Is this the peak of Fate's bastardization of history...

Is this the peak of Fate's bastardization of history? Can they possibly make something further from what they actually were?

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The design may be retarded as usual but a bunch of dead babbies coalescing into what is a representation of the myth isn't that bad.

>still complaining about Fate design being not accurate

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Actual historical people being genderbent is the worst offence. Nero and Francis Drake are fucking terrible

nice pic, mind if i save it?

desu that's better than them just making another saber clone.

This. Also we don't really know who Jack the Ripper was. Also it's one of the many forms the Myth of Jack can take. And this one is the coalescence of aborted fetuses from the London prostitutes, it's a cool background.

There are way worse character stories in Fate.

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Yes, do not steal.


Just wait for Hitleria in Fate/Ultra terrarium in 2022

What? you are one of those retards that thinks it was the doctor?

>Is this the peak of Fate's bastardization of history?
I think you underestimate Fate faggotry.

>Can they possibly make something further from what they actually were?
They already have, with many historical figures. At least jack as an explanation that makes sense in-universe as have already stated. There are some genderbends that are just there for shit and giggles without a reason.

And I find it hillarious that you're complaining about genderbends being the worst Fate can do when they've done far worst with just average designs. Like, who the fuck will believe you that the ancient king of Sumeria is a blonde fuckboi that dresses himself like a slav?

They could have just used actual women or done another one of the ambiguous cases like Jack or Arthur.

Too late. What are you gonna do about it?

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>And I find it hillarious that you're complaining about genderbends being the worst Fate can do when they've done far worst with just average designs.
It's not just the genderbend, they turned a presumably middle aged man into a collection of aborted fetuses in the shape of a little girl wearing prostitute clothes.

stop being a fag

You're a cunt.

How so? Jack the Ripper's identity was never revealed since he was never caught, so that gave Type Moon the freedom to do whatever they wanted. Nobody knows jack about Jack so it's fine. Obviously you didn't know jack prior to making this thread.

There are just as many theories that the Ripper could have plausibly been a woman.

>forgetting Medusa in a bondage outfit

Edison is always the answer

No worse than the child of light wearing spandex

Oh boy wait until you see Muramasa.

>complaining about visual misrepresentation of a person nobody ever fucking saw

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You stop being a 'tard first.

Bound monster wearing bondage attire is fine. Not even that S&M-y (look at Deen Sakura if you want that)
Next best thing to him fighting naked covered in blue paint

Why is a guy who killed some whores worthy of being a heroic spirit anyways

This series quickly went to shit after the original, I guess, trilogy of works

There are theories that the Ripper was a loli?


Prove that Jack the Ripper wasn't a little girl in skympy clothing. I bet you can't.

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how would a little girl have the physical and mental capacity to kill and hide the bodies without being detected

go complain on twitter or tumblr about cultural appropriation or something while you're at it fag


>seduce prostitutes with your loli charms
>kill them
>no one will ever suspect a little girl
The perfect crime

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sounds like the UK needs loliripper these days

Burden of proof is on you tho

What a perfect way to take care of all those rapeugees.

>Can they possibly make something further from what they actually were?
Considering that no one knows who Jack the Ripper was, Fate Jack is fairly harmless.

female Jesus

>the coppers catch wind about loli ripper
>kill and mix in some of the rare rapefugee children in the body pile to get pity from the masses
>call for more rapefugees

Jack give me a raging erection so I don't care.

He's right tho,
It's one thing to genderbend legendarny characters witha milion versions of their story, and a whole other game to turn well documented historical characters into fucking waifubait.
Looking at you, Nobunaga, Attilla, Nero, Musashi etc.
It was fine with Arturia because it offered a nice twist to the already fuzzy arthurian legend, but now it's just a low-brow cringe fest that makes to OG Saber mundane and not at all unique.
The mindless genderbender along with the saberface pandemic is a cancer upon this franchise. If FS/N were to be released by todays Type Moon - Gilgamesh or Cu would be a Loli, and dumbasses like you would eat it up.

>Oi wanka! Is that an assault loli I see? Do you have a loicense for her and her assault knoife?

t. faggot

Loli ripper would offend someone within .2 seconds and be brought in for trial.

>>Gilgamesh or Cu would be a Loli

>smug as fuck accelerationist loli with godlike powers
you're right I'd eat that up

if they ever found caught her let alone actually sighted her form

Who would win? 100,000 offended twitter users, or one stabby girl?

There's a manga about that

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one misty night later...

Not really, there's a nice male/female ratio in FGO. If they went for accurate design it would be 95% males.

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Trannies aren't women so at least 30 people are still there

they'll bleed faster then actual women

Here is an accurate representation of Jack the ripper fighting King Arthur.

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I'm just waiting til I can fuck Rama's boipussy in fate/empire of dirt. Other than that fates kinda boring now. Fate /Zero was the last great thing


>Why is a guy who killed some whores worthy of being a heroic spirit anyways
He is possibly the most famous murderer in history after Cain.

