Does it deserve a s2?

Does it deserve a s2?

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more anime means more animated mary
in short, yes

Kinda wish we knew more about Chadbro's adventuring group. That said I still have never got around to reading this.

why not?


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Meh. I already didn't like the end of the series when they started to get good, especially fluking the boss battle like that.

It's one of the best isekai we've had in years. Surely deserves more than crap like Re: Zero.

I want to eat Yume's poop.


No, there's enough anime to fall asleep to

No, I'd like for the director to work on better projects than LN adaptations.
I still liked it, but that kind of material is wasted on a good staff.

No, it was boring crap and a good example of how not to make SoL.

Not sure. I liked it a lot, liked it enough to read the LN. It was shit. The anime crew literally turned shit to gold.

Not sure how this is possible, but even though the LN was bad, it goes further downhill in the events after the anime. I just don't see how any of those could be used to make something good. Maybe the anime crew can manage an even bigger miracle, but that is not for granted.

I feel like I'm one of the few that really enjoyed it. It was slow paced but we got to learn a lot about the characters. It wasn't just chopping enemies up. Their first kill was really intense and they were really scared about it. It had realism and that's what I liked about it. I'm picking up the LN sometime in the future because I don't think S2 will ever come.
I agree.


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If we could get the same staff for the sequel animating such fighting scenes again, then I'd say FUCK YEAH!
The director and the crew for that anime did a splendid job.

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Everything that defines Grimgar:
>It's an Isekai but they aren't overpowered
>The enemies feel pain
>They have to learn how to work as a group
>pretty backgrounds

No thanks, how about an actually good anime instead?


It's gorgeous and has weight

No. Someone spoiled me about how healer-chan destroys the dynamic of the group and is pretty much the authors waifu and that shit blows every time it's animated. Let it remain perfect.

Go not-fuck Asuna, Kirito


probably yes

Yes, it was comfy as fuck

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, so yes I'd be down for an S2. I really enjoyed the slow pacing and the emphasis on teamwork.


Yes, I love the realism.

I hear bad things about the LN, but the anime definitely deserved another season.

I remember SAO fans complaining it wasnt edgy enough

It was shit. The setting was shit. The characters was shit. The premise was shit. It was 100% pure shit.

It was only worth watching for the ass, even if the girl with said ass was also shit.

It was ok, but was better than others isekai

It doesn't even deserve a S1. Dropped the novel at volume 4, the anime at episode 8.

Yes, I liked the classical water painting animation which is good because of it, not the same old shit animation we get every other anime.

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Best girl

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Mary and Yume are both shit.

More like DEAD girl amirite?

Only if we get more YUME ASS! And ranta dies.

The combat in this show is some of the best I've seen in anime. No flashy garbage and effects, just well choreographed violence.

Grimgar was a rare type of fantastic.

Unless they course correct and make Haru/Yume Canon, nah

Yume is for Ranta.

Meh, why not, nothing special, but I still liked it

good plot

Probably not
>do I want

Best game mechanics isekai
so yes

This girl literally just came in and sidelined all the other chicks like wtf. Leader left the archer for some priest pussy

>more 夢 of Yume's ashes
Yes please.