logia keep a sort of humanoid core to themselves at most times. Seems to just be 'will it work for the story' so far.

So if I ate the ice logia I could turn into a giant ice cube?

I mean, if you wanted to.

You can become it, but you still remain in a human form. Attacks are humanoid also.

Unless the attack involves using the element, like Enel's shock blasts or Monet's Yuki Rabi hail bombs.
I'm surprised Monet didn't start an avalanche or something.

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>the bunnies followed the Sunny
Wow, it's almost prophetic, but I think you meant "bunny" singular
>And she's gonna be nakama. Guaranteed.
Glad we agree, Monetfag

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See Hail is solid snowfall, and can last far longer underwater than snow.

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Damn I forgot about those. That and Ace's cross though he physically had to create that attack by crossing his fingers.I guess the more experienced you are the better you can do with it.
Although I will argue that with those two(and crocodile and Caribou) their elements dont necessarily have a "shape" to them.

*checks that hex*

wasted in a wan piss thread, shame

Hory shiet those are some good damn digits

Name a BIGGER manga than one piece...I'll wait

>Name a BIGGER manga than one piece
Wind Mill

It's why I think even anti-Monet guys keep wanting the fruit to come back, because they know how versatile it could be. Not to mention the parallels with Kuzan in league with the Blackbeards, since all the crew have Strawhat parallels. The obvious assumption is he's just doing that to spy, but then Blackbeard surely would have figured it out. I think he's genuinely pissed off about the snubbing from the Marines, far more than he's letting on, and with his gripes about the direction of the future, I see it leading to him to being on Blackbeard's side more genuinely, even if it clashes with his respect for Robin.

I mean, if the Blackbeard 'plan' is what I think it is.

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Oh yeah, and nice digits and all.

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bigger doesn't necessarily means better, you mong

Why does Robin never grow hands on the eyes or inside the mouth of her opponents?

By shonen standards it's the best out you retard. If you've grown out of it, it just means its time to read seinen and stop being a faggot about a manga for teenagers. I'm well into my adulthood but I still enjoy it cause I'm not some edgelord powerlevelfag that needs some Vasto Lordo Ruffy to one shot the main villain. Go back to HxH threads if you want complicated power systems and "in-depth" story. This is just a whacky adventure about pirates faggot.

Kaido has no devil fruit, he is just strong.

>Robin can form fingers around someone's heart and pinch specific nerves to shut down the flow of oxygen
Robin's versatility is severely underused. Granted she's not the sort for big brawler fights, but she could easily wreck someone's day in her old assassin job.

You guys both need to chill out

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I mean if they get it cool, if they don't it's whatever, but I rather the SH don't get some OP fruit like a logia. We don't have the time for someone to figure out the VAST abilities it has and it would take away from some of the danger since the crew effectively relies on eachother to get through situations. That's why they're so close

thanks user

>I mean if they get it cool, if they don't it's whatever, but I rather the SH don't get some OP fruit like a logia.
It's not really OP anymore with Haki. The big threat of Logia in the Paradise side was you couldn't hit them without special circumstances. Crocodile took water and bleeding, the crew just lucked out with type-matching in regards to Enel, and Luffy straight up couldn't do dick to Smoker. Now though, you can hit logia, so the threat is now in the variety of attacks and degrees of intensity, extending the concept of logia to extreme circumstances. Like Crocodile being more than sand, but the concept of desertification itself with his water-draining. Haki just gives you a fair way to attack.

I did have an exceptionally silly idea for Monet's powerset expanding beyond just constructs and snow dumping, though it might be more Kuzan's thing.

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I beg you GODA, make it happen and make Monet live! Please I want that ice bird as my waifu!

Pretty sure you can still have a waifu who's dead in-canon. Monet's not dead though, never was.

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wow, you just assumed a lot of shit about me by just a couple post, you didn't say "shonen manga", you just said manga, so my point still stands, there is no need to be so defensive over the series you like, user

It's still the biggest manga out, regardless if it's shonen or not, and it's still literally the best you have to work with as far as long-term entertaining manga goes that hasn't taken a break.
>there is no need to be so defensive over the series you like, user
>There's no need to be offensive over manga series you dont like user

>basically a Nico Robin clone, character-wise
>people actually thought that she was going to join

So I can waifu Monet?

Monet is so fucking weak and she has practically no character.Why do people still care about her?

She sexy/wasted fruit if dead

Her fruit is nothing special, and it is wasted on her because she’s so weak to begin with. A person like her doesn’t even have the mental fortitude to use Haki.

Sure, I guess.
D-... did you guys think that I waifu'd Monet?

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I’ll never forgive her for stabbing Robin. Hopefully maggots are feasting on her brains right now.

Money forced Luffy to use G2 so she isnt weak. Probably could wreck Jobji.

Snow bitch isn’t beating a man that spontaneously set his entire body on fire.

Wow rude.

She almost gave Luffy hyperthermia meaning Jobji's heat aint doing shit.

Also fuck Oda not having Monet fight outside in the snowy environment of Punk Hazard.

She’s trash. Jobji could crack her skull with a single kick, no fire needed. Zoro could literally drop his swords and put her in a chokehold.


I understand your rage user, logias should not be wasted.

Well you are posting her. What would you do if she won’t appear in ch. 900?

Who /oven/ here?

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Monetfag would just go change the return chapter to 1000.

Shrug I suppose. It's a busy chapter so I'm just waiting to see what happens, and she's still got ways back into the story at least until we're done with Kaidou and Vegapunk.

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I don't think i ever emphatically said Monet was coming back in Chapter 900. I mean, someone else with a Monet picture might have but I'm going to let you in on a little secret;
I'm not the only one.

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>More than one person spreading this Monetfag autism
>In 2018
God, I hope not.

>multiple people liking a character
It's more likely than you think.

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