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Who are these people?

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Karuizawa and 50%?

It is Karuizawa and 50%. That is a new SS that comes out April 27th

Thank you guys, I thought they were Ibuki and Hiyori

>The two of them will be on the cover!
>The next issue of Alive will be in June and both the cover and a new SS illustration of [Youjitsu] is included.

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Horikita with a ponytail and Ayanokouji.

[ Future Schedule ]

Release Date Decision: March 1st
Cover Release: March 26th
Limited Edition Announcements: Late March to Early April?
Synopsis Release: The beginning of April?
Trial Reading: April 17th?
SS Announcements: Mid-April?
Early Sale Date: April 23rd is certain, possibly April 21st
Official Release Date: April 25th
A sequel to the vol 8: April 27th, Comic Alive KiyoKei SS

[ Past Record ]

Release Date Decision: November 30th
Cover Release: December 16th
Limited Edition Announcements: December 20th
Synopsis Release: January 1st
Trial Reading: January 17th
SS Announcements: Ibuki January 17th, Kei 18th
Early Sale Date: January 23rd
Official Release Date: January 25th
A sequel to the vol 7.5: January 27th, Comic Alive Ryuuen SS "A Sign of Battle"

Release Date Decision: August 31th
Cover Release: September 23rd
Synopsis Release: October 3rd
Limited Edition Announcements: October 5th
SS Announcements: Shiina October 14th, Chabashira 16th, Sakura 17th, Hasebe 18th
Trial Reading: October 17th
Early Sale Date: October 21st
Official Release Date: October 25th
A sequel to the vol 7: October 27th, Comic Alive Ibuki SS "Ibuki, Ishizaki, Albert and Shiina’s day"

Release Date Decision: April 1st
Limited Edition Announcements: Melonbooks April 25th, TORANOANA 26th
Cover Release: April 27th
Synopsis Release: May 2nd
SS Announcements: Sakura May 11th, Hasebe 16th
Trial Reading: May 19th
Early Sale Date: May 23rd
Official Release Date: May 25th
A side story of the vol 6: August 26th, Comic Alive Arisu SS "Sakayanagi Arisu’s everyday – Behind the scenes of the end of term exams chapter"

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This series has a lot of titty monsters

Don't lie to people guy. It is not ok.

It is great, isn't it?

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Who's the purple Akarin?

Third year Akane Tachibana. The former secretary of the student council.

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Why did you take Horikita out?

The queen

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Since when was Manabu so handsome?

Tachibana Akane.
She is Horikita Manabu's secretary.

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Because her chest isn't that great.

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For the last ten year Tomose has been drawing profesionaly and he learnt how draw a hot male character finally.

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How are there not a bunch of pregnant girls walking around campus

Ichinose what a Goddess!! What shame this is only for Nagumo.

>Tomose self insert

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They are pure. The slut wants to be popular and it would ruin her image if she got pregnant.

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Sex is forbidden in that school.

They can probably pay it off with points, if they really wanted to.

Usually the youzitsu SS covers use pics that were already released in the novels (Ibuki's SS from vol 7 reused Ibuki from vol 3 cover and Ryuuen from vol 7 cover). This time I can't find any pic that resembles the new SS cover

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There are always flaws that make it possible

>Other Slut

The girls are not american thots

No you can't. If you get caught you'll get expelled. Why do you think people keep saying Nagumo will get expelled. It will most likely be a plan involving sex. He is a huge playboy and that is his biggest weakness.

>Karuizawa in the future


True. It may not be possible.
Pregnant = dead giveaway.
casual sex = you would need to get caught or set up

The new SS cover is newly drawn illustration by Tomose.

>描き下ろしイラスト表紙 特別編SS冊子

It will probably be used to represent KiyoKei from now on

Tomose learnt how to finally draw handsome guys in volume 7 during the rooftop scene, just look at this magnificent man.

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V for victorious as true heroine.

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Best girl.

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If she is going to go that far, grope the other tit too. His left hand is left out.

My wife Arisu is so cute.

We know, Sudo.

Volume 8 SS forecast
Store SS: Akane SS, Honami SS and Arisu SS
Magazine SS: KiyoKei SS

Is it right?


Gold Finger

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Forecast is a prediction of future events. Announcements may not happen until mid April. Only the KeiKiyo SS is known by the silhouette shapes.

>[ Future Schedule ]
>SS Announcements: Mid-April?
>A sequel to the vol 8: April 27th, Comic Alive KiyoKei SS

So the 5ch people are speculating?

This Akane SS seems to be spot on

Is he imagining Suzune instead of Akane?

