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A bad translation

It had about 30% of content and 70% filler.
Plus the upload was trash. Double page spreads with rushed scanlation.

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The rich kid is kinda cute, I wanna see him getting punished by DO-S

This translation was kind of trash.

there is no amount of translation can save this chapter. the problem is the slow ass progression for a 1 month chapter. If this only took 1 week then it's fine but for a 1 month wait and just villains reveal is too much.

Yeah well, we though ONE would get to progressing OPM in 2018 but he just finished MB100. Now Murata just spends most of his time coming up with ways of drawing pages that say nothing.

>If this only took 1 week then it's fine but for a 1 month wait and just villains reveal is too much.
Read more manga, what the fuck. This is 100 pages of content, most manga wouldn't get near this amount in a month, let alone with Murata's quality. Neither him or ONE are going to compromise the story to reach the climaxes faster.

The amount of pages is useless if you waste it on character reveal and introduction. If you look at the webcomic all of the MA monsters was revealed in just a single panel. The introduction of their name and level was revealed during combat too for the surprise factor.

quantity isn't quality, especially with adaptations. Th quality gap between the webcomic and manga is getting noticeable larger over the past few years. T

is the chapter getting a proper translation?

Does the webcomic end at 109?

Literally 8 pages were used to introduce new monsters, stop acting like there wasn't a lot of content in the chapter just because you didn't like it or wanted more.
Quantity isn't quality, I agree, but this part of the webcomic is awfully rushed. It just wouldn't work with how the manga is developing the arc, I don't think any scene wasn't necessary or improved the series as a whole. Not all the big events should be happening so close to each other, like you said, quantity isn't quality, better developing the ideas makes for much better chapters than just adapting them quickly.

everyone is waiting for a proper scanlation

UK/box is coming.

For now the only good translation is this one and it's not typeset:

I was hoping Garou would've been punished by Do-S when he walked in-front of Orochi.

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Jaiminis and MS, but don't expect anything until the weekend at earliest. Nobody gives a shit about the manga, except for whoever is in this thread and those people commenting on Durzo's videos.

> Nobody gives a shit about the manga
This is laughable. It's an extremely popular manga, but the chapter is huge, text heavy and the arc is just starting. The hype was recently through the roof with the Elder Centipede chapter, but things have mellowed out since.

Pretty sure several people were hoping Garou would be using his shibari technique on Do-S or for her to be nursing him. He didn't even look at her though.

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I wonder if we should call our days the reddit era.
People rush to get a thing out asap to get the most upvotes rather the waiting for quality.
And how idiotic is it that people rather *view* untranslated pages because they're so impatient they can't wait a week fro the translation.

>It's an extremely popular manga
People really overrated OPM's popularity.
It's a below average series. Murata even said he doesn't even feel any hype at all in Japan during the episode 12 of anime.

>And how idiotic is it that people rather *view* untranslated pages because they're so impatient they can't wait a week fro the translation.
Spoilers have been a thing for ages.
This was the last time they did this.
Sure, it's MAL, but it's a huge western site and it's one of the biggest manga there. The anime is also high up there.

I don't know how anyone overrates its popularity when it IS very popular. Why do you think it isn't? Maybe it's well known without a lot of followers actively participating in the fanbase, but that's a whole nother topic.

The most idiotic thing is the mods of that place highlighting that kind of content and encouraging people to click and spread that shit. Zero quality control.

Any decent mod would've never done that and at the very least added a note "misleading title" to shit that claims to be a full translation when it's actually incomplete trash.

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I need more Tatsumaki/Fubuki art

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What's wrong with that? People want to read the chapter, even if the translation isn't up to standard. How is reading a bad translation any different than going through the raws and talking with the anons that give information about it? You guys are seriously autistic or something.

There is nothing wrong with the translation you assfaggots.

What a fag you are OP. You know good translations aren't out yet you pretend to be retarded. What the fuck is the point

Do you even have to ask? It's encounraging more retards to google translate for upboats.

They literally have a dedicated translator who provived a text tl while this retard was torturing his MS Paint. Any mod who is not completely fucking dumb would've given exposure to the former, the translation that's actually full.