Jack the Ripper is the original serial killer, the seed from which the modern concept of spree killing sprang. He had no discernable motive beyond his own madness, he had a colourful nickname and a grotesque signature technique, he engaged in twisted banter with the media and police, the former of whom covered him near-constantly with sick fascination. And he was never caught.

In an age when cold-blooded murder was considered to be the province of smug youths with a jar of arsenic and a waiting inheritance, or wily foreigners playing a devilish political game, or vengeful antiheroes enacting a plot of retribution spanning years... Jack was something new. The bloody-handed midwife of modern murder.

Every time you read about a Batman villain, or see a report on the Missouri Mangler, or endure an episode of Criminal Minds, or rewatch Silence of the Lambs-

-you've got Smiling Jack to thank for that.

>but now it's just a low-brow cringe fest
Yeah 'cause it was a highbrow eroge before.

Devil's Proof

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The answer is still altera

Prove to me that Attila the Hun was not a Female fragment of a titan sent by an Alien Comet to destroy the earth.

But no one likes her so its fine.

>If they went for accurate design it would be 95% males.
Sounds great tbqh.

Nobody knows what Jack the Ripper looked like, so that one's not too bad.
Pointless genderbending of obviously male historical figures when there are perfectly good female alternatives is way worse.
Like... why use Francis Drake when you have Anne Bonny and Mary Read?


He didn't ask why jack was famous. He asked why he was "heroic"

Cleaned up the city of whores.

Grail got corrupted and allows "anti-heroic spirits" too.

Done as a joke, you aren't meant to take her seriously in the slightest.
Explicitly an alternate universe version of Musashi. Man Musashi still exists in their universe.

Jack the Ripper > Astofol

My wife Arturia is the thiccest.

Who the fuck cares
It's not like otaku give a damn about historical figures being represented accurately, Fate would have never taken off if they did

Do you get mad over anime Americans all being blonde and blue-eyed with large tits too?

>Do you get mad over anime Americans all being blonde and blue-eyed with large tits too?
Those aren't American

If they're not American why do they wear the stars and stripes so proudly

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There are theories that Jack could have been a woman that being a midwife. As she would have the medical knowledge to know what uterus was.
Buzz feed blue does surprising job at informing the audience about Jack.


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Same reason Medea, Medusa and Hassan were


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Anne and Mary are lesbians

They do decent work. They are one of the better true crime/ supernatural youtubers.

>Why is a guy who killed some whores worthy of being a heroic spirit anyways

She is not, the throne keep information of anyone relevant in history, the grail should always summon "good" heroes though but in fate timeline it doesnt cous angra and in apo timeline it doesnt because darnic did a bunch of things to change the system so they could summon anyone (thats why the assassin isnt a hassan too)


I'm curious what Type Moon's Mohamed would be like. I can imagine a lot of Masters in a HGW would mistake him for Assassin giving no one knows what the fuck he looks like.

But it's not actually jack the ripper, it's one of the forms he can take, which was explained and you ignored it

Wasnt she just a part of the legend and not the actual jack anyway? the reason that she is called jack was because many of the prostitutes died during the abortion so the babies ended killing a bunch of them. Strange fake makes a point that one of the strong points about jack legend was that people was so fucking scared that though that any dead woman was her victim and anyone could be him.

They could make Jesus a Girl

It is PEAK loli

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Pretty sure they aren't aborted fetuses, they are the abandoned children of prostitutes, orphans left to the street, and the prostitutes themselves, who were often just children. In many cases, one person could be all three, as the little blond whore that Jack morphs into probably is.

Also remember this is the same series that made Thomas Edison into a lion and made Nikola Tesla without a mustache.

Edison is arguably worse.

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I hope you guys have her in your roster.

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This. Judas betrayed her cause he saw her doing /u/ with Mary and got jealous. Otakus will eat that shit up

>Tesla is famous for inventing stuffs
>But he can shoot electricity now
>If a servant uses np they risk exposing their true identities
How the fuck am I supposed to know that Tesla is an Archer? He didn't fucking shoot anything in real life

I'm too poor

Nah they are fetuses, even the chapter that was released before the novel tht has jack summoning was called the unborn

Lionhead edison is great in concept but he really looks stupid, and pretty sure that tesla design was just sakurai liking the guy but not the mustache.

>Jack Alter is going to be a MILF


>He didn't fucking shoot anything in real life

Angry Manjew

Thats what happens when they go all out in just using mistery and concepts to make np. Sometimes they really get great ones like holmes np or cu but then you have tesla that could have elictricity related powers and not make him fucking modern prometeus

>Tesla, a man who had nothing at all to do with the invention of electricity, and wasn't even the main advancer of AC, is credited as the one who brought lightning to humanity

Of course.