Seriously, why does Hachiman keep going after Yukino?

Seriously, why does Hachiman keep going after Yukino?

When he really should finally get on with it and make babies with his based sensei?

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>broken thing
>higher social- and economic status

What is there not to like?

the funny thing is that he and sensei have much better chemistry than him and generic highschool anime girl

Not really. Sensei is a clingy piece of shit that forces herself onto Hachiman.

Honestly, Yukino should pull a Kokoro and get together with Hayama.

Nah, Hayama wants the Iroha cooch.

Actually I think sensei has way more in common with Zaimokuza than with hachiman. It’s just bad writing and pandering that Watari is shoving sensei on him.

I dropped this show after the tennis episode. I don’t understand how people can think Hachiman isn’t incredibly cringy, or flat out love his character.

Nope, Hayama turned Iroha down, yet he was so smug when it was brought up that Yukino gave Hayama chocolate.

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He was testing her to see if her resolve was true. They’ll come back to each other. It’s their destiny.

Yes, Yukino and Hayama will get into an arranged marriage. No way some loser like Hachiman will end up with a 10/10 like Yukino.

No, my main boy Hayama was testing Iroha. He is playing the long game with her.

Sucks for him since she doesn't like him that way

In ANOTHER it is revealed Haruno forced Yukino to give him chocolate.

ANOTHER isn't really canon to the current timeline, so its better to assume she had a huge crush on him when she was younger.

You’re sounding an awful lot like Yuipollfag right now.

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>calls ANOTHER non-canon which had Yui win
>somehow Yuifag
You're just not very bright, are you?

Yuifags weren’t happy with another. And actually read the content of the post. You don’t have to double reply.

>Yuifags weren’t happy with another.
Because you say so?

> You don’t have to double reply.
You can stop trying.

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You can edit that shit you retard.

You literally say this all the time when you are called out on your shitposting, mobile poster-kun.

What the fuck are you talking about? Take your personal vendettas elsewhere.

There is one poster who calls everyone he disagrees with "Yuipollfog" and spams some image of all posts in Yahari threads that have mobile image names.

I call one faggot Yuipollfag too.

Anyone that ships Hayama and Yukino is Yuipollfag now?

I think it’s smart for me to stop, because I think I’m starting to recognize (You).

These kinds of reactions are the reason why Hachiman is a shitty character with no personality other than being an avatar for the audience.

Hiratsuka sensei can find her perfect match right here.

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Because Yukino is the best.

She's not the best girl.

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Dude we know Yui is not the best, you don’t have to state the obvious.

Iroha> Yumiko = Sensei = Kawasaki > Yui = Yukino

Worst taste.

That doesn't look like Iroha

Correct, Iroha is dogshit.

Reminder that the Monologue manga has entered Volume 12 territory

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This, Yukino only likes him as a good friend.

>And actually read the content of the post.
that character's name is yuKIpo user, it's a joke

Lazy fucks decided to skip 20 chapters.

8man should stop chasing after shitty teens and realise that Sensei is a perfect girl.

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Nah, sensei is prime garbage, so actually he has good taste dodging this shitty whore.

Shitzuka a shit

We all know who wins in the end

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He is a shitty meme character

*she and sorry forgot my pic

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He’s using the girls he already has to get the one he doesn’t, has Pokemon taught you nothing?

Who cares? Nobody will talk about it anyway. At this point I'm sure it's just the same 3-4 shitposters that post in every Yahari threads.

No, ironically that man is into high school teen girls.

Hachiman has already said if he were 10 years older he'd be after Sensei. but alas it can't be.

No, Hayama like women with big tits so fancies the older sister. This used to bother Yukino back when she liked Hayama.

This is why nobody discusses shit
Because retards like this just pull shit out of their anus. Literally what is the point in discussing this shit? It’s a dead show and watari killed it for money and turned it into harem garbage. There’s your something genuine.

Yukino has some awesome kinks.
Besides her attraction to pan-san and cats, in vol 12 chap 5 she goes all bull dyke and puts on a swallow-tail coat and trousers and dances with Iroha while the crowd roars

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Who was Haruno with when the rumors of Yukino and Hayama started? With Hayama.

Who comes instantly at night to a donut shop known to both when Haruno calls? Hayama

Who stood with Haruno during the chocolate event? Hayama.

Also, "Yukino wasn't chosen again", because he chose Haruno.


>Also, "Yukino wasn't chosen again", because he chose Haruno
This is what I meant with that you’re talking out of your ass, because the thing Yukino didn’t get chosen for has to do with her father’s work. Ergo, there is no reason to discuss shit with retards like you around.

You've made your own headcanon user, the context was for dating not career when Haruno said that. It would make no sense for Haruno to be talking about careers.

See, the problem is you are confusing merch, fanart, forum posts for the main story, and then whining about "haremshit". This might have to do with your overuse of internet tech leaving you with the attention span of a gnat.

>It would make no sense for Haruno to be talking about careers.
They were talking about how Yukino chose to study the sciences just like her sister before that you retard.

