Post what you got.

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added to ptw!

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I will post this in a preeventive way

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just for you

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How does one make funny WEGs?
Is expected actually supposed to be your real expectations or is it just here to set up the punchline?

It can be both, for example here's a classic WEG that does just that.

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Funny is in the eye of the beholder

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I find that being too straightforward with your feelings on a show in a WEG can potentially hurt the humor, or make it difficult to understand. Of course your impression are required to even make a WEG a thing, but in order to make an entertaining image, losing some of your actual feelings may work better for it.

The absolute extreme of trying to get all your impressions about a work in a WEG can be seen in Sup Forums PEGs, where Anons will not only flood it with images, but will type out what they feel about the game in 'Expected' and "Got". It's REALLY bad.

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What's that anime in "What I got" ?

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not anime. Animatrix.

Sometimes it works if the joke is referencial to the source as in
The joke only makes sense if you've seen Prison school

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fuck that purple haired bitch.

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a classic

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I seirously need to watch/read cromartie high school

I wonder if this was started by E.Y.E.

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Here you go.

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Speaking of which.

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Its been like 10 years since I watched that and My brain still hasn't recovered from that shit.

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New shit in the backlog I guess

I'm still mad about this show.

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literally the only right use of the collage clusterfuck

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You're forgetting Samurai Flamenco. That one was great, though I do not have it on me at the moment.

I liked this show before Kuro showed up. I know she's popular, but I can't stand the brat.

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Its about time to someone to do an Iseaki "IN SPACE" so the circle is finally closed.

Are there even any Sci-fi RPGs that are popular in Japan? I think that will be the deciding factor of whether we see any Sci-Fi Isekai.

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I really need to catch back up with this. Even after reading the Snow White Raising Project side-story, I could tell this series would turn in to something special.

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I'd like to see a fantasy Isekai that works like Phantasy Star III. The show would be totally by the book for 8 of its 26 episodes and then drops a big sci-fi bomb.

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Convince me to undrop this

Worst girl dies

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Hiyori is still alive though.

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God fucking damn it.

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I'm shocked that the sudden "fantasy is actually sci-fi" thing isn't common in Isekai works at all. Final Fantasy did it even in the first game, and it's a well worn cliche elsewhere. I wonder why LN authors are late to that one.

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I was about to ask if it was Hiyori, how unfortunate. At least someone dies though.
You have my attention.

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so like

the same?

To be fair, Scrapped Princess was exactly that but it's almost 15 years old now

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Wtf I'm a Shaftfag and never heard of this, how come Shinbou is the only listed director?

Despite both of them being free tools, Blender is capable of way more and is far more versatile than MMD. It also has a ridiculously high learning curve that often scares people away right from the first impression.
Surprising competence.

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I'm still salty. The manga is fucking incredible.

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best girl

hey man, that took me like a whole 46 seconds in ms paint.


I fix.

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I still find it funny that Dianna and Kihel had more actual chemistry in a handful of scenes than the entire run of multiple shows/properties yuri fans normally fawn over.

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>not A38


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