Ange is feeling anxious. Please say something to help her relax

Ange is feeling anxious. Please say something to help her relax.

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Princess pee casablanca black lizard planet


Lizard sex.

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Say that again motherfucker

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Nice dick you have there, Ange-kun.

dumb lizard

Ugly dork.

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Nobody has as much style as Ange.

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She's so cool it makes me want to cry

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You've been replaced.

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as of now, princess belongs to Zelda

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I'm excited.

Gee Ao, why are you getting two shows?

Hello, this is Beato speaking! Everything will be fine!

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Her show was disappointing

A design like hers deserves it.

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Is this what your family told your mother when you were born?

My mom doesn't have a show, though? Why are you so insecure?

She's no Ange but she is hot

Kuma Shock!

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Loli Ange and teenage Dorotits.

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It's okay that you're a titlet since you're also a dyke and girls don't care as much about boobs

Anges tits are precious, but she has better assets.

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Ange is satisfied to know that there are girls with even smaller tits than hers.

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But dykes love big titties.

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Ange doesn't feel insecure about her own body because it's the same as Princess, and she loves Princess.

That's a big wrench

Forget the wrench user, that toolbox is like half her size and presumably filled wiith heavy shit.

MC has a bigger and thicker one.

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She's handsome!