The new elf-san is out

The new elf-san is out.

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And a new barfing follows.

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I've never ordered fries from four different fast food places and done comparative taste testing, but now I kind of want to.

Post it!

>her hat is labeled "human"
Where do they even find clothes marked "Elf", "Ogre", "Dog/Bone". Custom made?

>Cold fries.

From magic clothing stores back in magic-land.

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What is this?

It's the extra chapter in the new Elf-san.

Ah so what's out is the volume 1 omake, not the 2nd part of the dragon chapter. Still nice.

She makes her own clothes Mr. Speedreader.

Dumb bird spotted.

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Another omake?

omake is just elf sampling fries and two shorts (bird and tanuki)

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So where's the chapter?

The usual place

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Pretend I'm a fucking moron


Who's the target audience of this manga?
Body shamers or chubby chasers?

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Not seeing it

Fish is FRESH

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Chapter 6.5 Omake.

Let me help you user. I think you're confused by the misleading wording from OP. He said new elf chapter is out, so it's only right to assume that he meant Chapter 16, when in fact he was referring to the translation of the Omake from volume 1. A simple mistake.

Oh shit I see

Thanks for bearing with my stupidity, kind user

Linked the fucking chapter. NOW he sees it.

Has he randomly thrown in one of his h-manga characters before this?

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