>my bets
Volume 8 SS forecast
Store SS: Akane SS, Kushida SS and Sakura SS
Magazine SS: KiyoKei SS


>So the 5ch people are speculating?
Not really. Just lots of hate towards Hashimoto, director-kun.
Agreeing the silhouette is KeixKiyo
Liking the cover
other stuff

>This Akane SS seems to be spot on
Yeah likely

No Horikita

Originally I would bet on her. But I want a SS of Sakura seeing Kei and 50% walking together in the epilogue of volume 7.5

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Sakura wouldn't need one. Ichinose makes sense and Arisu as well to give her more attention. If nothing else, Horikita or Kushida would make more sense. The latter more likely since she has to be dealt with.

Who knows. The only certain SS we know of, is KiyoKei one, that will be in the magazine. The rest are only speculaton right now.

Arisu can receive one, but I doubt that Ichinose will receive one (she received one recently).
The point about the two is that I'm not sure if the battle between the two will actually be present in this volume.
I expect a volume with Kanzaki and Kamuro on the cover in which Arisu vs Ichinose will be the main content

any news regarding the manga? i haven't seen a single raw for chapter 26

Honestly does anyone read that shit. The beta mc there is just a huge turn off.

>Just lots of hate towards Hashimoto, director-kun.
That fucker deserves all the hate for disrespecting Kei.

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and giving her Shinohara's bitch lines in the abandoned island.

He is the man who may have destroyed the chance of Youjitsu receiving a season 2

Unfortunately. Episode 7 should have been about Horikita getting her hand stuck in a bottle.

Or crap it entirely, make it 13 episodes and end it with volume 4.

>Just lots of hate towards Hashimoto, director-kun.

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Episode 7 of fanservice should not have existed. It should have gone in the scheme of 3 episodes = 1 volume. Imagine how much attention the series would attract with that Kiyo and Kei scene from Volume 4

season 2 when?

>my bets
Volume 8 SS forecast
Store SS: Akane SS, Horikita SS and another Horikita SS
Magazine SS: KiyoHori SS

>Horikita SS and another Horikita SS

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You missed the best one one user.

>Magazine SS: KiyoHori SS

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from twitter

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Dude it's clearly Horikita in the OP

Kadokawa losing money. What idiots


uh huh, because forbidding sex always works on horny humans. When punishable by death people never have sex either. Only a Sup Forums user virgin would believe that.

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You're being blinded.

He was blinded by love

Its Kei locking arms with Kiyo.

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Still have to wait until the reveal.

mystery revealed
but you know, guys. In the life of a teenager it is normal to have more than one girlfriend. Kiyotaka will relate to many girls, so nothing prevents any of them from being close to him

Read the entire LN from TL-user. But I still havent figure out, what does SS stand for?

>implying he actually likes anyone
>implying he isn't an utter sociopath.

He is an utter psychopath who like Kei.

Short story? I dunno.

Has Horikita ever received two SS at once before, or any girl?

>Kinugasa 4.5
>perhaps a day will come when one of them will head in a direction where their relationship with Ayanokouji goes beyond friendship.

Some nip posted this as a response to nip saying Kinugasa just had a child.
"He is jealous after learning his Kinugasa's wife was like Kei."

If true it may have some projecting his real wife.

Yeah. In 7.5 Kei got 2 SS
In vol 1 I believe Horikita got 3.

If I'm not mistaken, none was in her PoV

Huh, is there a list of SS info lying around somewhere? For research purposes, of course.

Correct Horikita's weren't from her PoV.

I don't have a list, but I believe all of them have been translated.

These are the store SS.

Volume 1
Horikita SS, Horikita SS, Horikita SS

Volume 2
Horikita SS, Sakrura SS, Sakrura SS

Volume 3
Sakrura SS, Honami SS, Kushida SS

Volume 4
Honami SS, Kei SS

Volume 4.5
Honami SS, Kushida SS

Manga vol 1
Kei SS (This is not a manga SS but a LN SS.)

Volume 4.5 and Manga vol 1 (Bulk purchase privilege)
Sakrura SS, Horikita SS

Volume 5
Honami SS, Kei SS

Volume 6
Hasebe SS, Sakrura SS

Volume 7
Hasebe SS, Hiyori SS, Sakrura SS, Sensei SS

Kei SS, Kei SS, Ibuki SS

Do we have to wait until the final volume for Horikita to be the main focus again? The story is getting boring without her iconic interactions with Ayanokouji. The author is wasting his time.

>Kei SS (This is not a manga SS but a LN SS.)
I never read that one. Is it in the pastebin?

I hope its an Ibuki SS.

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How is the main manga doing? I read somewhere that it’s another Horikita route aside for Root. Based Horikita.

Kei route myth is more popular than Horikita manga

These are the Magazine SS.

Comic Alive 2016 March issue
Kushida and Horikita and Sakrura and Honami's SS (Kiyotaka's POV)

Comic Alive 2016 July issue
Kushida and Horikita's SS (Kiyotaka's POV)

Comic Alive 2017 October issue
Arisu SS

Comic Alive 2017 December issue
Ibuki SS

Comic Alive 2018 March issue
Ryuuen SS

Comic Alive 2018 June issue
KiyoKei SS