Darling In The FranXX

How did Mitsuru go from a literal who to the best character in the show? The Nips love him.

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>Mitsuru is sick and in no condition to pilot, as well as fucked up mentally
>gets gid anyway and the fever is gone thanks to POWER OF LOVE

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The power of love can fix anything. From sickness to potential homosexuality

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Because the MC doesn't get too much focus and he sucks MC dick but isn't Dino girl and it's new and its Yuri

He kinda reminds of a young Gamlin (Macross 7)

The fever was gone literally the very next day thanks to POWER OF LOVE Imagine how many kids had to die because they didn't get that power.

D-does the power of love from one's own parents count?

>Wants to be strong, but is disappointment
>buries himsef in shell and thorns, not wanting to show emotions
>Is awkward and antisocial
>acts smug and confident, to hide he is weak as hell
>wants someone to believe in him, someone to break his pathetic shell and tell him he is doing fine

hits too close to home

Also, Milkposting was awesome

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What parents? The parasites were created.

The dialogue in this is so contrived

Next episode will be Mitsuru and Kokoro playing house in the background while 02 and Hiro suffer from drama right?

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Papa loves them all. He even gives them a present every year.


>nips have good taste for once
Best timeline

Japs are well known NTR connoisseurs.

Super かわえーwallpaper material here

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Reminder everyone still has their presents except Futoshi who eat it in two minutes.

Is it me or does it look like Kokoro is pregnant here

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but now he's an actual cuck

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This guy gets it

I still kinda don't like him. Sadly fucking Hiro is boring. They need to finally develop him.

Oh my fucking god that’s cute

Handsome, proud loner who's inwardly sensitive. Usually rival characters and are popular, especially with women.

She is telling Mitsuru to not be so antisocial

Because Hiro fucking sucks and Mitsuru is a cheeky cunt who gets attention whether you love him or hate him.

Funnily enough, Futoshi would actually consent. He white knights Kokoro forever. No matter how much it hurts him, he will now be the most hardcore Mitsukoko fag.

No, she's telling him that she wants to have relationships with others

Didn’t Miku get perfume?

Mitsuru and Kokoro's daughter is CUTE!!!

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Man why...I know I just fell for bait but why?

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Would you use a bottle of perfume in two minutes user?

so are all the other daughters shell have with other men

Stop being such a bitter fatass, Futoshi.

The flaw of the white knight is they want to fuck the damsel.

>The Nips love him
because he looks and acts like a white guy. japanese have this weird fantasy of having their women cucked by white guys. kinda similar to what Americans have with BLACKED.

Where should I start with LWA?


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OVAS. Ignored the TV show unless you are really thirsty for more witches

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Now edit out the blood


Maximum Overfloof.

That wouldn't make much sense.

Totally unlike other anime, which usually have believable, flowing dialogue.

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I’m thirsty for Diana so I’ll be watching the TV show too. But thanks, I’ll start with the OVAs.

>Sums up the episode

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I want to run a train on Miku with the parasites except Zorome

Give me the original and I'll make an edit out of it tommorow.

>the unstable pilot promises to protect her
shes dead as fuck

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>I’m thirsty for Diana so I’ll be watching the TV show too
Oh i too remember being thirsty for Diana after watching the OVAS. Sally, the Anime kind of killed her personality. But she is still nice

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My husband.


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I also really like Diana's chara design, but I can't stand the anime more than 2 episode. I don't want to watch but I want more Diana.

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The resemblance is uncanny.

I thought it was pretty well done. what's your problem with it?

This is all I found. Hopefully some other user finds a better one.

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and hair! she might as well be dying in episode 12.

edit the blood in the first panel. he is not horny yet there.

I unironically love this hairstyle

That's good enough, I just needed a clear shot of the faces.

>Mitsurufags are this retarded

He's not horny user, he is spooked.

Now this makes much sense.

He is shit and he was always shit. The entire male cast of this show is fucking garbage. Even the MC is a complete fucking idiot. Lard ass and that one one faggot who's paired with miku are worse than the other 2 though.

>gay beta boy who acts tryhard loved by japan
who could have thought ???

>not getting horny from being touched by an angel

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Mitsuru doesn't know what he has got himself into. Poor bastard

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I swear I've seen that exact haircut on another anime character before.

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after she gives birth and raises her child for a few years she'll get sick and die

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And that is when Futoshi admitted complete defeat and became the ultimate Mitsukoko-fag.

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Every Anime mom girl gets that hairstyle and doesn't mean they have to die

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Don't listen to the others. Best Diana is in the TV show.

She does it in a braid. BRAID!

Expect no Mitsuru and Kokoro for the next episodes. They'll be busy on their love nest

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Looks like I know what I’m dreaming about tonight.

third row on the bottom

Are there any leaks?

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They have lots of practices they must do to become just as good as the other parasite pairs.

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Too many character episodes at once. Needed to put them further apart.

Now she will live.

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I want to ruffle her hair!

Mitsuru has inferiority issues just because Hiro is Jesus?

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>"upon climax, the semen will be dispensed into th-"
>"can you please be quiet while I'm trying to read?"

Mitsuru started off as the poster boy for repressed homosexuality, but now he is a straight up Baller.

When is the next pv dropping?

It does hit too close, except we're probably not getting someone to help us.

I can't tell if this is just bad bait, if you're actually
using whoever that is as a counter example then you're blind.

back to highschool, kiddies.

He just wanted to ride with his bro(no homo)

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He won't be so bitter when he gets his taste of mega milk.

I want Mitsuru to get a bro desu

>it's another "NTRfags and self insert betas samefag their shit fetish" episode
Truly remarkable.

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Don't tell me you actually believe a hairstyle decides if a character dies or not

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I'd take Goro over Mitsuru any day but they're still both 10/10 boys. Shame such good characters have to be stuck in such a shitty show.
The only problem with the male cast is that there isn't enough fanservice of them. Need more delicious Goro butt.

>character development
Futoshi dodged a bullet.