Yuru Camp

You havn't forgot them already right?

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Do anime only fags have the memory of a goldfish or something? They always seem to think if a thread isn't up a series is forgotten.

Don't want generals for gems

I'm sorry,i have to wipe them out of my memory to make room for next seasons waif's.


> forgot them already
I haven't even watched entirety of Yuru Camp yet, got stuck around ep6.

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i chose to forget every single one of those cardboard cutouts by e4. the only one that will remain in my heart is my wife rin.

I forced myself to forget everything about them.
I need to rewatch the series anyway.

Just got the Blu-ray. Can't wait to watch all the fun again.

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Was he right?

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'Is it warm now? Rin-chan'

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Nade nade~
Shima shima~

I like how she changes her hat style to Rin's at the end.

Sexhair Rin

Sexhair Fujiko

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I won't forget my wife Aoi

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Any animeshit with an english title is automatic cringeworthy.

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She has so much potential.

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How could I forget my wife

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Why is the fang skin-colored now?

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Is it even possible to completely forget a show? As in even when someone mentions it or posts an image from it, to not recognize you've ever watched it?

I really want to go camping but I don't live in Japan.

it's always been

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I don't remember this scene

Wow, her straining bra straps were the topic of discussion for a week.

I rememeber this scene without even seeing an episode it was in.

I didn't really read the threads either.

I mean, since when did anime all over have them skin-colored instead of teeth-white color

Anyone have scans of these? And are there ones for the rest of the campers?

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Episode 5, that is.

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I imagine these fangs like a girl biting the entire lips

>All of her art is tights based instead of the stockings she usually wears based on this tiny scene

can you wear panties that low and narrow and not shave?

To think a single frame of animation could lead to so much porn.

How can someone so tiny give off such a ikemen aura?

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JC mode.

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JS mode.

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It's the aquafresh scarf

Rank best girls in order


so the ova is out right??? is it sub yet?


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Niggas I'll have you know the drama parts in the OST are top comfy.

immaculate taste

How can a single line be so lewd

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I'm eagerly awaiting the OVA/Specials that should be coming out soon.

Onee-chan and Nadeshiko going CAMPU together when?

Buchou is awesome.

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>Expecting porn artists to pay attention to detail.

>All of her art is tights based
Thank god



Chiaki is fucking shit dude what's wrong with you

Does anyone know where I can buy a blanket like the Yuru camps have?

I want to join their club.

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I will never forget the Yurus

Why is Chiaki always ranked so low?

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Because she is worst girl

I think we can all agree that Rin is best girl though, right?

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why is rin-chan so perfect ?

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I need s2 so I can see this cute Rin-chan animated

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>rin showing emotion
can't wait

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This show was /fa/ as fuck.

I'm glad Inuko is getting more love. She isn't as eccentric as the others in the group but I like she's Aki's straight man like how Rin is Nadeshiko's straight man for her antics.

>yuru yuru~
>yuru yuru~

Chiaki is a dork! I love dorks.

fuck off im not watching this it looms boring

Why does Nadeshiko's dad look like Kevin Smith and HOLY SHIT. We actually saw the parents in a SOL for once. Is Yuru Camp a deconstruction?

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What does Nadeshiko's morning breath smell like?

somebody shop sicp in

K-on killer they said

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leaked scenes from new season

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That's how she felt on the inside, and joked that only someone like Nadeshiko would do that out loud.

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If they show parents in anime, that's a REconstruction, not Deconstruction.

Just checked Amazon out of curiosity and noticed volume one was on sale in English. Does anyone have it? Don't know why Yen Press called it Laid Back Camp when they could've just called it Yuru Camp

>one is a thot
>the other is Solid Snake's granddaughter
There you have your answer.

Rin-chan so cute!!!

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Why can't I have a gf like Rin? It's not fair... IT'S NOT FAIR

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Rin x Inuko episode when? Episode 9 was basically an Aki and Nadeshiko episode. I think Rin and Inuko have potential.

Cute anime dads

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>you will never have yuru sex with your favourite yuru

-It's already dark and my sister can't take you, why don't you stay tonight, Rin-Chan?
-Besides,you are already wearing my other pijamas
+ Hazukashi hazukashi, i was just trying it out, besides, you don't have another bed
-You can always sleep with me, Rin-Chan

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>good friends with a girl like rin, except instead of being interested in /x/ she was into freaky sex shit
>admitted she liked me
>fucked it up because I'm a huge autist
kill me

Sing with me Yurufriends


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Real Rin's Hair style

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Rin-chan want to meet doggo, but the doggo is already dead.

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Just as Keikaku