Nothing can happen until you swing the bat

>Nothing can happen until you swing the bat
Can the sequels even come close to being as "cool" as FLCL?

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Not a chance. Episodes 4, 5, and 6 are literally the pinnacle of anime. This is going to be watered down for an American TV audience and it won't have the passion and heart that the original staff put into it. Vapid cashgrab at it's finest.


At least we get new Pillows songs

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Probably not, but we'll probably get a few good moments. Not A+ moments, maybe A-.

I think I'm only going to be watching it for the music.

looks like Kari Wahlgren will voice both Haruko and Raharu while Mayumi will only be back for Alternative. Weird.

>Can the sequels even come close to being as "cool" as FLCL?
of course not in the latest trailer alone i saw at least three shot taken directly from the original series

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me on the bottom

They really are just an average run-of-the-mill J-rock band.
They have some good songs, sure, but they're nothing special.

I have a hard time understanding why people are so excited just to hear them play again in a an average coming-of-age anime.

Not a chance.

"It takes an idiot to do cool things, that's why it's cool."

It's definitely a dumb idea to make sequels to FLCL, that's why it has the potential to be the greatest thing ever.

>cat girl headphones XD

Fuck no.

>tfw never swung the bat

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>Girl who wears them is obviously a depressed shut in who wears them to drown out everything else.

FLCL was a full package type deal. Everything bounced off eachother and resonated. From the trailer alone, I don't feel the same charm the original had. It's too clean, too modern. FLCL was an anime that was very "of it's time" and held a lot of 90's charm to it that gets easily overlooked.
The new ones can't do that, and modern times don't have a lot to be proud of, nor any of the gritty style.

its possible to play anudda game of baseball

It's a metaphor for penis in vagina

What's stopping you from getting a gf user?

Exactly this. Being around takkuns age at the time of release made for a perfect storm. At least for me.

Lots of things

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It's true though, but I don't want to blogpost.

Is that really the reason you don't want to give us the reason you're so undesirable?

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Take a shower, hit the weights, get a clue ya pinhead.

yeah, they're kinda like the eyebrows in the first season.

Is it that unbelievable that someone on Sup Forums's anime board could be unattractive?
That's some dumb fucking bullshit, normalfag-kun

I asked why because I believe you.

We won’t know until we see it but it does have a up hill battle to fight. I’m not hoping for anything and I’m gonna try not be bias towards it because of my love for the first one

I'm ugly, short, socially retarded/stunted, boring, selfish, my self-esteem is in the gutter, and my standards are too high.
Coming of age anime like FLCL always hit hard because of this, since they're often an idealized depiction of what could have been.

If you are this much of a faggot in real life then no wonder you can't get a gf. Unless you are deformed you can get a gf but you're being a fucking faggot who isn't even trying to swing the bat and comes to Sup Forums to cry about it instead of actually trying to better himself like a retarded jabroni, either swing the bat or get out of the game.

>just b urself brah

How freaky would sex with Haruko be?


The best, if you didn't grow up chasing pink haired crazy girls i feel bad for you. They fuck like rabbits.

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No, you stupid idiot. don't be yourself, upgrade yourself. What are you offering to your potential gf? Fucking nothing, that's why you're still a virgin because, if you actually got /fit/, went outside and interacted with people, no matter how ugly you are you can get a gf, she may not be a 10/10 but you can get one but instead you're on a chinese cartoons board crying about your lack of gf. Either do that or stop complaining, nobody owes you sex.

I frequently use this an example as to why 2D Animation is superior to 3D animation even though I'm a 3d animator myself. You couldn't make a flip like that work in 3D, because if you watch it makes literally no sense, but the warping and style of the art itself carries it and wraps around back into being cool as FUCK

Every Gainax production died when Gainax died
I'd maybe have hope if it was done by Trigger but nope, Just production IG.

