I do not understand...

I do not understand. She's one of the most popular anime characters today (no this is not up for debate) yet Watamote sales do very badly in Japan
Any reason for this?

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animefags don't read maga
western readers don't buy manga in japan

The reason is because she is most decidedly NOT one of the most popular anime characters today. Her manga (and anime) was not taken well at all in Japan for the longest time, and even in the west, Watamote was always decidedly niche.

OP is right, there's no debating something that patently false.

>She's one of the most popular anime characters today

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What don't japs like about watamote?

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>yet Watamote sales do very badly in Japan

Arn't they selling out these days due to Yuri shitters crawling out of their sex dungeons lap it up.


>even the book is by itself

jap neets don't want a grim reminder of their own problems, they want impossibly cute girls arguing about cake and preferably drawn from a low angle.

>hetfags mad as hell

>She's one of the most popular anime characters today
According to who? I didn't think it was that popular anywhere anymore.
>sales do very badly in Japan
I thought it was getting more popular recently with Tomoko actually having friends now. It's been more boring to me, but I thought they were eating it up.

I do not understand. OP is one of the smartest people on Earth (no this is not up for debate) yet his post is so very stupid
Any reason for this?

Don't you understand that you guys are proof of her popularity? Even though you don't like Tomoko I'm guessing you still recognize her character. Making her popular. Tomoko is a very recognizable character just like Cirno or Konata. Even if many people don't recognize her show people still recognize Tomoko as a popula anime character that is well known.

Don't you understand that a lack of sales are proof of her unpopularity?

Probably because she's really recognizable, she has a distinct face. She's not a sameface moeblob.

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I want to smell her stinky vagina

So maybe.. just maybe.. it's popular outside of Japan???

I mean think of how much more sales Touhou would have if Americans were able to buy physical copies. It's still immensely popular overseas. Japan sales don't mean anything and clearly Americans and Japanese have different taste in what makes anime good as much of anime is very very bad

this show makes me cringe but I'm holding out hope

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Because you didn't buy blurays retard.

>the pile sold

the one on the left has me intrigued,
two girls gloming on a guy, and a third is sort of sulking in the conrer, whats her story?

i really like this show. that being said, it's taking me for fucking ever to watch its 12 eps because it's goddamn depressing lol

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Looks like volume 9 of this. I doubt we'll ever get LN translations though.

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Japan studios get very little money from overseas sales.

As far as they are concerned, and as far as they are finanically responsible, it was a pretty big flop that only barely managed to keep itself running. It doesn't matter if it sold well through Yen Press, they don't see any of that money and only a fraction of the publicity from western popularity will return to them as japanese sales.

It's only since the last one or two volumes that the Manga started picking up huge speed but it's unlikely that we will get a Season 2 Anime from it, since it could take a season or more to even reach the content that can be justified as "Popular."