I’m sorry user, but you are dumb.

No, they were talking about Hachiman seriously dating Yui.

"If you were serious it would make Yukino-chan wasn't chosen again"

But before that they were talking about career paths and that has been a recurring narrative through the novels. You’d know that if you weren’t a shitposting git.

Just because Sensei is alcoholic, chain smoking, physically abusive, shows obsessive tendencies with tome-length texting and phone calls, and takes a student on improper dates to ramen shops (twice), late night drive (once), has had more than one pathetic loser live-in boyfriend who steals her furniture when breaking up...doesn't mean she's a piece of shit. Damaged goods, addiction-prone and desperate, yes.

Nah she’s shit and you might have autism.

Shitaste: The post

I'm always amazed at the fans who hold the girls to such harsh standards when the one with the biggest problems is Hachiman. Vol 12 even makes it clear that the one with the biggest dependency problem is himself, he was addicted to being needed by girls especially Yukino. Good thing Haruno calls him out on that bullshit near the end of v12

Quick questions concerning vol 12: How butthurt was Yui when she found out about the photo and how did she respond? Yui probably isn't in good shape. Also, are Yukino's feelings for him really there in this novel or have they taken a backseat.

Read the LNs, its very obvious that Yukino had a crush on Hayama.


No. This is the reason why no one can ever discuss anything in these threads.

that interlude where Yui found the picture is translated (spoiler obviously for anime only anons)

Seems she's more scared than butthurt.

her feelings seem to be there but indeed are in the backseat as she wants to do things without relying on Hachiman. Even specifically tells him not to help her. Still show fondness, special attention to him and flushing etc to him

People can't discuss anything with you is all.

Clearly Yukino in the past had a crush, she tells in LN how the girls would come to her first telling her they were going to confess to Hayama, for marking there territory so that she couldn't also do it, risked being labeled as "homewrecker" type. But Yukino was let down when Hayama wouldn't interfere in bullyiing because he valued his comfy clique more than Yukino

Because she still doesn't like 8man genuinely and that makes them insecure.

I don't know why secondaries try to comment on things they don't know about just because they insecure about their waifu. Why its such a big deal that Yukino had eyes for Hayama first before Hachiman?

No, it’s because you guys are ignoring the first 11 volumes and are talking out of your ass.

Literally why did you post the same thing twice.

>more scared than butthurt.
Scared of what? What does she have to fear?

>Iroha above anything

What's the point of ignoring important character arcs just because it invalidates their favorite ship?

first I made a grammar mistake, and you still are ignoring the points being made, dumb secondary.

She's scared to know Hachiman's feelings about each of them. And probably scared Hachiman might already love someone. And scared that the club relationships would all fall apart if Hachiman did choose someone.

>What's the point of ignoring important character arcs just because it invalidates their favorite ship?
Waifufags are messed up.

You made grammar mistakes in the second one as well.

It is indeed funny that people can't accept that Yukino could never have liked a boy before the story began. There is no basis for that assertion in the LN at all, and also there is the fact that Yukino has the problem of "never lying, but never telling the whole truth" even if she *known* she's misleading others with her omissions

>And scared that the club relationships would all fall apart if Hachiman did choose someone.
It will happen no matter who he picks or if he picks. Yui is probably implying she won't stick around if her picks Yukino.

I don't blame Yui, she seems way to into him.

It could be a situation like with Yumiko. Yumiko tries to claim Hayama as her territory and marks Yukino as the enemy despite Yukino not liking him.

Honestly, I hope Watari just trolls fans by pairing Yukino with Hayama, Hachiman with his first crush. The reaction on Sup Forums would be priceless.

Key post right here. This little detail is good evidence against Yukino liking Hayama in the past. Also the fact that Yukino not being chosen has nothing to do with Hayama is another strike against it.

Why can't some people deal with HayamaxYukino drama was put to bed in vol 10?

Hachiman and Kaori would really be wrong, as expected. Don't think it'll happen though. I don't think Yukino has any feelings for Hayama in the present though. She doesn't get all dere around him

She doesn't get dere around 8man. Maybe in public she isn't dere around Hayama but it can be shown she is later.

Nonsense. Can't use ANOTHER as proof of anything, it was a quick cut and paste hack to be a bonus for expensive BD discs. Anyone who relies on that self fanfic to prove anything about canon has no point

Because they want to shitpost. Like always.

Yes she certainly does, even in vol 12. Read the monologue manga about v12 chap 1 (it's mono chap 60), it's out and translated.

It diverts at the end of vol 9 and nothing contradicts that. It is safe to assume that any reference to things that happened before vol 10 is true.

Fuck off ralphziggy

I read it. Yukino was upbeat but not dere. There wasn't even love triangle bullshit floating in the air.

>Sup Forums - Anime & Manga

I really want a cute idealistic girl to fall in love with me and gradually pull me out of my cynicism

But Yui has never done that.

how would a retard know how to edit

I am quite certain 8man should be going for Incest end with best Imouto ever instead.


End game right here bros

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