Shows people pretend to enjoy

Shows people pretend to enjoy

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>no one could possibly like things I do not like

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this, I didn't enjoy it the first times i watched and I WONT enjoy the next few times I rewatch it

Am I on pol?

Anything by Yuasa.

>I sure enjoy watching a teen boy cry when confronted with the idea being able to pilot a mecha and have sex with multitude of women

This excluding Ping Pong.
TTG is just unenjoyable to watch.

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Notice me, senpai.

Unironically this. I thought after Mind Game it couldn't get but then Devilman happened and here we are.

no, youre on Sup Forums.

No, but you should be.

Came here to post Eva, thanks user

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I've never seen anyone claim they enjoy that borefest.
Its always "oh the mc looks interesting" then they watch 5 minutes of the first episode and realize how mistaken they were.

That's a show people pretend to hate, though.

I binge almost every single Anime because I wait for shows to be complete to start watching them.

This is the only show that I just can't bring myself to binge. I can only handle like 2-3 episodes at a time before the solemn nature of it just gets to me. I don't know if I'm "enjoying" the show, but it definitely resonates with me. It's peaceful and depressing at the same time. I've only gotten through about 9 episodes.

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solid 7 it does get boring at some points

should've named it sleep enhancer lullaby

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>cry when confronted with the idea being able to pilot a mecha and have sex with multitude of women
You're either baiting or braindead

>fish is fresh

>People like some shows
>"lol you only pretend you like them"

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I did't understand but I think I think it looked pretty.

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Yeah the dialogue is so fast that if you actually watch the visuals it's impossible to know what the characters are talking about unless you pause it every 2 seconds.

>implying people don't have ulterior motives for their actions 99% of the time

It's literally unwatchable due to shit animation

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Must be a shitty place you live in

How can you pretend to enjoy? Is this a teenager thing?

>shows that are incomprehensive to certain people to a point that they convince themselves others must be lying.

But Mushishi is wonderful.

Yuasa is great. Though I will admit that his Devilman adaptation was underwhelming.

>watch it because
>watch it because you're bored
>watch it just cause
>don't really like it but like parts of it
human motivation is a nuanced thing
there's an entire field of research dedicated to this

Lots of Sup Forums users are mentally teenagers who very easily succumb to peer pressure and who don't really have opinions, they just reflect what other people say.
They can't argue anything, at best they can take an imaginary side in an argument and shitpost the opposite side.

Maybe you should look for a field of research dedicated to reading comprehension, because that doesn't answer that user's question in any way

To me these are not even human, because they don't have their own emotions, feelings, thoughts and all they do is live their fake lives, eating somebody's reviews, comments and following them. "Pretend to enjoy" sounds so fucked up to me.

Kimi no Na wa
The Japanese only saw it out of societal obligation since it celebrates Japanese culture. Naturally, the more Japanese see it, the more of a societal obligation it becomes to watch it and it exploded.
Of course, weebs in the west want to be Japanese, so they have to like everything the Japanese "like". The weebs begin to eat Kimi no Na wa and assert it's a masterpiece because the Japanese appear to like it.

Nobody actually enjoys the movie. Shinkai saw through this bluff and tried to tell people to stop, but the ball was already rolling and it's out of his hands now.

No, that's a irony culture thing. Don't you know everything is ironic now? Unless you say "unironically" like this retard Baiting and falseflagging is the only way these autists know how to communicate.

It's an adult thing, you'll get there eventually.

How dumb are you? The plot is absolutely straightforward.

Did you just shit out your post because you had to type something? Sometimes all you need to do is remain silent.

In this context it's quite opposite

Fuck anyone who says this. Most of the time people echo this shitty statement about series that have been celebrated for years and still rake in new fans. To paint that love as non-genuine just because you didn't like the work is lazy and infuriating. Call their taste shit, but don't call them fake.

sorry to disappointment but i did enjoy it. i dont consider it to be some unprecedented masterpiece but it was a very enjoyable experience, even on rewatch.

You don't think some people are bandwagoners? Like me for example.
OP's just trolling anyway.

I don't even care if this is bait or not, you're retarded for even thinking of insinuating that this might be true.

If, for a second, we entertain the idea that this is a belief that you seriously hold, then I hope your entire life begins to blow donkey dick after posting such a shit opinion.

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Stop posting anytime

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I know OP is baiting and I know there are bandwagonners. Doesn't change the fact that that statement is thrown a lot out there, especially towards less mainstream, but respected series. Literally any "pretentious" series like LOGH, Lain, and Monster for example.

I go back and watch episodes from season 1 sometimes when I can't figure out what I want to watch. This show helped me through a time in my life which was so shitty I needed it to calm me down just to be able to get to sleep. Fuck you for being too much of a shonenshitter brainlet to get how beautiful it is. It is the purest form a masterpiece in the industry, it's only viable criticism comes from subjectively not everyone's cup of tea. Again fuck you and your fucking shit taste.

Yeah how pretentious could a cartoon be anyway?