>It's encounraging more retards to google translate for upboats.
And what is the problem with that? People like the translations, that's the whole point. Why should the mods judge what people should and shouldn't be reading? That same translation is why so many people here are able to discuss the chapter.

Personally, I haven't read it, because fuck that I prefer reading the raw before fast scans. But I'm not going to go in an autistic rage because of it, even if it's a waste of efforts. It's not like that translator or typesetter could've done a better job than UK or MS.

>People like the translations,
People like shit.
It's up to the adults to say "oh kids, wait until the nutritious meal comes along so skip eating the shit".

>It's up to the adults to say "oh kids, wait until the nutritious meal comes along so skip eating the shit".
If a responsible adult wants to eat shit he can do that. Go back to Turkey or Russia, wherever you came from.

Webcomic Monster Association wasn't "awfully rushed", it correctly treated the arc as just another job and arguably caps off the first half of the story, it didn't need a bloated amount of buildup that has slowed the manga's storytelling to a crawl.

Reading manga is not a biological imperative, drop the dumb analogy.

>People like the translations
Only braindead faggots like google translate garbage. The rest don't bother to read that shit or call out the retard out of pure politeness. People who did complain should've targeted the retarded mods who highlight and encourage low effort content like that when they have an actual, manually done translation available.

You may or may not agree that the manga is slow, but the webcomic was definitely going too fast. Garou appeared, and in like 5 chapters he was talking with the MA that came out of nowhere and the raid started like 3 chapters later. That would've been fine if they were more throwaways like the House of Evolution, or the Dark Matter Thieves, but these guys stayed relevant for a long time. ONE clearly realized that too late, so giving them proper build up makes sense now that he can redo the story.

>that has slowed the manga's storytelling to a crawl.
Holy fuck you people need to read some more manga, how is the manga slow? This chapter was some well earned build up after a fight that's setting up for the huge war that's about to break.

Being fast paced is the strength of OPM series because it cuts out the bullshit. Why does it need to become another slow paced shounen anyway?

>Slow= only one webcomic chapter/ not faster than Saitama pacing
Webcomicfags are a special breed of autism

>Only braindead faggots like google translate garbage. The rest don't bother to read that shit or call out the retard out of pure politeness.
It's irrelevant who likes it and doesn't, in this case the upvotes/downvotes would curate that since it's a relatively small community (are we seriously discussing reddit?).

>it cuts out the bullshit
It doesn't cut out the bullshit, it makes fun of it. The only slow thing here is you it seems

This. The problem is most people probably don't even know about the existence of the FULL translation because the mods there are retarded.

You must be an animeonly.

One of the reasons people liked Monster Association was because it was fast. We didn't have this filler about Phoenix Man trying to kiss up to Garou for five volumes.

Tell them. Post it yourself there. You only look like a whiney child that wants think to go their way, most people couldn't give more of a fuck to read translations that haven't been typeset.

The main problem is ONE not creating more story for OPM.
Murata should just lessen the amount of filler pages so the chapters themselves are better paced and more interesting.

It's not just the upboats system you idiot. Stickying a thread with a misleading title and low effort content when they have an actual translation they could sticky is something only a dumbfuck mod would do.

>One of the reasons people liked Monster Association was because it was fast.
The arc is by far the slowest OPM ever was. Don't project your opinions on others, most opinions like the arc specifically because it had more time to develop the heroes and villains, compared to the earlier more gag-like arcs.
>We didn't have this filler about Phoenix Man trying to kiss up to Garou for five volumes.
There's been like 20 pages tops about their relationship.

I sure hope Sweet Mask doesn't kill her.

>something only a dumbfuck mod would do.
Why don't you apply to look over those dumb sheeple that can't properly appreciate OPM like the artpiece it is, like you do? This is clearly a way too simple matter, and you have loads of experience based on how you are talking about it.

Stickies are for what people don't want to miss. Most people don't read translations that aren't typeset. There's no reason not to sticky a post that a lot of people visiting the sub WANT to see, even if you think it's wrong for them to want to see it.

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I'm not interested in spoonfeeding them how modding works user. Just joined the discussion because I agree that the mod team must be a bunch of retards. They're indirectly responsible for the fact that the good translation has not been typeset.

