What does Sup Forums think of Lain??

What does Sup Forums think of Lain??

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it's ok, solid 7/10

Pretentious garbage

Pretentious shit

I'd fuck her.

I love lain!

I fantisize about her stepping on my dick and rubbing my balls with her heel while giving this look of perturbed annoyance.

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Autistic as fuck but I will fuck her.

What does she mean with this?

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did she really kill the gunman?

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>You're that scattered God's.......what?
what does he say to her in the japanese version?

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I love Lain. We should all love Lain

I'm pretty sure she's God or something.

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too dumb to understand it. kind of boring. 7/10

Love it. One of the few 10/10 that arenn't an OVA.

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A E S T H E T I C as fuck but boring to actually watch. First two episodes are great though.

Predicted the future

It's mediocre.

a perfect score, 5/7

The future decided that it predicted the future. Lain was about the present day, and it was about people, not the internet.

Don't lewd the Lain

Boogiepop > Haibane > Texholyze >> Ergo Proxy >>>>>>>>>>> Lain

Are Boogiepop and EP in any way connected outside of being commonly associated with the Abe trilogy?

Nope, just washed out, dark aesthetic, and referred to as pretentious by idiots. Like the Abe trilogy.

Do they warrant a watch? From what I've heard EP is supposedly a much more immature Texhnolyze and edgy for the sake of it

I'd say Ergo Proxy is worth watching, but don't expect it to hold up to Abe's trilogy. I wouldn't describe it as edgy but it's the closest to pretentious of the listed titles, and definitely has some stumbles/wierd decisions.
Still some cool ideas and a neat cyberpunk story.
Also has a 10/10 episode a little over halfway through that itself is absolutely worth watching, but doesn't work without being familiar with the characters up until that point.

Somehow didn't notice you asked if they were both worth a watch. Haven't seen Boogiepop myself and was always tentative about diving into it since IIRC it's a wierd adaptation that starts at like the second volume of the Light Novels or something like that, and of course gets nowhere near the end of the story. And the LNs have no official translation and little fan translation.
I'm just waiting for the new Boogiepop adaptation that's coming this year. If it seems to fail like the new Kino adaptation did, then I'll check out the old Boogiepop to make up for it.

>ABe trilogy

It really is a shame that it's commonplace for people to give him credit for Texhnolyze and Lain when all he really did was design the characters.

Not trying to downplay everyone else's involvement, I just used it since it seems to be the most recognized way of grouping the three shows.

>higher than SEL

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it is, lain is lame

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Tex is forced drama

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>lain is lame

I see you are in possession of some excellent taste.

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Lain is the one true goddess and deserves all of our love and worship.

Haibane > Lain > Boogiepop > Ergo Proxy >>>>>>>>>>> Texholyze


you were close