Dagashi Kashi

Is Saya attractive?

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She looks like a crackhead.

Very much so.

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The show needs more breast envy

You might as well fuck a man at that point.

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I'd impregnate her and take responsibility.

Saya Best.

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I want to play video games with Saya.

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Totally. I really don’t see why people like that other girl.
That’s not hotaru


When she was 10 years old, yeah. Now she just looks older with a longer body with no curves.

>When she was 10 years old

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Saya's the one that looks like a crackhead, not Hotaru.

The answer is yes for me personally

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She's moderately pretty. She suffers from being the most realistic character in a show two perfect waifus.

But tomboys are the perfect waifus.

Get the fuck out of here.

Deal with it.

Totally, she's just overshadowed by nigh impossibly good Hotaru.


No unless your into necrophilia.


Hotaru is the worst and most annoying character in the show. Since she left, the show has just gotten better.

Keep crying, your favorire girl will never be better than Hotaru.


If crackwhores looked this good I'd be going to public parks in Oakland a whole lot more.

>She's moderately pretty.

I'd say that's Hajime, she has the most plain design of the girls. Saya and Hotaru are hot/cute in opposite but complementary ways.

She is. But she's from an anime where she can't compete with the actual attractive girls so she ends up being quite ugly.

But she's alive and well

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Yep, she's super beautiful. I'd marry her.
Haha, who'd want to do that?

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look at this flaming homosexual. consider seiruku

more cute in s1 desu

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god i want her to sit on my face

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She probably has diabetes and shits sugar crystals. Disgusting.


my sides

Imagine the smell of those armpits

Wtf I love crackheads now.


Japanese people don't really have BO

anorexic alien

fat nigger

>It's a Kokonuts mistakes Saya's speed for Dagashi episode

She is, but gotta say, its hard to beat Hotaru. Cool fashion, sexy butt, big breast, hot legs, she got everything.

why nigger tho

whiter than you, muhammad

Hotaru is like a Rococo painting, pretty but overly wrought. Saya is like a realist painting, plain but infused with real meaning.

How many more chapters are left in the manga

This week is chapter 184 and it ends at 186.

What a stupid question, of course she is!

I sort of aggree but Rococo painting is putting Saya in the shadow =P

saya is perfect

Who is it looking like will win the cocconutbowl?

Rococo's shit, famalam

She's attractive to me! I love her!

why is she so perfect???

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>Saya will never use your dick like roll-on deodorant
Why do we suffer this meaningless existence?

They do in my fantasy fetish scenarios.

Saya got friendzoned hard months ago and she officially gave up a few weeks ago. Meanwhile Hotaru and Kokonotsu have a mutual attraction to each other and want to be together. However, their circumstances may not allow that to happen. There's still a couple chapters left to see whether or not Kotoyama will have them be together or not.

She is fucking lewd so fuck yes she is sexy.

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But then her armpits will smell like your dick. And your dick will smell like her armpits.

Thanks for the info user

From her piercings and general attitude she's obviously the type of girl that likes to be roughly fucked over and over. Hot.

You're welcome. If you're interested, here's a link to archived translation threads from 134 to 183:




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Why not? In Vietnam units that were really "in it" for a while could tell their own from the enemy by their body odor.

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So who is going to win?

Fuck you girls with small pupils and piercing are the best

she isn't a tomboy

Hajime is Manga end and Hotaru is Dagashi end. I want Hajime to win but i think Saya will

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Watch this

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like a shovel

In this chapter, Hajime thinks that Saya is gay for Hotaru.

"Wait, are you two going back?"
"Sorry! There's something we gotta do back at the store."
"Well, it cannot be helped then..."

"Waait, but"
"We're still in the middle of the women's gathering."

"Mr. Pops, you aren't a woman!!"
"Huh?! I mean, it's true, but..."

"It was fun, so I'm sorry."
"Let us join again next time."

"Um... Saya-san!"


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Yea, but she got upstaged by two girls who have way better designs than her. If she was in her own series she would get more attention, but Hotaru and Hajime are fucking 20/10 designs.

Which girl can fit the most dagashi in her mouth?

probably candyslut

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why is that cake so short?

Not a cake

looks like a very untidy cake

>ugly character design
>even uglier personality

If she wasn’t such a raging jealous bitch she wouldn’t be so bad.

She's pretty

Pretty ugly

Looks like a crack addict whore.

Who /sugarfeeling/ here?

I thought exactly that the first time I saw her. She looks like a crack addict.

her pussy must taste like some really bitter and unhealthy shit. Bad diet make pussy stink like hell too. But anyway, she looked better with blue eyes and light purple hair. I wonder why they changed that since everyone else look the same as S1.

Maybe if she at least had b cups

That episode where she got that huge ulcer near her mouth disgusted the shit out of me. I don't get how some people find this unhealthy bitch attractive.

>Mado will never make a doujin of Saya
>Mado will never make another h-manga or doujin again because he went non-h
It hurts

Both girls are beautiful. I would suck each of their clits.

You're a thot.

Her possessive, passive-aggressive bullshit in her debut chapter/episode turned me off to her.

she was in season one

she attracts my heart

Uh, yeah?

samefag faggot