>it didn't need a bloated amount of buildup that has slowed the manga's storytelling to a crawl.
Had you actually read the webcomic, you'd remember that the monster association arc begins in chapter 55, and lasts until chapter 94. Chapter 70 to 94 is one really long battle scene with all the characters gathering in the same spot among the rubble. When the arc ended, it was nearly half the lenght of the entire webcomic. Meanwhile in the manga, chapter 86 has the scenes of chapter 55. Sure the MA was introduced during the tournament, but the tournament was its own self contained arc with a clear conclusion, with the MA stuff carrying over to become the focus starting with chapter 86. The MA raid needs to be at least 80 chapters long just to match how long it was in the webcomic.

1. Everyone knows about these parts already
2. Murata is going way too overboard with the fanservice

People want to see a proper translation not some google translate abomination with empty speech bubbles, you retard. Pretty sure they value their one translator a lot so giving traction to some retard over him, without even clarifying that this "full translation" is incomplete shit, really makes you think about the state of their fucking mods.

Please, you can't defend this. It is clear as fuck they are dragging the story because ONE hasn't updated the webcomic in forever, and does too little even when he does. Is like an anime that reaches the length of its manga and starts throwing filler at you.

It's the exact same complain they have for this Manga on Japan.

The reason why people are so pissy between releases and say that nothing happens is because they've both read ahead with the webcomic and also watched every fucking stream Murata does so they know the content inside out before it's even uploaded. What did you expect? Do you even like OPM?

Wheres the imgur of the newest chapter with the shit translations then?

I like ONE's OPM
I don't like Muratas OC content.

This is ONE's OPM, Murata isn't a writer. Murata spends significant amounts of time just waiting for ONE to get off his lazy ass and deliver the script.

Have you tried switching it to w for wumbo ?

I'm kind of interested in typesetting the one good translation. I've never done scanlating per se but I've been working with Adobe products for years so it should be no biggie.

Is it worth it? Or should we just wait for Jaiminis?

I'm afraid they're gonna release their scanlation right when I'm halfway done with mine.

It is like every other Sup Forums project. The product will be great and useful, outsiders will rip it off, everyone will call it shit and the creator will be jaded and burned.

If the translation is good it will always be welcomed
I miss UK ;_;

I think it'd be worth it if you plan to do it whenever a chapter is out since you'd be practicing and stuff regardless. Otherwise, it's realy just up to you.

ONE hasn't updated the webcomic in forever because he's working on the OPM manga and on Mob's last arcs, plus the spin-off right now.
> Is like an anime that reaches the length of its manga and starts throwing filler at you.
Except in this case the manga barely reached the halfpoint of all the webcomic material, this is intentional as a way to better build up the story to set up for the future arcs.

Fucking do it please, give these fucks something else to talk about.
Translations is here

Does anyone know when is the next OH chapter coming out? Because the preview featured Do-S will finally show up.

If you want to do it, do it. But at this point it's only worth it for the experience, the chapter is already old and it'll get translated anyway. If you want to give it a try in a more useful way try a dropped series or something, a lot of groups are missing typesetters.
UK is Jaimini's.

I just want to know who G5 really is besides coming from the organization, the fact he not only saved the Narinki group but also Tareo means he is either Drive Knight or maybe Bofoy?

would you?

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I didn't knew that what the hell, since when?

I was thinking that I could do proper cleaning too (have a tablet and everything).

To be honest this circus with the google translation was kinda appalling to me too. That's why I want to scanlate this properly myself. I'm going to see what I can do tomorrow, right now it's late evening.

The canon version
Since the old redditor who actually typesetted stepped down

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Since they started translating it, so chapter 87

Praise be to you based user

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I try to avoid sticking my dongle in a blast furnace if i can avoid it.

They don't translate, only typeset. UK's team does everything else

>To be honest this circus with the google translation was kinda appalling to me too. That's why I want to scanlate this properly myself. I'm going to see what I can do tomorrow, right now it's late evening.
I can appreciate that, but honestly the chapter has been out for 5 days already, you aren't going to be able to do it properly before one of the big groups is done with it. This shit always happens, so maybe you could do it for next chapter? I wouldn't want your efforts to be wasted.