>he still posts same uninspired, aggressive feel good shit that every single normalfaggot who visits this place has posted before him
Yeah I'm sure getting a visible six pack is the answer to the problems of every sad piece of shit on this website

>Yeah I'm sure getting a visible six pack is the answer to the problems of every sad piece of shit on this website
not him but if you actually want a girlfriend that's a good place to start

Yeah, it's that easy. Even if you are still socially retarded women will still look at you in a different way if you actually look good.

Sure, but it'll never make up for all the other shit
>implying it's enough
Having abs doesn't make you taller or less ugly.
I already know where this conversation will lead, anyway, so let's just stop here.

FLCL was mediocre

>Sure, but it'll never make up for all the other shit
if you are looking for a woman to love you then you are right because women don't love men but if you're just looking for a gf then exercise and a good job is the answer

your taste is below mediocre.

That a fucking Supreme sticker?

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Shit taste the post

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If you don't want people to try to help you then stop crying about muh no gf.

It's shit. The anime is trying too hard to be 2deep4u just so that the viewer can interpret as much as he wants. Animation wise it was top notch though

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not a chance.
not cool

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>implying repeating inane empty "advice" is help and not just virtue signaling
I can cry about whatever I want

seenobody who likes flcl thinks it's deep or hard to understand

>The anime is trying too hard to be 2deep4u
oh wow, an actual brainlet.

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Would she be a good wife?

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>I can cry about whatever I want
Sure, just go to /r9k/ and have a circlejerk thread there. Do you know why people repeat this "empty" advice? Because it actually fucking works. I don't give a shit if you don't want to follow it, but don't complain about your shitty life if you're not doing anything to fix it.

No chance. This series absolutely did not need a sequel.

no,they will be a disaster, is kino all over again,i cant do this anymore

Both MC's in both series are yuri as fuck. Headphones girl is gonna get addicted to Haruko pink vespa.

Everything is possible but we can get another Kino no Tabi too.

>Can the sequels even come close to being as "cool" as FLCL?

>drawing this image when Ninamori with normal clothes is already way hotter
>saving this image when Ninamori with normal clothes is already way hotter

yes. in 5 years

The first part of the Japanese PV looked like it could be just as good as the original. The second part, I don't know.

supreme originated as a street art logo in the early 2000s before it became a faggy fashion trend

Not the same writer, and the first was good because it was a tightly-written story about puberty and sexual awakenings.

That's a story you can only really tell once with a given cast

The trailers for the new one make it feel like they're trying to replicate the same messages and iconography and coolness but without anything to really say

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>That's a story you can only really tell once with a given cast
It is a new cast.

The manga adaptation is better than the anime.

It has Haruko, who was (for 5.5 episodes at least) the embodiment of Naota's pubescent desires and fantasies: a manic punk rock dream girl.
The issue is that a lot of the aspects of her story arc depend on getting sucked into the fantasy that Naota is living out and then having it shatter.

Haruko is the lynchpin of the cast, and if she's returning then it's going to be very hard for it to be as cool because we go in with different expectations

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In what way?

The manga turned up a lot of the sexual elements but it also obfuscated a fuck ton and never explained anything. Amarao and Kitsurabami basically dont exist in the manga, and it's basically much more Naota centric, almost told form first person except for some flash backs to the Grandpa's youth

Maybe I'm too stupid or drunk, but I honestly just finished this. It was good, but maybe 2deep4me.

I can break down basically anything in this series, whadya wanna know user?

Not as a coming of age story, but as a work of fiction.

Its' more stylish but it's also way less comprehensible.

Unless you're so young that your balls haven't dropped yet, I refuse to believe this.

everything is a metaphor for puberty
now rewatch it again and you will get it(once you sober up you retard)

I thought it was a metaphor for life.

>nobody owes you sex
what the fuck you even talking about

It’s okay
Sometimes you swing the bat and miss
Which is basically the same as never swinging the bat at all

FLCL > Eva

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Aren't Haruko and Raharu the same character?