They also clean, redraw and QC. I read the link I posted, I just meant in a general sense of it all, probably should've said scanlate. Anyways, at this point UK is part of Jaimini's, even if he only works in one series.

UK is on a plane and Mangastream is a tier lower than one user's translations. I'd say he go for it

Well yeah I wouldn't want to mess up with the timing now either. I'm going to scanlate the dialogue-heavy beginning of the chapter tomorrow just to see how quickly I can clean and typeset by myself. If it's fine, who knows, I may scanlate the whole thing faster than Jaiminis with their mysterious release schedule.

Which volume has the most redraws?

>Mangastream is a tier lower than one user's translations
As an user that regularly translates stuff from streams and early info from chapters, I must disagree. MS takes a lot of liberties and words things in a very peculiar way, but they are still better than randos here.

That user worded it incorrectly I think. The user from reddit who does quick translations generally tls stuff correctly without adding any of MS' ghetto bullshit.

It has honestly become extremely generic. We don't any more of the amazing "animated" panels anymore.

Oh, he meant one specific user. In that case maybe, I haven't read it. I still think the "ghetto" bullshit is overexaggerated most of the time.
What exactly do you mean by "generic" that wasn't there before? Animated panels are a waste of time, and the art and choregoraphy have only gotten better.

We got one with the Elder chapter and the random usage of the pseudo animation was killing the pace more than anything. It's just as enjoyable as it's always been.

>spend a lot of focus on her
>only to kill her off
Why does he do this to us? ONE is a cruel man.

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It's what happens to most antagonists, just be glad we got to see a lot of her. Compared to Eyesight and Mosquito Girl she got the long end of the stick.

Also, that panel is the old version.

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Who could even join the raid from the lower classes that could help at all? Maybe this is set up for the heroes that will defect, and there's some raw talent that's making their way up, I'd love that, and it'd explain where the Neo Heroes came from.

Because as it stands, the manga has gotten rid of pretty much all the other ABC classes that aren't total fodder. There's not a lot of heroes we've seen a lot of left.

They're sending them in to die, why do you care

Because a lot of heroes have died in OPM, right?

My point is that it's an irrelevant addition as it's presented, especially since the HA doesn't have that many heroes. They are sending most of the S class, and they still think some ABC classes could help, that seems like it's setting up something. Otherwise it'll just feel like a waste, because low tier heroes can't even fodderize Tigers, unless they are actually stronger than their class like Saitama.

>hey still think some ABC classes could help
They are sending them in to die, not help. Why do you care

Did you literally not read any of my posts? It could be set up, they specifically said that they could take talented heroes.

It could just be fodder in the end, but there's still the possibility that it'll tie in with the next arc, do you not read the webcomic?

Are good translations out yet?

You say some broad things, but the problem is all you're doing is acting like a given that you're right. That's narcissistic.

It was an enjoyable chapter that introduced new characters, gave an S class-style intro to the Dragon levels, and hyped up the fodder to make their downfalls funnier. What's wrong with it aside from your complaint about it being "slow"? It doesn't feel that way at all to me and other people. Try reading monthly manga, user. Put your frame of mind there instead, since your kind loves bringing that up so much. The chapter has accomplished quite a bit of story progression. Actual story, instead of the "plot" you people love to complain so much about not happening. As if you even understand what plot is when you can't even recognize it.

Shit, man, OPM is pretty much the only manga series I ever see fully stocked from the first volume and even random people in my college know about it. One random girl even told me she enjoyed the series when she caught me reading it on my laptop.

Murata is just being typically humble for a Japanese.

It's curious that you call it halfpoint. As if the webcomic actually matters with regard to the content anymore. Anons sure do love putting it on a pedestal. Nostalgia is such a powerful high for you, isn't it.

Are you actually following the conversation?

If you are complaining about the manga being overly extending because there's not much material left, that's a lie, half the chapters were remaining before the split, and before that the pacing was pretty much the same, with some additions here and there. Of course it wasn't the halfpoint with the new content, but that's where your argument falls apart, we've never been any close to the manga reaching the webcomic.

How could you miss this?